Other Meat Replacement options for Medifast?

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Ive been eating the food in the meatless options section and a lot is from MorningStar but these days there so many other meat substitutes brands on the market. Do you guys have other recommendations that you know are still on plan?..

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A taco salad sounds awesome.....I don't know why I didn't think of it. I am making one this weekend. Thanks fo the ideas...

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I'm a Morning Star fan....I usually just stick with the original griller patties....they are the best tasting of all of their varieties....I think (the prime grillers are awful). I really do not care for Gardbenburger or Boca..

Fixin2bthin -.

OMG, thank you so much for the suggestion of tacos....I have never even thought of that....I really like their crumbles (I used to use that when I made spaghetti). What kind of taco shell do you use?.....I just thought of can also use the crumbles to make a concoction for lettuce wraps (the kind that are at restaurants)...

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I too am a Morning Star lover. My favorite is the mushroom lovers. My son likes the tomato and basil. There are other brands of meatless patties or other "meats". Many health food stores carry them. Also, if there is a Seventh-day Adventist books/food store in your area they will also carry different brands of meatless food.

Nutrisystem will also help. If you find something that you think you like run it by Nutrisystem and they will let you know if it is on plan...

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If you have a Giant Food near you they have their own brand, Natures Choice, of meatless frozen options. I will say I do not like the Morning Star Steak Starters (the texture). The crumbles are good and the taco salad sounds yummy..

A word of caution, Amy's brand foods are usually high in carbs (we checked them today) and have a ton of sodium.

I like to make fake Manwich, bbq, sloppy joe (whatever you call it). Take the crumble and brown, add a 1/2 teaspoon of Heinze sugar free ketchup and a 1/2 teaspoon of Kraft low carb low sugar bbq sauce. I then add some pepper and onion powder (very small amounts). You can eat this on green peppers, over lettuce or with the Medifast crackers (the snack crackers)..

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I keep a supply of various "meat" crumbles from I really LOVE the ground Turkey (NOT!), ground Beef (NOT!) & ground Ham (NOT!). They are shelf stable, dehydrated that can be made into various recipes. Sometimes I add 1 TBS of the crumbles to my Medifast soup for a really hearty meal. They also have wonderful sausage spices to make up your own sausage patties...

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Thanks Sue! I had forgotten all about

I also love to ise and will check it out and see what will fot for all of us. I know if you access the site for vegan store thru PETA, they donate 5% back to PETA...

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Hi everyone, I'm new and I am a little iffy on the non-meat options as well, but I am doing ok. I appreciate the ideas here. I never thouight of lettuce wraps, taco salad, and stuff..

Question: what is the deal with the sugar free ketchup? how much is considered on ok serving to have with dinner? also, is sugar free ranch dressing ok on the salad?.

I've got 28 lbs to lose by July 19th (I am sure it will not take that long!!)...

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You can also just prepare the crumbles with a little taco meat seasoning for your taco salad...

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I am on my third week of medifast and I am a veg too. my absolute favorite meatless option is the garden burger brand chick'n patties. they are incredible and, for some reason, you get 3! I usually cut them up over lettuce and then add newmans lighten up sesame ginger dressing. really yummy..

There is also a new brand called quorn? [hope it is okay to post a link here]. they fit the criteria for lean and are very good. they are soy free and meatless. okay, you might not want to know what they are made of but they are really good and the texture is so much like chicken that I had to keep looking at the box over and over again..

Thank you for the taco suggestion. I am really looking forward to trying out some different things..

Blondeveg, I really love your banner about the circus...

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The Black Bean Burgers from Boca are pretty good..

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