Osco drugs store?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Osco drugs store?.

My 2nd question is: Hi - I just started and so far tried the cheese tortelli - pretty good - a bit of an off flavor as some have talked about but surprisingly filling!.

For dinner, I had the thin crust pizza - I was shocked when I saw the size - my 9 mth old eats more! However, it was very tasty and I was not that hungry until much later in the evening!..

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Your question was: Osco drugs store?.

I'm a real fan of the Black bean and tortilla soup and the ham and bean soup...I add two chopped up LF hot dogs (protein) to them and I personally think it's to die for. As for dinner, I could eat the burger every day...if you haven't experienced that yet, don't be put off by the hockey puck appearance...once it's reconstituded, it's so good and instead of water I use chicken broth and it really makes a difference I think...I also love the lasagne and raviolis..


Comment #1

Hi there. I just started NS on Monday, but so far everything I have tried (except the eggs that I messed up) has really been good. I had the pizza last night too and thought the same thing - wow, it's small. BUT by the time you eat your veggies, fruit, fat etc and drink some nice COLD water, I was stuffed! Thought about dessert then decided I couldnt hold anymore till later. So far my favorite though has been the Cheesy Cream of Broccoli, or maybe the Cheesy Homestyle Potatoes, or maybe the Pot Roast - ok, I cant decide - They have all been really good. What a wonderful surprise!..

Comment #2

I love chicken barley stew, chicken pasta cacciatore and black bean soup..

Dinner, beef tacos, and thin crust pizza. Dessert, anything sweet..

Comment #3

I just started on Monday the 7th. So far everything is good, except I too messed the eggs up so they were pretty bland, so for my protein, I added a chopped up boiled egg & pepper! Also suprised at the size of the pizza-but again full for long after, last night I almost went without the dinner entree because I felt I couldnt eat anymore, so I worked out, then ate and had dessert!..

Comment #4

I love the cheesy potatoes, beef patty, tacos, and pasta parm..

Comment #5

Yes, the pizza IS quite small, but it can be one of your favorite dinners!.

If you add some FF pepperoni or Boca crumbles, and peppers, onions, mushrooms, pineapple, whatever you want, and "bind" it with a little more FF cheese, it is a great and filling pizza. More so than the "fattening" pizzas you would get from the famous pizza joints we all know about. Just make sure to count your protein or dairy if you put it on your pizza. You can pile on those veggies as high as they will go, as long as you bind it with the cheese so they don't fall off when you're eating it!.

My breakfast favorite is the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal & Cranberry Orange Pastry (haven't rec'd a scone yet-sounds good)..

Lunch-all the soups are really good, especially if you let them set about 15 mins and add more water if needed, and stir, stir, stir! You can always nuke it again for 20 -30 seconds. Oh, and the cheesy mashed potatoes are fantastic if you do the same thing. You can even make potato salad with them or have 2 FF hot dogs with them or other lean meat. YUM!.

Dinner-pizza, lasagna over hot spinach, beef patty for (hamburger, patty melt, or cheese steak sandwich), mac 'n cheese w/beef..

I love NS. It's so easy to be creative with all the add ons!..

Comment #6

I've only been on the plan since Monday, but so far I have really liked everything..

Last night I microwaved some julienne zucchini with Mrs. Dash and poured my Lemon Butter Sauce with Chicken entree over the top. Yummy!!!!.

The Apple scone is great sliced in half (into 2 thin squares instead of 2 fat triangles) and then toasted. Spray with ICBINB.

I love the black beans and rice soup. I had it with cheese sprinkled in as my dairy/protein add-on, but I love the idea of adding FF Hot Dogs too. I'm going to try that next time..

The mushroom gravy with salisbury steak was probably my least favorite of the dinners I have tried, but only because I needed something else to pour it over because the speck of brown rice just wasn't enough Next time I'll pour it over steamed spinach or julienned zucchini again and that will probably help...

Comment #7

Last night I had the burger. I spread a wedge of LC swiss on it, and then topped it with a grilled red bell pepper. I put it all between two slices of Weight Watchers whole wheat bread. Even without any other condiments, it was FANTASTIC!!!!..

Comment #8

Ok my order should be here soon, everyone talks about the add ons where do I find that list and how do I know when to add what, as an add on? I guess I thought the order would be total and I didnt know that I would need add ons..

Comment #9

That is one of the only problems with NS - they don't NOT tell you - they just don't make it obvious. You will need to read the boards. There is a Reccommeded Grocery List under your My Program. My suggestion after being on for a week is to just get basic fruits and veggies until you've done some research on the boards. I've been to the store three times this week!..

Comment #10

My favorite lunch from before was the tuna salad, but I ordered the new program from QVC and don't get the tuna with it I love all the bars..

I just had the meatloaf and potatoes last night, the potatoes looked wierd so I was worried but it was yummy. The lasagna is my favorite though...

Comment #11

I'm not a fan of any of the lunches. I think most of them are pretty bad.

The peanut butter they used to have was good and so was the sloppy joe but that's gone too..

I like quite a few dinners. Lasagna, Ravioli and the Tender Beef and wedge potatoes and beef are good and so is the meatloaf and tacos. Burgers are excellent..

Pizzas fair but small. I usually have a small tortilla (50 cal.) and put some of the sauce and extra FF cheese on that when I have the pizza. Bambino's pizza at trader joes is excellent and around the same amount of calories..

4 pizza's for $3.99..

In all, the breakfasts are good and so are the dinners and desserts. Hate the lunches and don't eat them...

Comment #12

They really do give you the basic information you need. You can always read the board or call the counselors. Free counseling is part of the package so take advantage of it if you have a question.

You can make the program as simple or as varied as you like. I did go to the store a lot too when I first started until I was familiar. I think that's the same on any meal plan. Imagine how much more often you'd go to the store if you cooked every meal yourself.

It takes getting used to and gets easier. Some people plan out their weeks menu in advance...

Comment #13

I started Saturday before last. 5'11" male. Last Saturday was 232.5. Today (Saturday a week later) I'm 224.5. So far so good..

Anyway I don't have an issue with any of the Nutrisystem foods. But I'm already really tired of Salad. Ugh, salad everyday. Bleh..

Wish there was an option for something besides Salad at lunch...

Comment #14

I LOOOVE the Mushroom Risotto. Cant get enough of it. I wish I could order 4 weeks of risotto...Id eat it too!..

Comment #15

So far, I like most of the breakfasts, my fave is the apple scone and the granola with yogurt. I like the cup lunches. The desserts are all pretty good. My favorite dinner has been the hambuger patty. I don't like alot of the dinners. I am trying to find 57 I like and just repeat. I have yet to try the pancakes, mac and cheese, rotini, and lasagna...

Comment #16

A salad doesn't have to be your traditional salad of lettuce in a bowl with toppings. You can wedge a tomato and have FF Cottage Cheese as your protein, use cucumber slices, carrot or celery slices dipped in FF dressing ... use your imagination. Look at the foods listed under salad vegetables and be creative. If all else fails, drink 1/2 cup of low sodium V8...

Comment #17

I found a new favorite yesterday. It is the lunch, fettuccini alfredo. I added a protein to it, fake crab, and it is soo good. As good as my favorite, cheesy cream of broccoli soup..

Dinner the flatbread or thick crust pizzas are my favorite, with veggies and turkey pepperoni...

Comment #18

I have gone through that list. Unfortunately there are only a few things I like.

On the Salad list. I could try the dipped celery and the V8 for a little variety. Thanks...

Comment #19

I just had the split pea soup. I was a little put off by the smell. But to my surprise it was AMAZING!.

St. Patty's Day Goal..

Comment #20

My favorites have changed over the course of the past year...I think it has to do with the changing weather! Right now, I love the minestrone soup or fudge graham bar for lunch and definitely the thin-crust pizza (I add extra veggies...pure deliciousness) for dinner. One thing I recommend is trying new stuff from time to time...that's how I happened upon the minestrone soup..

Comment #21

Nananobles (DW of Buddyruff) here! I tried something new yesterday with the Split Pea Soup - a tsp of ff sour cream to soften the taste and then a dash of tabasco to brighten it back up - - worked like a charm..

On another board someone mentioned buying portabella mushrooms and stuffing them with the Mushroom Risotto then topping with a dusting of Asiago Cheese - sounds yummy!.

I cook up about 4 cups of peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and even radishes every two or three days then we use it on whatever we eat. Amazing - it even works on eggs!.

My DEAR HUSBAND is quite the picky eater - and he hasn't turned down anyting yet. He tastes his and then if he will eat it I go pick mine!! He has gone from 257 to 245 in ONE WEEK. Obviously his main issue was portion control!! I thank everyone for their help on these boards. Instead of being the portion police - I get to jazz up his meals and he is very grateful!!.


Comment #22

I've been doing NS for about 5 or 6 weeks, and have not tried everything that NS has to offer, yet, but have been testing out some recipes of my own to spice things up a bit. For breakfast, I throw about 3 or 4 chopped mushrooms and a bit of green pepper and ham (protein) in a frying pan (w/ Pam) and add it to the eggs w/ cheddar cheese. Yummy! And very filling.

I think my favorite lunch item may be the chicken salad....add that on whole wheat tortilla or whole wheat bread with lots of lettuce and tomato, and you've filled your belly for the afternoon..

Lastly, for dinner, I've seen a lot of postings over the thin crust pizza, but believe me when I say the Flatbread pizza is WAY better. Add mushrooms and green peppers or even ham or chicken (for your protein) and again, you won't go hungry...

Comment #23

Hi there! Welcome aboard. For lunch I like the tortellini, chicken stew with barley, pasta with beef, black bean soup and split pea soup. For dinner I like the wedged potatoes with sliced beef steak, meat loaf, BBQ sauce over beef beans and rice, homestyle chicken noodles with gravy, cajun style chicken & sasauge with rice, and cheese and spinach ravioli with meat sauce. Happy losing!..

Comment #24

I'm a real fan of the Black bean and tortilla soup and the ham and bean soup...I add two chopped up LF hot dogs (protein) to them and I personally think it's to die for. As for dinner, I could eat the burger every day...if you haven't experienced that yet, don't be put off by the hockey puck appearance...once it's reconstituded, it's so good and instead of water I use chicken broth and it really makes a difference I think...I also love the lasagne and raviolis..


Comment #25

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