Medifast recipe for Oriental Lettuce Wraps?

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Thought I would share... because I can't believe what came out of my own kitchen... it was tasty, easy to make... and hit the spot for Chinese food. My husband is doing Medifast too (and complaining about it every day) and he absolutely LOVED these! This is the recipe for one serving:.


7 oz lean ground turkey.

1.5 cups shredded cabbage (I used bagged coleslaw mix).

Mix together: ~1 T soy sauce, ~1 oz water, packaged Szechwan seasoning mix (or any oriental flavor you like- look for one that's low in carbs and sodium- the one I used had 3 g of carbs)- use the amount listed for one serving.

Iceburg lettuce leaves (washed and dried).


Get a wok (or non stick pan) very hot. Cook the turkey and break it up into very small pieces. When it's no longer pink, add the cabbage and pour the sauce mix over. Continue cooking on high heat just until the cabbage starts to wilt. I also sprinkled crushed red pepper on it because I like it spicy!.

So we ate the turkey/cabbage mixture wrapped in the lettuce leaves, and like I said, it was wonderful!..

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Oh no! I forgot!.

I also used green onions (1 bunch for 2 servings).


Comment #1

O this sounds sooooo good.

Thanks for sharing..

Comment #2

This sound so good! We have an asian restaurant that serves something like this. I am goin to save this in my recipe folder. It looks like a winner! Can't wait to try!.

Thanks for sharing!..

Comment #3

I LOVED the lettuce wraps from Elephant Bar so I jotted down this recipe and I finally made it tonight.

Delicious! Easy to make and dang yo, I'm full. I had a few cherry tomatoes on the side for that nice "cool" addition that mango salsa used to provide. Mmm, I'm satisfied, thanks for the goodness!..

Comment #4

Wow, this sounds soooooooo good. I have a low carb teriyaki sauce I'm going to try with this!.


Comment #5

I believe you may want to change the ground turkey to 5 oz. According to the plan, gound turkey should only be 5 oz per lean, but the recipe sounds yummy!..

Comment #6

I have made "Taco Wraps" along this same line....

1# Ground Chicken or Turkey.

1 pkt low carb taco seasoning.

1/3 c water.

Head of Boston, Butter or Iceberg Lettuce.

Brown chicken/turkey. Add seasonings and water. Simmer 10-15 min until tickened..

Pull off "leaves" of lettuce equal to 2 cups (about 3-4 depending on how big the head of lettuce is. You might get 5 "cups" from a small head of Boston). Fill with 7oz of meat and add other veggies within plan to equal out your 1/2 c remaining. Turn sides in and roll them up!.

OMGosh, it is sooooo filling and sinful..

You can also simply place 5oz meat on 2c of salad with some shredded FF cheese and 1/2c chopped tomotoes for a nice taco salad..


Comment #7

I love Lettuce wraps. I also add some of the Shirataki noodles to my lettuce wrap mixture!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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