Options for Medifast peanut butter?

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I wanted to get feedback about the different Peanut Butter options & what you prefer. Also, are there alternatives that you have tried not on this list? What works best in what?.

Popular Peanut Butter Options:.

1. Sugar Free Peanut Butter Syrup (Out of stock until Dec 1st).

2. PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter.

3. FitNutz Peanut Butter Mix.

4. Protein Plus Peanut Flour (Also sold at Trader Joes if you are lucky enough to have one where you live.).

5. Capella Peanut Butter Flavoring.

There is a good review here of the different powdered peanut butters..

I haven't personally tried any of these yet, but I am most interested in trying Peanut Flour & PB2. (I am double posting this from another thread, bad me.)..

Comments (10)

I personally have the pb2 and chocolate pb2... and I love both of them. I usually add 1T of one or the other to the brownie mix and make as directed and micro for 1 minute... very fudgy. I also like a T in the dark chocolate shake... or 2T in the pancakes.... I just put the powder directly into the mixes...

Comment #1

I am a big fan of PB2. I use 1 T to top the brownies with. And I often add some to the vanilla shakes...

Comment #2

I haven't tried the PB2 because I found a reduced sugar PB by Jif (Simply Jif) at the local grocery store. It has 2 carbs per 1 T and 95 calories per 1 T..

I usually only use 1/2 T in my brownie and it MORE than satisfies my PB craving. I mainly use it when I have to add a little protein or calories to my daily totals...

Comment #3

I found a natural food store where you grind your own. It's just peanuts...

Comment #4

Yah, I'm a huge fan of the Simply Jif. It is good stuff. I use about 1 tsp in my pb soft serve, on the brownie, or on celery. I have found that 1 tsp is just right to satisfy my pb craving...

Comment #5

I like favorite way of using it is adding a tablespoon to the dry pudding mixture (I've tried both vanilla and chocolate and both are good with it), then I add slightly less than 4oz of water and freeze it for about an hour. It's a really easy way of making an ice-creamish type dessert. (I of course started doing this before the soft serves were offered, but I like it so much that I still do it.).

I'm interested in the peanut flour though, I'll have to stop by my local Trader Joes and look into that!..

Comment #6

Thanks you so much Cody Jo...I am a Trader Joes addict and Ive seen this new peanut flour but didnt think it was like PB2. Im definately buying a bag TOMORROW....Thanks for all the info you give...It really is helpful, and very much appreciated...

Comment #7

You're welcome! They really need to put Trader Joes in Colorado!!..

Comment #8

You have to buy it online. Links are in my first post to buy everything online...

Comment #9

No problem at all! I really wish they sold it locally..

Comment #10

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