Opinions on the Medifast pretzels and cheese balls?

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Has any one had the new pretzels or cheese balls?..

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Your question was: Opinions on the Medifast pretzels and cheese balls?.

Yes I have and this is my opinion: Both pretzel sticks - YUMMM.

Cheese balls - pretty good.

I will order both for next order...

Comment #1

Nach chili puffs very good!!! Honey mustard pretzels so-so...

Comment #2

I think they are too much like a snack, but I like the convience. The parmesean puffs are way too bland, but I like the Chile nacho ones. I like both pretzels, too...

Comment #3

Parmesean are my fav They bring visions of crutons to dance in my head! NOt a good thing though- I think for those who had "crunchy triggers" there is a grazing gun going off right behind the first puff!.

Cinnamon Pretzels are good but again crunch reminds me of like a carb fest just staring I am undecided. Don't know if I will re-order!.

I ordered 1 box of each new snack, now it seems I am fighting to stay away from the pantry where they live!..

Comment #4

I like 'em all...

Having been through transition and maintenance once already, I don't see high-fiber carb foods as "evil" just something we will have to learn to live with in moderation....

So I think these new Medifast foods are a good thing, because when I did Medifast "back in the day" there was NOTHING crunchy, starchy, carby. Then you hit transition and you're like what's this "crunchy" stuff??? How do I deal with chips, puffs, bread, crackers?.

I think having some of these foods while on 5&1 is good it helps us learn to deal with with healthy carbs before maintenance which is going to be the rest of our lives!.

My two cents......

Comment #5

I love the cheese balls. The pretzels, I cannot stomach. The texture reminds me of sawdust. Tried them a couple of times now, but just can't do it. I love how portable they are!..

Comment #6

I had the puffs.... I had the chilli they are great...

Comment #7

I just tasted my first bag today of the chili cheese. At first, I was put off because everyone had said how many there were and my first thought was "There is not that many in this bag." But then I kept eating them as I was on the computer and had to look into my bag to see if I had any leftthere was still 1/2 bag! So it doesn't look like a lot but there are. I only ordered the chili nacho and the cinnamon pretzels since it wasn't my time to order yet and it seemed like that was the concensus of what mostly everyone liked. I really like the puffs, they were good. Looking forward to trying my pretzel stick...I think the key to liking them is to go into it with low expectations and then if you like them it is a pleasant surprise...

Comment #8

I ordered the chili nacho puffs and the honey mustard pretzels at the same time. I tried the cheese puffs and fell instantly in love. I returned the pretzels before even opening the box and exchanged them for another box of puffs, because I knew there was NO way they could compare! lol..

Comment #9

The pretzels are a little bland. I have tried both of the puffs and they are great!..

Comment #10

Yes I have and this is my opinion: Both pretzel sticks - YUMMM.

Cheese balls - pretty good.

I will order both for next order...

Comment #11

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