Opinions on Medifast Peppermint Latte anyone?

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This drink has changed my Medifast mornings forever! I just blended a chocolate mint soft serve with hot coffee in a blender! Why haven't I thought of this sooner?!.

Best mock latte I have had yet! It's super creamy & I love the peppermint kick when you need a boost in the am..

Just be sure remove your blender lid slowly when it's done, to release the air! If you take it off quick, it will spray everywhere..

Comments (21)

I just made extra coffee to blend w/ a cappucino but I think you have made me change my mind. Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #1

I normally add peppermint extract to my cappuccino or hot cocoa and that gives me the same effect!..

Comment #2

Ooooo, that sounds so good! Thanks for the idea. I can't use the extracts because of the alcohol content and my favorite drink in the world is a peppermint mocha...

Comment #3

I have used the Dark Chocolate Shake with coffee and a little peppermint extract. I LOVE it!..

Comment #4

Great idea! why didn't I think of that? tomorrow at work...will try it..

Comment #5

Ah yes.... and my breakfast tomorrow is planned. Sounds delish...

Comment #6

This sounds awesome and since I have 3 boxes of soft serve to use I think I will try it...

Comment #7

Great idea - I have been trying to figure out what I can do to use up my intro package of soft serve since I do not care for it in it's intended form. Anyone have any other ideas for packets of soft serve - I think I have six chocolate packets left...

Comment #8

Tried it this morning. LOVED IT!! Felt like I went to Starbucks. Thank you! And this is a great way to use up my soft serve now that it's so cold and I'm not really wanting ice cream :-)..

Comment #9

Me, too, Jemum! Broke out the blender which I haven't used in forever and churned up one. It was delish! Thanks so much!..

Comment #10

I read this yesterday and tried it today and it was yummmmmmy! I had been a little leary of putting hot coffee in the magic bullet due to all the hot liquid/shaker jar stories but it was fine in the bullet. I'm going to try hot cocoa and cappucinno in the bullet this weekend! Thanks!..

Comment #11

I know the cappuccino was NASTY - smells/tastes like wet dog, so thank you for this suggestion! I SO miss my amaretto coffee mate! I wish they would make a sugar free version of the amaretto like they did the french vanilla...

Comment #12

Had it this afternoon... So so good. Now I need to order more chocolate mint soft serve...

Comment #13

The Cappucino, 1 cup ice cold coffee, splenda, and a dash of cinnamon in the blender with a little ice.......frappacino!..

Comment #14

Do you use the whole serving of ice cream or half??..

Comment #15

I use the whole packet, with as much coffee as you'd like...

Comment #16

Thank you!! Is it to minty do you think.....

Comment #17

Great idea....this also helps solve my "I miss my half and half in my coffee" morning mourning I have been going through this week...

Comment #18

I am getting ready to make my peppermint mocha....awesome idea. Usually once a season I would allow myself a peppermint mocha from starbucks. This way with Medifast I can have one whenever I want! Again, thanks...

Comment #19

This was the best suggestion ever!!!! I'm hooked!.

<bows down>..

Comment #20

Today at work (I work at a restaurant), I brought in the cappuccino to have, since it was so cold out, and we have an espresso machine, so I brewed a shot of espresso, then mixed my cappuccino mix with a cup of water well, and used the milk frother to steam it. It was so good, just like a regular latte. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, and I'm set!..

Comment #21

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