Opinions on Medifast fruit drinks and tea?

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I notice there's a special right now on the fruit drinks and tea. I haven't had them yet, and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with them. Are they good? Is there anything that anyone does with them that improves them? I'm just wondering whether or not to order them...

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Your question was: Opinions on Medifast fruit drinks and tea?.

I double the liquid and add ice and a packet of crystal light...whatever flavor that sounds appealing. Lots to drink and filling. They are a good deal and are nice to have on hand. It is convenient to make for a day out because you can add extra ice and carry in a plastic bottle ( I use a nice Rubbermaid 20 oz bottle and fill to top and drink when ice is almost melted)....travels nice...

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The punch is good if you mix it up the night before in the shaker cup, put it in the fridge, take it out in the morning, shake it up again to mix it all together, then add Diet 7-Up or Sprite Zero to it, add ice, and enjoy..

The teas I usually will mix with 16 - 20 oz of water and drink it... makes it more like a crystal light tea. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm also thinking about mixing it as directed and then adding it to some decaf brewed ice tea. To me, they don't taste like tea..

If nothing else, you save money by ordering the summer splash package...

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I double the ice cold water as well and love them at work to sip least favorite flavor is the cranberry mango though. The fruit punch and teas are really good!..

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I love the peach ice tea and the fruit punch, they are super refreshing! But I use a blender and put a whole bunch of ice cubes too and probably closer to 12 oz of water...

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I love all of these! I got the package on sale and I'm almost out! I have been mixing them with flavored seltzer in the blender for a quick spin. It still has a few pieces of ice and is very frosty. The teas have 12 carbs and the punch and cranberry mango have only 10 carbs which is great for me. It's a big glass and is very satisfying. Reminds me of an Orange Julius!.


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I freeze them sometimes and eat as an Italian Ice when I'm watching tv- takes a long time to eat..

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