Opinions on Medifast beef stew?

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I think I am in the minority...because I LOVE the chicken and rice soup (if I add an extra bullion cube). Has anyone tried the Beef? I would like your thoughts before I order it..



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Your question was: Opinions on Medifast beef stew?.

Beef stew was one of my all time favorites! A dash of worchestershire sauce and it tastes just like the real thing (well, almost )..

Comment #1

I enjoyed the beef stew. I thought it was pretty good. I've also (just recently) tried the chili. If you get it, you'll definately want to spice it up a bit b/c on it's own it's a little bland. I love the cream of tomato soup- and it's really great as a bread!..

Comment #2

Thanks to you all. I am going to order the beef soup...I think I will try the Tomato Soup too. So many of the Medifast things are I really really like having something a little different around lunchtime. I did my first week with the cold they were buy 3 get 3 free..and I wanted to make sure I would stick with it before I laid out the cash! I was sooo ready for my second shipment to arrive!.

Thanks again..


Comment #3

Make the tomato soup bread so good ! Recipe is on the recipe blog..

Comment #4

Thanks bzybee! I just ordered some of both! Looking forward to some variety!..

Comment #5

I've always liked the beef stew, today I added a spoonful of WF Hickory BBQ sauce, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, that is GOOOOOOD..

Comment #6

I don't like the beef stew the Chicken Noodle and Chicken Wild rice is my favorite..

Comment #7

I was nicely suprised about the beef stew. I dont like the chicken and rice or the chicken noodle so I figured that beef stew was going to be just as bad. my HC sent me two sample packets and I liked them. so I ordred a box.

For me:.

Love the eggs, hot coco, mocha shake and peanut butter bars.

Dislike, cappacino, both chicken soups and all oatmeals(and I love normal oatmeal).

Puddings crackers were 'ok'.

I kinda stick with eggs, hot coco, stew, bar, L & G and another shake 90oz of water and I feel full and good about my day...

Comment #8

I really like the stew, but it needs some pepper. otherwise it's great..

Comment #9

So funny how tastes are so different! I love the beef stew. I love pretty much all of it EXCEPT the eggs, the chk noodle and chk wild rice, the chai and the mocha shake. Guess what my favorite Medifast meal (right now) is? The chili! I love love love it! I especially like it with a laughing cow wedge and some salsa. The beef stew is good with some ground pepper and the maryland crab is great with old bay...

Comment #10

I am not a picky eater, and in fact, have liked every food so far until the BEEF STEW. I could have ralphed! It needs serious help. I will try it one more time with suggestions above, such as WF BBQ sauce or Worchestershire sauce, but if that doesn't do the trick, I am making it all into bread!..

Comment #11

Oh YUM, love the Beef Stew and the Chili!..

Comment #12

I can't gag either the chili nor the beef stew down. I'm okay with the chicken soups not favorite but I can eat it. Not a big fan of the tomato, but at least I can add Mrs. Dash and give it a boost...

Comment #13

You will get the same results with the beef if you use beef seasoning..

Comment #14

I like the beef stew. I think the key to the soups is letting them soak. I put water in my soups when I'm eating the meal before and let it sit until I eat again (3hrs or so later). I tried cooking according to the directions on the package, but I don't like crunchy noodles and vegetables. Blech..


Comment #15

KCI enjoy the beef stew. My favorite is the chicken noodle soup. But my first encounter with the chili was a downer, and I didn't try it again for weeks. When I did, I added some red pepper and powdered onion, and microwaved it perhaps 10-15 secs longer, and it was much better. I usually have a few soy chips or multigrain chips with any of these.


Comment #16

Beef stew was one of my all time favorites! A dash of worchestershire sauce and it tastes just like the real thing (well, almost )..

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