Opinions on Healthsmart chocolate protein shakes?

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Placing my first netrition order to come with a bunch of suggestions from members here and I came across this protein shake and thought it would be a good replacement for breakfast and/or lunch..... has anyone tried it? i'm pretty sure it fits the stats!.

I'd love to get some opinions before ordering!.


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Your question was: Opinions on Healthsmart chocolate protein shakes?.

Go find EAS AdvantEDGE carb control shakes. I drink one every morning as my protein. I get them at Sam's by the case......

Cal -110.

Fat -3g.

Carbs - 4g.

Fiber - 2g.

Protein - 17g..

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Just wanted to chime in and mention that 150 is QUITE a bit over the limit of 100. Its in league with a breakfast entree, in lieu of a protein serving. Unless you want to throw yourself over budget for the day, i'd really count it as 1.5 protein servings. Hope this helps...

Comment #2

Or a 1/2 serving instead...I appreciate your comment but for 'me' the 50 cals over will not be a big deal...

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