Opinion on the new Medifast pretzels?

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Hi all,.

Anyone else totally bummed and depressed by the horrid new pretzels... I want the old ones back!!!!! I lived on those crunchy little delights!!! UGHHHHHH. It's hard enough and then they change the formula! If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!!!.

Thanks for reading my rant!..

Comments (43)

In total agreement! The taste of the new cinnamon flavored ones is disgusting. The honey mustard are a bit more tolerable! Yes, they need to revert to the old recipe...

Comment #1

I love the new pretzels. I do wish the Honey Mustard had a stronger flavor though. I had sent back the old cinnamon ones and tried the new ones and love them. They taste like Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal..

However do you think there are less pretzels now then before?..

Comment #2

I hate the new ones. I've tried them three different times and each time did not finish the bag. I want the old ones back too!..

Comment #3

I wouldn't really describe the new pretzels as "horrid" but I do consider them to be a real waste of money. The taste is not bad, but much blander than the old ones IMHO. And they are so light that they seem almost hollow. Definitely not filling and not much of them. Another disappointment is that there are more broken pieces and crumbs than the bottom of a potato chip bag! What a shame. Still, I recognize that some people really like them and we all know that everyone has different tastes.

Let's hope so...

Comment #4

I agree totally! "Horrid" certainly describes them to me! I really miss the old ones...

Comment #5

I also miss the old ones. A lot!!! There are 29 gm net wt in the new bag, and there used to be 32 gm in the old ones. So a slight difference in size...

Comment #6

They aren't as good as the old ones, IMHO, but they are still edible. Almost all the food is edible, if I put my mind to it. I would much rather have the old ones back, though...

Comment #7


They should ask for reviews from customers before changing anything or at least offer both. I could live on the old pretzels, exclusively!..

Comment #8

I miss the old ones too! What a disappointment!..

Comment #9

I HATE the new pretzels...and did not know it. I have been on Medifast since August and have been living on the pretzels....I LOVE the mustard pretzels with their tangy flavor and hard loud crunch....then this week...I order 4 boxes and oh my gosh...I get the box and the package is different...and dread filled me! Opened then up and I hate them...they are wussy, mild flavored bread sticks....Horrid! Sadly, I thought what I have been eating for the last 4 months were the new ones....I am crushed as they were my absolute favorite things. They are sooo not crunch, no flavor....I almost cried!..

Comment #10

Dear Medifast,.

I miss the taste of the former Cinnamon Pretzels. If you must stick with the new texture, at the very least PLEASE put the former taste back in!!.


Your faithful customer whose favorite item used to be the pretzels..

Comment #11

I find the new pretzels quite disagreable. I want the old formula pretzels.......are you listening to us MF?..

Comment #12

I wasn't in love with the old cinnamon pretzels but they gave me the crunch that I liked and the flavor wasn't bad (kinda chalky). I ordered 2 boxes and then found out they changed them. The new ones leave a lot to be desired! Smaller, blander and I wouldn't know they were cinnamon except for the name on the bag. Medifast - give us back the old ones...

Comment #13

By the way, after I ate the new Cinnamon pretzels I was hungry again in an hour! I used to eat the old ones and be totally fine for 3 hours...

Comment #14

There are a lot of things I don't like about how Medifast treats it's customers,.

But this one issue has me lookin' for an alternative...

Comment #15

Check out Kay's Naturals Better Balance Gluten Free Pretzel Sticks Cinnamon Toast 1.5 oz at Amazon.......I heard on a different thread they are just like the old ones and better yet they are cheaper and free shipping at Amazon. I just ordered some. Nutritional info is very close to the originals.....judge that part for yourself as I don't claim to be an expert...

Comment #16

Well, I never tasted the old ones, but I do not like the Honey Mustard ones. The cinnamon ones I do like though. Compared to the Nutrisystem pretzels these are super! LOL..

Comment #17

I just had my first bag of pretzels. I never had the old ones, but I really like the new Honey Dijon. Just the right crunch for me and a nice flavor. I just wish they had come in last Friday so I could have munched on them on the weekend...

Comment #18

I'm so sad about the new ones, as well. I was totally living on the old Honey Mustard ones. They were one of my favorite things. I went and ordered 3 boxes cause I know they'd help get me through the holidays but I really don't like these and don't know how much I'm going to be able to keep eating them...

Comment #19

The new pretzels taste like cardboard with no flavor of cimmanon..Call Medifast and they told me return them we switched vendors, and also reduced size of bag at same price. Should bring back the old ones...

Comment #20

Has anyone gotten any feedback at all from MF? So many of us are SO disappointed with the "new and improved" version, one would think thye might respond!.


Comment #21

I agree. I lived on the old cinnamon pretzels. At school I would take 3 packets with me and munch on them all day. When I got the new formula pretzels, I couldn't even eat two. There is a very bad aftertaste and if you lick it, all it taste like is artificial sweetner. No Cinnamon taste.


Comment #22

I decided to munch on a bag of the old ones I had in my desk drawer. No they were not expired. It's been a while since I've had them and they were absolutely HORRIBLE!!! The chemical taste in the new ones can NOT be worse than the old. I ate half the bag and threw the rest out. Making a mental note to throw out any I may have left at home. I've been sucking on mints for 1/2 hour to get the horrific after taste to go away...

Comment #23

Had my first new cinnamon pretzel today.........GGGRRROOOOSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I will never order them again!..

Comment #24

Ordered 5 boxes last order... didn't know about the change and I was really ticked!!.

I sent back all of them... I loved the fact that it was like 'real sugar' on them... they had real cinnamon on them... the new ones are total chemical tasting to me..

UGH... now I live on the honey mustard (had not tried the old ones so these taste pretty good, though I love mustard) and brownies with a scoop of peanut butter as well as the oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter. The only way I can eat the oatmeal.

Hope they listen to everyone and bring back the old pretzels!!.

When I called in for the exchange... the customer service rep asked me if I wanted to file a complaint about them... I said SURE!! So if you get a chance and return them, be sure to file a complaint too!!.

... jj .....

Comment #25

I tried them today for the first time. They are really BAD!!!!!! I will never order them again. YUCK..

Comment #26

I like to mix them w/nacho cheese balls to kind of get a mixure of tastes....

Comment #27

I was looking for a place to vent about the new ones!! Terrible! They use to be my favorite go to food. I still order them for the crunch factor, but they don't thrill me...

Comment #28

Sent my new order back today......won't order them again!!..

Comment #29

I agree..the cinnamon pretzels are horrible! I was barely able to get through 2 bags, and I threw 5 out. I doubt even the racoons or squirrels would be interested in them. I'm hoping that if enough people complain, then Medifast will bring back the old ones. Not sure who to send complaints to though. I really miss the old pretzels! Lets start a revolution!!..

Comment #30

Too bad. I just threw away 6 bag of the old...

Comment #31

I agree - I also threw mine out!! I love the comment about the raccoons and squirrels LOL LOL!! I don't know who to complain to - maybe our consultants?? I am just getting back into the groove of things - went on TSFL last year and didn't have a good mindset. Am in a much better place this year. My only child (daughter) was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago and I really had a tough time dealing with the food issue. I am accepting and in a positive place and so is she so I need to improve my health, not only for myself, but for her, too...

Comment #32

Personally, I like the new texture. It's just that they seem so flavourless. :/..

Comment #33

I'm scared to post this.....but.......

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new ones!! Hated the texture of the old ones, like eating bark...bark with sprinkles (I thought sprinkles made everything better - until I tried the old pretzles). Love the new ones.

And it's interesting because I wonder - if we never had the old ones, would we even know that we hated them? Read a couple of posts for people who didn't have the old ones, they don't seem to hate the new ones......

Comment #34

I finally had the new ones today, and I LOVE them! It's funny how tastes are so different from one person to the next. I actually loved the old ones too, but these will be just fine as a replacement for me. I have only tried the Honey Mustard, but I will probably try the cinnamon ones next time...

Comment #35

I also agree that the new pretzels are awful. The honey mustard ones are a little more tolerable but I really don't like the cinnamon ones. Hopefully they will change back to the old formula...

Comment #36

I think the shape and texture reminds me of those little Cheese N Breadstick packs I used to buy for my kids. So I made a "cheese dip" for the new Honey Mustard breadstickzels. I mixed 1T cream cheese with 1 tsp yellow mustard. It was decent...

Comment #37

I just received an order yesterday, 5 boxes of ciinnamon pretzels. I just tasted the new ones, they are disgusting. They leave a medicine taste in your mouth. I called Medifast and they gave me a SRA to return them.

The lady on the phone acted as if I were crazy, stating that everyone loved the new ones. I'm so glad to see that I am not crazy.

I WANT MY OLD ONES BACK. They were wonderful. I loved the texture and taste and could have eaten them several times daily...

Comment #38

The new cinnomon tasted ok, I just miss the texture of the old ones. I felt like the old ones were more crunchy! Bring back the old...get rid of the new. LOL..

Comment #39

New ones are disgusting. I'm sending mine back. Why did they change them? Soooooooo disappointed and hope this is not a trend or I will have to re-think MF......

Comment #40

I never had the old ones so I cant compare.. but the new ones are pretty bad. I havent tried the cinnamon ones. The honey mustard pretty much taste like cardboard. And - as someone else noted - they are always broken into tiny pieces and I have to just put the bag straight to my mouth to eat most of them...

Comment #41

I never had the old pretzels, I'm new to MF... and haven't tried the cinnamon ones, but I like the honey mustard pretzels! Just wish there were more in a bag. And all of mine weren't broken...

Comment #42

I like the new cinnamon pretzels. I think they taste really good and I look forward to that ~crunch~ every afternoon. Haven't tried the honey mustard pretzels yet...they sound good, I'll have to give them a try...

Comment #43

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