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Before I ask my question, I want to ask: Online Drugs Stores?.

My main question is: Everything I eat feels like I'm cheating!! NS is amazing! I've been eating like a queen for the last 3 days and tonight for dinner I had my FAVORITE combo...burger and a bloody (OK..."virgin") mary! I pretty much disregard the package instructions for the food and just prepare it my far so good I took that poor looking burger in it's little white tray and filled the tray with low fat/low sodium chicken broth (1 WHOLE cup is only 10 cals, so this is a freebie!). I nuked it for 1 minute and then covered it up with the tinfoil packaging (cut the sides to make a like "tent") and just left it sitting in the microwave while I got together my drink. 8oz of low sodium V-8(one veg), dash of hot sauce, dash of worchestershire, and LOTS of fresh ground pepper later I started assembling my burger. I used one whole wheat english muffin for my "bun" (toasted) and placed this now JUICY burger on it, 1 tsp low fat may0 (my dinner fat), dash of worchestershire, 1 Tbs ketchup (freebie), and a tiny squirt (1/2 tsp maybe?) of spicy brown mustard. Made a giant mixed green salad with my 1/4 low fat cottage cheese (dairy), mushrooms and green onions (one veg). I was in total heaven!! The burger was SOOOO juicy! My husband has a lot of these burgers in his shipment for this month...I may have to trade him as this was my only one! I wasn't really gung-ho on the burger just looking at that poor little dehydrated looking thing on the tray, but let me tell will be amazed at how it turns out by cooking it this way! YUM-O~~..

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Your question was: Online Drugs Stores?.

Beef broth & a couple of shots of worchestershire is the way I like to hydrate my burger...

Comment #1

A slice of cheese melting on top and it is wonderful...

Comment #2

My God that sounds so good...I dont know if I have any in my shipment, I'll have to look..



Comment #3

My question has to do with the salad, not the burger (which does sound wonderful). You mentioned l.f. cottage cheese. Is that what you used as your dressing? If so, that's another great idea. THANKS!..

Comment #4

Yupjust the cottage cheese! I try to mix it up a bit....sometimes the cottage cheese, sometimes a LF or FF dressing like Krafts 3 cheese ranch (REALLY good!!). I've tried the spray dressings, but I like my salads messier!..

Comment #5

Can you really use a WW english muffin? What does that count as?..

Comment #6

The burger, like the chicken breast and the hot dogs, calls for you to add a roll (or some other low-GI carb) to the meal. It's right on the package. I don't know the stats of the WW english muffin, but I assume it is being used as a low-GI carb...

Comment #7

Wow! I've got to visit here more often! That burger sounds perfectly delicous the way you prepared it! I'm going to have to do what you did! Thanks for sharing!!!..

Comment #8

Have you tried making your burger into a Big Mac? Saute some chopped onions in pam spray. Top your burger with onions, pickles, lettuce, ff cheese and ff thousand island dressing. This is to die for...

Comment #9

I also rehydrate my burgers in broth, but usually low fat, low sodium beef broth. It definitely makes a difference to use broth instead of water! I generally use 45 calorie (per slice) whole wheat bread, toasted, and add however many toppings I can get on there. It makes for a genuinely low-calorie dinner but is still very satisfying.

I've become almost a low sodium V8 juice addict over these recent weeks - I love the stuff. I generally add fresh ground black pepper and a dash of hot sauce...

Comment #10

Thanks for the tips. I have two of the hamburgers in my order and have been avoiding them as I couldn't see how they would be edible. Maybe I will give it a try tonight. Any suggestions for the beans and ham? I have 9 in this order, are they crazy?..

Comment #11

I make "brown sugar" baked beans out of the Beans and Ham Soup Lunch. They are to die for....

2 FF Ball Park Franks (lunch protein) - cut in half and diced.

1 Beans and Ham Soup.

1 Tablespoon Sugar Twin Brown Sugar Substitute.

1 Squirt Ketchup.

1 Squirt Yellow Mustard.

Mrs Dash Garlic Seasoning to taste.

Mix all together in a glass bowl and heat in the micro...yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #12

I cant wait to try. I am awaiting my order but htis sunds delish!! thansk for sharing..

Comment #13

Oh my goodness... those beans and franks sound delicious!!!..

Comment #14

I'm glad I stumbled upon this post. I am not a picky eater and have liked almost everything NS has sent me so far BUT the hamburger patty. It fell apart on me when I was making it. It had no flavor. I haven't ordered one again but think I will now give it another try. Must have been user error because I've heard so many good things about the burgers. I'm off to change my order!..

Comment #15

Sounds very good! I love the beans and ham soup so definitely have to try this! Does the brown sugar substitute have calories?..

Comment #16

Let a Laughing Cow cheese wedge warm while your HB patty is absorbing. Lighly toast your Thomas muffin, spread on the cheese add some jalepeno peppers and what ever else you want in the salad area and you can say good-bye to Carls Jrs. forever. This is my favorite NS meal...

Comment #17

Great tips...especially about the beans and franks...I got 6 in my order and I didn't even choose them......

Comment #18

I also try frying up some mushrooms and use some light swiss cheese to make a mushroom melt and it is really good..

Comment #19

Sorry about the beans and franks talk mixed in with the burger chat, but to answer the question about the brown sugar calories, and it is really good. Has the same flavor of reg brown sugar IMO I will start a thread with the recipe in the recipe section...

The burger is good too! Love it with FF Mayo and Lettuce on a WW Bun!.


Comment #20

Oh yummy! I hadn't ordered any burgers but got one burger with my "free food". I'm thinking I'll have to have it for dinner tomorrow now. I LOVE Big Mac's. What a great idea! Thanks for the sharing...

Comment #21

Would love to know what roll is out there that is whole wheat and 80 calories..

Where do all of you purchase the rolls for the hamburgers and chicken? Have looked at Safeway and not able to find any rolls that are not huge or over the calorie limit. Would appreciate any suggestions and I too am wondering if the English muffin is okay on the program. That would be easy. Denise..

Comment #22

I ordered 20 burgers this last order (I still have lots of other dinners on hand)...the burger is my favorite meal. I usually save a protein from lunch or afternoon snack and add turkey bacon or cheese to mine or I'll cook up a whole portabello mushroom cap and add that to the becomes this enormous big Mac...and portabellos have the flavor of meat to me...very satisfying...of course I always make some onion rings to go with my burger...very NS friendly btw..


Comment #23

I use these low carb rolls from Sami's Bakery in Tampa FL. They call them dinner rolls, but they are the same size as the NS burgergreat stats. Taste fabulous! They are much denser than a low cal hamburger bun. I order those and the millet and flax lavashes (for sandwich type meals) once a month. Everything freezes great, and they get my orders to PA in about 5 days...

Comment #24

Gotta try that beans & franks recipe. They subbed my beans & ham this time though. I'll have to wait..

I don't think I can remember having a burger without pickle relish. Thank goodness that Mt Olive now has sugar free relish, sweetened with Splenda. Add the other stuff if you want, but give me a good shot of relish along with it!.



Comment #25

I just started the program 5 days ago.! Thanks for all the great tips.! God [COLOR="Red"]Bless and Take Care.!.


Comment #26

I use wheat dinner rolls from Sam's Club. They are just the right size for the burger & 80 cal.. With a slice of tomato, lettuce & ff cheese and a little honey mustard it's an awsome burger. for the franks I cut the franks in half both lengthwise and horizontally...

Comment #27

Those onion rings look amazing. How do you make them?.

Thanks for the picture, great idea! Starting NS on Monday....

Comment #28

Flarma...thanks they ARE amazing...I just posted the recipe under the Onion Rings thread..


Comment #29

Looks can be deceiving. I have to admit the burger has really kept me on track. I order 8 a month. Without it and the pizza, I think I would have strayed a lot more...

Comment #30

Beef broth & a couple of shots of worchestershire is the way I like to hydrate my burger...

Comment #31

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