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Rich sweet thick creamy eggnog. I've been DYING for an eggnog latte but have resisted and tonight I had eggnog... ON PLAN. I was delish!.

1 Vanilla 55 shake.

Hot water (about 1.25 cups).

12 drops capella egg nog.

Blended with my little aerolatte stirring thing and added a sprinkle of nutmeg..

Was perfect sweet and creamy. It was so rich tasting. If it wasn't late or if I had decaf I would've added coffee and "latte-ed" it up. Guess what's for breakfast..

It was really amazing...

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Yum...that sounds so good! I have the capella drops and will be making that!! I am waiting for my Medifast box to come...I am re-starting as soon as it gets here, I can hardly wait!!.

A question as a newbie...Where do you find all these wonderful recipes I see other's making with the meals? Is there one place they are all compiled, or do you just have to search? I LOVE to cook and I am sure if I can get creative and still be totally OP, I will be ever so much happier.....

Comment #1

I need to get some of the capella drops!.

For anyone else like me who doesn't have them, you can also make an egg nog shake with a Medifast vanilla shake, 2 Tbsp. Egg Beaters, nutmeg, vanilla and rum extract to taste. It's really yummy! And it's safe to eat Egg Beaters raw, because they've been pasteurized (that's per my doctor - although if you have any doubts you should definitely check with yours). I don't know what would happen to it, though, if you heat it. Would the Egg Beaters cook, or would they just warm with the beverage? I'll have to try that and see..

Wow, it's so nice to enjoy some of these yummy, familiar holiday flavors without the calories/carbs/fat and guilt, isn't it?.


Comment #2

This has been one of my favorites for quite a while. Glad to see someone else enjoys it too!..

Comment #3

Holy cow, now I need to get Capella egg nog stuff.

Sounds yummy..

Comment #4

I made this today and it was SOOO good, except I had to use a vanilla pudding instead of a vanilla shake b/c I was out. Thanks for the idea!..

Comment #5

I have some, you can have mine. I was very disappointed in the capella drops. Very bitter and provide very little flavor. Had to use twice as much as recommended to get any type of flavor from them..

You might be better off seeing if Davinci or Torani make a SF eggnog flavored syrup. Definitely get more for your money if they do...

Comment #6

Curses! Capella egg nog flavor is out of stock...

Comment #7

I'm glad you liked it, jfwat!!.

Sometimes, if I've had a really rough day, I add a little extra rum flavoring. Ok, so it's not the real thing, but I trick my brain into thinking it is. LOL..

Comment #8

Most of the capella's don't seem to do much for me either but this really hit the spot for some reason..

Maybe it was just because I have gone to starbucks 5 days a week since Nov 1 and drooled over an eggnog latte and not ordered one. Yay me. Just order a boring old blah black coffee...

Comment #9

This is the only way I was able to finish up the vanilla shakes. They were not my favorite but making it into eggnog all summer worked for me...

Comment #10

I didn't care for the drops (bought quite a few flavors, but they didn't do anything for me).

But tonight I had a vanilla pudding mixed in the magic bullet with a generous sprinkling of nutmeg and lots of crushed ice and water. It was like an eggnog shake! I think a bit of rum extract would be awesome in it!..

Comment #11

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