On Month 2 of Murad Acne Complex

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Hello All,I am on month 2 of Murad Acne Complex; I have the usual side effects (bloody nose every now and then, dry lips + everything else, lower back pain) and that didn't really bother me. I started month 1 on 20mg and jumped to 40mg for month 2. When I did, I broke out a lot; I didnt get an IB- if anything my face started to clear up but then when I went up in dosage I broke out really bad. It's getting better now but for the valentines day weekend the gf and I wanted to take professional pictures (the horror!). So without my gf knowing, I went to Macy's and had someone sell me make up. I was completely clueless being a guy(but very comfortable with my sexuality, lol) and I got sold on foundation, concealer, brushes, and powder.

She said she thought I did it because of the pictures only. Truth be told though, I feel very much more comfortable going out WITH make up on than without now, but I've only used it that one time and I dont think I'll be a frequent user of it for obvious reasons. Professional pictures will come till March 2nd but for now, here are my before/after pix. Not the greatest job but i'm no pro on makeup!Before: the best but def a huge difference; I got the idea after reading a thread by "Yo Adrienne!" of her before/after makeup. Thanks a lot!Oh and P.S..

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Your question was: On Month 2 of Murad Acne Complex.

Your question was: On Month 2 of Murad Acne Complex.

Looks good man. I sometimes get self conscious about using a little coverup for pimples/hyper-pigmentation but I'm pretty sure it isn't noticeable since I use it very sparingly. I can't wait until my skin looks the same with make-up as without...

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Whatever makes you feel comfortable man. You look fine to me either way. From an objective point of view I can tell you that honestly, people will stop & stare much more at a guy wearing makeup than one with acne. Acne doesn't carry much if any stigma in our society. It bothers the person with the acne, but outsiders don't pay much attention. Seeing a guy wearing makeup on the other hand is still kinda ummm, strange I guess.

I don't see people do that often even to someone with severe acne. Like I said though, do whatever gives you the confidence you need. After Murad Acne Complex you will have no reason for that. Personally I'd feel much more uncomfortable wearing makeup than having obvious acne.You don't look bad at all in your first photo. Why not just wear makeup for the pictures and then toss it?..

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I don't know how much this guy is wearing, it's hard to tell from the pictures, but minimal cover-up use (like one or two spots) is not noticeable at all. I talked to my uncle about skin problems, and he has been wearing small amounts of coverup for his rosacea for years and I never noticed once...

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Hey I'm glad you found something to help you through the rough initial breakout period! and good for you on being confident enough to try something new! good luck with your Murad Acne Complex course... best decision I ever made! my skin really started to clear up at the end of month 3... so hang in there. just curious, what makeup did you buy?..

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I bought "origins",I thought maybe it'd be the least noticeable and healthy for my skin. It has spf15 on the foundation too. It wasn't very cheap either, once I told my gf I spent a bit north of 100 she got more angry of that since she said she could of helped if that's what I really wanted and save me a lot of money. Although I'll only use it every now and then I have never restricted myself in anything acne related. Anything available that will potentially help, ill sacrafice what I can to help my acne...

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I wore some of my sister's foundation or what ever for prom last year. For some reason, my face looks even more red in pictures so I just thew a little on and voila good as new...

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With or without make-up you're still a cute guy hun.....

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