OK foods to act as Medifast replacement?

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I am curious if there are any foods to occasionally use instead of a medifast food and still lose. Are there any foods to replace a Medifast food from time to time if someones taste buds get tired of eating a medifast food? I am not doing this, but wondering if it is possible...

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Medifast is a carefully scientifically balanced plan, which works AND lets us stay healthy as we lose. In addition, this board is offered free of charge by Medifast to let us find support from each other..

So, for the first reason, I would suggest just staying OP and seeing what you learn. Many people who have been on this plan for a while report that there is learning and growth that comes from stopping worrying about exciting the taste buds all the time..

For the second reason, I would suggest not using these boards to ask about competitive products, out of respect and gratitude for this wonderful community forum provided by Medifast...

Comment #1

Sure there might be. But weight loss is individual and what works for one person may not work for everyone. Also, the majority of other foods out there may not have the nutrition of the Medifast meals, or not enough protein, too many carbs or cals, etc. It's a personal choice and people will do what they choose of course, but why mess with something that works so well?..

Comment #2

For ME...That is a VERY slippery slope...I intend to stay on Medifast tried and true...for the few short weeks/months that it will take me to lose the rest of this weight...It's been created to work, why give yourself the extra work of figuring out something else???.

This plan has been around 25 years and the thing I LOVE about it, is it's safety record and record of success...One of the things I am cahllenging myself with, is not having to always glorify my tastebuds, but to appreciate wholesome, healthy food for the the long haul...I know I can keep it off if I learn not to indulge myself in just "taste: if ya know what I mean...It's food and I am pretty creative with working with what we have...I don't choose to break the "tool" I have decided to use to get the house built!.

Be interesting to see what other's think...Have a great day!..

Comment #3

You will get a varitety of answers on this...mine is no. Medifast is not only just the calories and the break down of carbs/protein/fat in each meal, but also the nutrients that are in each meal. So, to me it is crucial to eat the 5 Medifast meals and your L&G and not supplant any of those meals with substitution Medifast meals.

And...there is an incredible variety of Medifast meals, so if you are currently bored with your Medifast selection...order something different. There are a bunch of bar flavors...and all these new foods that they didn't even think of having when I was on the program (pancakes, soft serve, the puffs and pretzels)..

And my final that none of us are going to be on Medifast forever. And during maintenance you can add in some of the Medifast substitutes, etc..

That's my feeling on the whole shebang....


Comment #4

It happens that I am very limited on the Medifast meals I can eat, due to allergy, so I am just thinking how many of the same meals I can eat I can't have any shakes, bars, cocoa, teas, puddings, or infusers so I eat a lot of the same thing. Thank you for advise...

Comment #5


Afterall, that is why we are using Medifast in the 1st place...It works, it's all done FOR YOU, it teaches us another way of looking at food and most importantly...It's temporary...I am tired of lettiing the little "food demon" inside me get it's way!.

I am truly so RELIEVED and excited to not have to think about it all and just do what Medifast recommends...I can do anything for a few months!! Which then I focus on the rest of my life and food and it's wonderfullness being done in a healthy way.....

Comment #6

You would still be hard pressed to find foods that fit your allergy limitations...

Comment #7

My health coach recommended some of the 100 South Beach bars as possible options when $ is tight. Some of her other clients worked them in with no problems.

For me it is just a million times easier to use MF. I don't understand how it works and maybe I would get the same results by just eating 800-1000 calories of non-MF food but the fact is I am fat and lazy and Medifast is fixing the fat part for me.

I'm sure if you talk to Nutrisystem or your coach you could find some alternative foods if you needed to. But I suspect it would be a lot of work to get the nutrition right and, for me, it is not worth the effort...

Comment #8

"For me it is just a million times easier to use MF. I don't understand how it works and maybe I would get the same results by just eating 800-1000".

That is what I fear... and fear of having more hunger if interchange foods..

Comment #9

Problem with those SB 100s are most of them don't come close to the protein. Some of them only have 3g and the higher ones have too many calories or carbs. I like to check out the protein bars and shakes when I go grocery shopping, just for comparison's sake and for future planning. I've found an item or two that are close, but it's usually that you get half a can, or half a bar, as an equivalent. I wouldn't trust myself to eat only half and as stated, they never have the nutritional equivalent so you'd need to take supplements to make sure you're getting enough nutrients. I figure that if I get stuck somewhere without my meals, they'll do in a pinch, but not for long..

What are you allergic to, if you don't mind my asking? That's quite a limiting list...

Comment #10

I've done 800-1000 calorie diets, and NEVER came close to these kinds of results. I firmly believe Medifast is a magic blend of crack and goodness...

Comment #11

I can tell you from recent experience, when I was getting half my lean through weighing error, that it made me totally unbalanced in short order. I was *desperate* for more protein and unable to think clearly, after just 4 days. So I would not recommend any changes that involve less protein or nutrition...

Comment #12

I agree with this post))))).

I dont know exactly - cant pinpoint it but working on it. Its odd, because it is really bad with the Medifast foods that I listed and only a little with all others. I am allergic a bit to all of it. Thank goodness I can eat the ones I do. I almost had to leave medifast for ever, but kept trying meals until I could find some I could. I cant tell you how hard I prayed and BEGGED God for some of them to work out for me so I could be on medifast.

Oh! By the way, I am not too allergic to the bars, but I binge terribly with them, so cant have them in the house - I tried.

I have a big allergy to flavorings (artificial and natural) that affects me al ot, but not sure as far as medifast foods. I am allergic to a lot not just mf. there is a lot of trial and error in my eating..


Comment #13

What about the meat or veggie burgers that a few said tasted like pizza? We are alowed those right? Can't remember their name however...

Comment #14

One meal a day I have either 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites, or 3/4 cup of eggbeaters, or 2 Smart Dogs (soy hot dogs). None of these options increase my carb count as they are protein heavy,they are all 90 calories just as a medifast meal would be, and it saves me about 60 dollars a month to substitute one Medifast meal a day. Obviously I am in the minority here as the overwhelming advice is just stick to the plan, but it hasn't changed my weight loss from when I started and was doing 5 medifast meals...

Comment #15

OK sp you eat the eggs and still eat the lean and green? IA this right?.

Gosh if I could save 60 a month....that alone would motivate me..

Eggs are a great source of low fat protein and give sustained energy don't you think?..

Comment #16

This question really needs to be taken to Nutrition Support. No one here is qualified to tell you that it will make a good substitute for an Medifast meal. If you really wanted to put some thought into it, you could justify just about any food because it equals the calories or carbs of this Medifast food or that one.

Happy - My biggest concern for you is that you don't even seem to know what in the Medifast foods you are allergic to. Until you pin point this, you may have problems with any diet food you try, since just about everything out there has artificial flavorings in them. It could be that or it could be something else altogether, but I really think you need to work with your Dr. to figure out exactly what is causing your reactions...

Comment #17

Yeah, I have 4 medifast meals, one of the eggs or soy dogs, and the lean and green. I don't want to step on any toes here, but Medifast isn't a miracle, it is just a diet, and a pretty expensive one. Each person has to do what works for him or her, I am able to substitute for the one meal a day without it causing any ill effects. This may not work for everyone, it is important to know what you can handle...

Comment #18

Lakina!! I think this is a great option too. No allergies, a diff flavor, lots of protein...THANK YOU A MILLION..


Comment #19

My husband and I are both on Medifast so you can imagine the cost if both of us did it 100%. I buy some of the ingredients such as whey protein and soy protein and inulin and make some of my own recipes which come very very close if not exactly the protein, carbs, fiber and calories of the Medifast packages. I make a cereal mix using soy protein and oatbran, etc. and then make that into a muffin and that is a daily staple about 5 days a week. I also make a shake mix using whey protein, etc. For an occasional meal I will substitute 6 oz.

I'm losing slowly but in all the right places. I also take a vitamin. Hope this helps. I also usually have three or 4 Medifast meals daily plus my lean and green...

Comment #20

You could look at doing a 4&2 program. That saves you 14 meals a week of Medifast for the 2 of you-that is 2 boxes! I am not sure of the ins and outs of that format, but the Nutrisystem board can help, and I am sure that others here will know the specifics of that as well. Good luck!..

Comment #21

Happy, I will second De's recommendation to work with your doctor to figure out what's wrong.

Might also want to print this, nutrition detail list

And go through the ones that cause you problems, and see if there's a linking ingredient. Would hate to see you waste money on trying to find substitutes only to find that you're running into the same issues because the culprit is in there too. Personally, I'd rather KNOW what's causing my issues. Not knowing drives me nuts (been there done that)...

Comment #22

Nutrisystem explains when they allow this. But they also warn you that it may take longer to lose the weight, so you will be spending MORE in the end..

The best thing I discovered was to just Stay OnPlan. Gets us to GOAL the safest and fastest way..

Due to health issues, Medifast and my Dr. devised a plan specific for my specific needs. The Nutrisystem here are awesome to work with.

Not just posting in their section, which is fine in general. But by phone and in conjunction with your own personal physician.

I was tired of fooling around with diets, and tweaking them. Cheating, feeling regrets, and on and on. I wanted to get it right..

Take the time to do the research and I echo what De said. She knows what she is talking about as she has her own health issues, as well...

Comment #23

Oh Aerielle! It would be heaven to have a list of the names of actual allergy triggers. The docs say that I am allergic to many natural and artificial flavorings that are prevalent in our foods. They dont have names - labeled as art .and nat. flavorings on food labels, so I cant know which ones I am getting in foods or which to avoid. The items I know I am allergic to, that have names, I avoid as much as possible. It is just something I have work around and adjust often.

I have been staying on Medifast products all the way, I just have to start eating more of the Medifast foods I am not allergic to that I dont care for too much. I can do that..

By the way, buddies,!! I just put two Jack in the Box tacos and cookies (that some demon brought in the house) in the disposal!! I was tempted.

Soxly, I agree! slippery slope to interchnge products. It should only be done by those with a good handle on their plan. I am not at that place...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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