Nutrisystem shipment looks insecure?

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I'm in Texas and I know the food shipments come from Pennsylvania..

I was wondering if anyone else's boxes looked like they were going to be coming apart or might have come open when they arrived..

The food list in my 2nd shipment apparently fell out of the box..

It was tucked into one side of the box when I went to bring it in..

The UPS driver's initials and a star were written at the top of the page..

The page also Had A Tire Mark across it ! I Know it fell out !.

They do not put enough tape on the outside of the boxes !.

How do your boxes look when they arrive ?

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Your question was: Nutrisystem shipment looks insecure?.

Your question was: Nutrisystem shipment looks insecure?.

Your question was: Nutrisystem shipment looks insecure?.

Your question was: Nutrisystem shipment looks insecure?.

I'm in Hi. My Nutrisystem boxes have all arrived in good shape, during my 3 yrs on NS. Pls dial up Nutrisystem & talk to a supervisor re: that yours aren't getting there in good shape, & (omplain to UPS as well. I suspe(t it's a UPS driver problem...

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Good Afternoon inkwench,.

Please contact Client Services at 1-800-585-5483, option 3, and they will be happy to assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused..

Have a great day,..

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My last few have not been taped well and have been falling open as they arrived.

I called. They apologized, but since nothing was missing, that was it...

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I had that problem a couple times. Once I even lost my packing slip and the top of the box was open. No food came out just the papers...

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Thanks...I will call Nutrisystem about the boxes..

I don't think it is UPS as they aren't the ones who tape up the boxes !.

I haven't lost any food yet..

Zenouba - maybe yours have been in good shape because they may have taken extra precaution with shipments going as far away as Hawaii..

Anyone here in Alaska ?

Comment #5

I am in NY and it takes 2 days to get my box and all of them have been open when they have arrived here. Next order I will call if it needs more tape...

Comment #6

Use the Search function upper right (go to Advanced search) and you'll see lots of posts about it...

Comment #7

Mine always looks like they were attacked by the big gorilla from those old Samsonite ads..

Comment #8

Mine just arrived opened. It only had one strip of tape on it. It needs to be taped better. All of my goods were intact though...

Comment #9

I have received one box and was able to open it with my hand. There were gaps in the flaps so I just pulled and ripped the tape. It was a little banged up. Could be why the boxes are coming open...

Comment #10

My latest box arrived Wednesday and I think they must have been reading this thread or maybe some of you or others called in about the boxes looking banged about (I never got around to calling).....because this one wasn't banged up at all and still had it's original box shape. It was neatly and thoroughly taped..

Thank you NS......this was much better...

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The last box I received was not taped very well either..

One strip and that was it and it wasn't on tight..

I thought that I would be missing items but the order was complete...

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The last shipment I received was barely taped and as my grandmother used to say " held together by a wing and a prayer". If no items were missing it is not Nutrisystems' fault. What gives???..

Comment #13

Hmmm, mine have all come in great shapeno problems at all. Interesting......

Comment #14

Mine I got yesterday look as though it had been already opened. All the food was there and I spent a lot of time inspecting all the food because of the potential for tampering. I sent CS an emial so I see if they actually respond...

Comment #15

My BBB usually looks beat up, but always has everything inside intact I blame my UPS driver, who has shifty eyes and a sort of weird vibe LOL Seriously, my guess is it's the delivery folks treatment that causes the boxes to open or look like gorillas loaded them...

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Nutrisystem - step it up in the tape department! Also if you would put a piece of tape or two across the top after putting tape across the top seam the box would hold togeher better and not be bursting open at the seams!..

Comment #17

But that tape costs money and may just eat into the executive bonuses!..

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I'm in upstate NY, just a few hours actually from where my box originates and the last three shipments have looked like someone has used them for beach volleyball. No food items have ever been missing or damaged but I do think someone at Nutrisystem needs to look into the problem. I also do not think each of us should have to call CS and then be put on hold just to address something that Nutrisystem should obviously be aware of with all the complaints on the forum...

Comment #19

They really should take this seriously. Open and resealed boxes of consumable food products is not a good thing....what if some item did/does get tampered with and a Nutrisystem customer got sick or worse.......

Comment #20

My second shipment arrived yesterday. The tape seam was broken in some places on both the top and the bottom. I was missing one breakfast item (Double Chocolate Muffin). I called Nutrisystem last night and they are replacing that item. Thanks to my obsessive-compulsiveness I would have counted all of my items one way or another anyway, but it's especially good to do so if the tape seam is broken. Everything was still neatly packed, in spite of the slight breakage in the seam...

Comment #21

So far both of my orders have been secured....and in perfect shape...

Comment #22

To date, the only issue I've had with an order is that the chocolate items were melted. That shipment took much longer to be delivered (8 business days), so I suspect it sat in a hot warehouse for a few days. (I was home when it was delivered, so it didn't sit outside at my house.) I tracked the shipment on line and saw it took 5 days to make what would normally be a four-hour drive. I notice that my current order will be delivered in 5 business days - that same time as my first two orders. I would say UPS is the problem in this case. As for the tape on boxes, or lack thereof, that indeed is the responsiblity of the packing folks. Packing tape is not that expensive...

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Sometimes I get boxes that are super packed with little shelves, one other time all the stuff was just dumped in one big box..

There are several inconsistencies..

One big one is that for the past 3 months I have had to count all the items I am getting... I have been short for the past three shipments..

Usually around 5 meals. When I called last month.. I was told "well we know we put the right amount in there".

Made me feel bad and I know there were things wrong in my order..

This time... 5 lunches and 1 dinner short... I am tired of calling... maybe I will just cancel the auto order all together!..

Comment #24

My first box arrived yesterday. Not a good first impression. I did report this via email to customer service. I have read all posts here. Seems it just started recently??.

My box was crushed in on one end and was open on that end. I was sure something was missing, but once inside with the "shelves" it looked somewhat secure. I was sure that individual package would be smashed or ripped. The end open was the desserts and they were soft-won't know condition until opened. I haven't had time yet to count my items. But my packing slip was missing so I can't know just what was included?????.

I'd say Nutrisystem quality control and the "taper" has serious problems. This is NOT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Absolutely unacceptable! Once in a while things happen but so many of your posts sound the same.

What's the cause of this? I'd say first of all it is the tape. I do not believe in any packages delivered by U.S. Post or U.P.S. that I have seen more insecure closure of a box. I believe UPS might be more careful...but they can't take time to stop and look at each package to see if it is from Nutrisystem and has little tape to give it special handling..

So, I sure am hoping that these posts are being read. Even though I have sent an email, I am going to call as well. I hope everyone who has had this problem will do both this will be changed...

Comment #25

What happened to "The customer is always RIGHT!" The products you are short should definitely be replace immediately. This is no way to run a business! Obviously if this repeats then the customer is a fraud or the company has problems with their packers..

I am just starting this program, received a box crushed and open. This is not a good first impression. It better not happen again...

Comment #26

If you want a response, you need to call, not email. NS's email response is terrible. And, no, munched boxes aren't a recent development, though people have been more vocal about it lately..

Thing is, the customer ISN'T always right - though that doesn't give Nutrisystem the right to make the customer feel like a liar, either...

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My first shipment arrived yesterday. It was smashed in and open on one end. It did not have a packing list. I don't know what is supposed to be in the box. I have not had time to count the packages. That would take some time.

I should have no doubt that what I have paid for is there. This is a lot of money upfront to have the possibility of missing product..

I have read and posted on another tread. Most of the comments about problems with shipment boxes are very much the same. There is a problem with Nutrisystem's quality control. Number one problem seems to be unsecured closure of the boxes with only one thin piece of ordinary tape. The boxes would hold together during the UPS shipping if the box was securely closed. If the tape doesn't hold the box will give in during handling.

Also there were bubble packs on sides but also there needs to be a barrier on top of the products. Since the box was open and the packing slip gone then obviously product could have fallen out..

In addition to this, I read that a customer has repeatedly been shorted in her order with no correction by the Company..

This is my 1st day on program. I have eaten my package blueberry muffin. Had a snack of my own food. This is not a good first impression of what is to come..

Nutrisystem, you need to respond to these problems and change your packing procedures..

Thank you for taking action...

Comment #28

We are sorry to hear that your order did not arrive in the condition that you expected. We will be happy to replace any items that have been damaged. You can contact customer service at 1-800-585-5483, opt 3. Additionally, we have forwarded your comment to the appropriate department..

Thank you,..

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Maybe they had Jim Carrey delivering them!.


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