Nutrisystem Select - should I switch to regular Women's program?

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I have been on the program a short while...Love it! Getting ready for my second order...I am on the Select program but thinking about calling in to change to the regular Womens Program....I love love love most of the Select Frozen Foods..but they are ALL included as part of the program and you can not choose to get more of the ones you love and none of the ones you don't on reorder...what do you all think?..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem Select - should I switch to regular Women's program?.

I agree. Not being able to choose the frozen stuff means that I waste the things I don't like since I just don't eat them (specifically the breakfast burrito and the choc. and caramel ice cream cups - yuk!) But I just decided that it's worth it to get some variety and relief from the Nutrisystem dinners, most of which I don't really like. The Select foods are more real. I confess I've ordered similar foods from the delivery truck that are real close to the nutritional value/calories of the Nutrisystem choices. OK, I know that's cheating (myself) but I'm still losing at my regular pace (slow, but that's ok). I/m staying with it also because it will be easier to go on maintenance whenever that time comes...

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I started out on the Select and after two months switched to the Womens Basic Plan. I personally found that it wasn't worth the extra money to pay for the Select Plan - mainly because while I really liked some of the items - there were probably 50% of them I couldn't even eat and now I am stuck with a freezer full of food that can't be returned/exchanged (like you can with the shelf stable food) - and unfortunately I will probably end up throwing it out..

I am glad I switched. I am able to pick and choose the meals I truly enjoy and look forward to eating - (IF I ever try something I don't happen to like I know I can exchange it if I have more of them or just not order it again)..

I am finding the shelf stable food is more satisfying. I have found some GREAT tips on these boards for slight modifications that really make a big difference so I encourage you to spend some time browsing and I think you will find you won't even miss the Select foods and be glad you are saving the money!..

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Another here that did Select for the first two months and then switched. There were several items that I really loved, many I enjoyed, a couple that were just okay (the omelets come to mind), and one (shrimp alfredo) that I wouldn't eat (seafood just isn't my thing). The biggest reason I switched from it is that I just don't feel like eating the same exact meals every other week. I'm about three weeks through my first Basic month, and it's working just fine for me. If a couple months from now I feel like I need a change I might bump back up to Select for a month, but on a regular basis, I don't think it's worth the extra money...

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Never tried the Select foods, don't really plan to.

Partly because the regular shelf-stable entrees are just plain good..

Partly because they're working and I'm not screwing up something that's working at this point, lol.

Partly because being able to say "Yes send me this, no do not send me that" is a must for me. Not being able to choose what they send would be a deal-breaker.

As long as you find something that works for you, go with it...

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I did the Select Program for two much and switched to the basic. I just didn't think the food was worth the extra money. Also, I had NO ROOM in my freezer (the deliveries kept coming too close together). Some of the food I just didn't like and pawned off on my husband. The only thing I miss is the french toast and I now buyer Trader Joes Low Fat French Toast...

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I wish I could even try them- Nutrisystem won't ship them to Canada..

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I was thinking of doing the select after doing womans reg plan for 3 months, but thanx everyone, I think I'll just stick with the plan I'm doing, esp cuz I'm am being successful on it!..

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