Nutrisystem foods blow up in microwave?

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Can't seem to get a handle on putting in microwave items (that need added water) without them am using 50% power. any ideas?..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem foods blow up in microwave?.

I do the same thing. I also microwave for brief amounts of time and then stir, repeat as needed. I don't have blowing up soups...

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I do the sameadd boiling water to the item, cover it and put something heavy on top. I let it sit for 20 minutes or so for most itemsor even longer. You can always microwave it to heat it back up. It works much better that way for me and no blow ups!..

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My cup-o-lunches do quite a dance in the microwave. I guess I should try 50% power?..

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I was heating up the beef & noodles last night, vented @ full pwr for 1-1/2 minutes. At 1:07 it blew up so severely it literally flipped upside down!..

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I never heat the foods in the microwave. Either the hot water in the cup method, or stove top...

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The cups with the white plastic holey lids are the ones that dance (& flip) on me...

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Katie, for the stews and chilies and beef soups, when I'm at work, I remove the soup from the micro-cup and put it in a large soup mug. I then add whatever I planned (example - I add a can of V-8 to the vegetable beef soup), and microwave the soup in the soup mug.

I cover the mug with paper towel and it works well.

If I am in my own kitchen, I empty the food into a saucepan and heat on the stove..

No need to use the cup it comes in unless you are without any kitchen at all...

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I never heat up food in plastic and put everything into a mug or luncheon plate. I then microwave to heat up covered with a paper towel...

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If you read the labels on the those, they say to heat at 50% power for 45 to 60 seconds. So, if you are heating them at 100% power and for the minute and a half that the regular dinners need you will get explosions. Bring the power level down to 50% (medium) and it should work better. I do usually want them hotter than that gets them and have cooked up to 99 seconds on the microwave at work (at 50%) and then add in some more if needed, but I think that microwave oven is a low powered one.

The best advice is to start slowly, stir and then add some more time... remembering to always use the 50% power or Med. power settings...

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Marie, way to go on your weight loss so far! You go girl!!.

Tzgaine, boy, am I embarassedI'll have to get my glasses next time and read the label! Thanks!..

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I was having the same problem even at 50%. The ones that need water added I heat the water and then add to carton and cover for 10-15 minutes. The others I dump out into a bowl...

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As posted by many others, this is what I do..

If it is a pasta meal (in a cardboard cup), I boil the water first, stir it up and cover and let it sit for awhile (at least 10 minutes). Then I stir it again, microwave to warm it up, stir and enjoy. If I am going to eat them at work, I put the meal in a metal thermos and it is perfect by lunchtime (the metal thermos keeps hot and pasta is tender but not soggy)..

If it is one of the pull top microwaveable bowls - I put the contents in a very thick microwave safe bowl, place a plastic wrap cover (one of the elasticized bowl lids) over the bowl and microwave at 60% power. I check the warmth after 45 seconds and add time if needed...

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I love the thermos idea. I'm going to have to look for one. I have always just used the lunches with the white tops (or lunch bars) to take to work, because I don't have enough time to let the other's "cook." I've always saved those for the days I can eat at home. But since they are some of my favorites for the lunches, having a way to take them to work is great...

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