Nutrisystem dinners don't taste good

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The dinners any longer. YUCK. The lunches are okay, I love the breakfasts, but the dinners are killin me. Im on the Veg plan, and I like the flatbread and thickcrust pizza, and the vegetarian chilli is okay, but i've had the ravioli and lasagna, I threw away the lasagna tonight, it tastes like alpo. SO GROSS. I thought it would be like cheese but it tastes like meat (i know it's not) but it is so disgusting.

Im afraid I'm gonna have to go off it because I just cannot handle the dinners...

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Your question was: Nutrisystem dinners don't taste good.

What have you been having for dinner if you've had to throw things away?..

Comment #1

Don't give up just because you don't like the dinners. Contact Nutrisystem CS and let them know and maybe they can work something out with you and let you have lunches in trade for your dinners and then the counselors can help you figure out how to adjust your eating plan to make it balance. Kashi and Amy's meals are very healthy and good. They both have vegetarian meals and Amy's is all vegetarian (not vegan). Kashi meals only have low glycemic carbs so that would be the best match with the Nutrisystem plan "In my opinion". Amy's uses organic pasta but I don't think the glycemic index with her pasta is lower, I think she uses organic white flour in her meals, they are good clean foods though and very healthy.

I was on the FLEX plan for most of my weight loss and I incorporated the Kashi and Amy's meals into my diet in the days that I ate my own foods. Walmart and Target have the best prices for them. Try not to give up. Eventually you will get to your goal and then be able to eat your own foods. Remember though, people like us who have a tendancy to gain weight will always have to keep track of our calories or our weight will creep back up.

Best wishes to you!! Noralee..

Comment #2

Don't give up! The food can be a bit of an adjustment, but in the long run it's going to be worth it!.

Do like others have suggested, look around the boards and see what people have done to spruce up some of the dishes. Also, don't be afraid to try the others just because of one dinner. You never know if you might be swearing off something that could become your most favorite..

These boards are great for support and help, stick with it and you'll be much happier in the end!..

Comment #3

The pasta fagioli tastes very much like that served by the Olive Garden. I love the veggie lasagna, far better than what is served by the local pizza places. I'm not a vegetarian but I love many of the veggie entrees. I guess I want to lose weight and do it eating entrees that are better than what I have had locally. No, it isn't gourmet diet food but we are not paying gourmet prices. There is a gourmet diet program delivered to your door weekly at a very high price tag...about the same as a month of NS.

If necessary. Also your taste buds do adjust..

How badly to you want to lose weight? If you do, then give your taste buds a chance. There are some items I tolerated when I first tasted them but now like with a litte adjustment...

Comment #4

"Wow! You ate alpo?" LOL!! What a great answer. It made me laugh out loud...

Comment #5

Not sure it's fair to expect someone to choke down 'dog food' in order to lose weight.

OP - There are ways to make the food work for you. My favorite add in is a can of chopped tomatoes.

Make your own sauce, or, if you are not a cook, buy tomatoes with garlic and basil or other versions. The tomatoes count as a vegetable add in and they create a fresher version of the "Italian" entre. Other great add in for the pastas are sauted mushrooms or spinach (or both together) or saute'd bell peppers and onions.

Red pepper, garlic, basil, oregano - all will serve to improve the flavor.

Good luck...

Comment #6

My three cents...(inflation ya know).

1. We can agree that what you have done up until now (pre NS) hasn't worked, right?.

B. Soooo, if not this...what?.

3. Lastly and MOST importantly you have to ask yourself...If not now, then when?..

Comment #7

I agree +++ with this reply..

So a couple/few things "taste bad"....okay. You were expected 5-star food from a chef?.

Those few things you hate could be choked down if you were serious about weight loss. However your post, after what appears to be about a month is, "yuck, I'm probably going to quit"..

You know how that sounds, right?.

They give you 40-60 things and you're supposed to learn half a dozen real lessons about controlling eating and nutrition, and you say you don't like a few of them so your probably quitting.......then perhaps this isn't the time for you..

The food is what it is. And by the way, it's simply another toolnothing magic about it..

I suppose end of the day if not liking a few things is a good enough excuse for you to quit then you will..

Sorry if this sounds harsh-I absolutely don't intend it to be. At the same time, just trying to keep things real and what I've shared is my first reaction to your post..


Auntthelma, you made me laugh! Thanks.

You probably are as confident as I am that Nutrisystem did not actually put dog food in her order (lol)...

Comment #8

Why won't you even try the pasta fagioli or sloppy Joe? You don't know until you try (and the sloppy Joe makes a great taco if you spice it up)..

Sounds like you're finding an excuse to me. If you don't want to do the work right now, that's fine, but be honest about it, don't blame the food...

Comment #9

I've also done the vegetarian plan and could not stand the pizza. I love the Pasta with Tofu, adding Oriental veggies and hot sauce makes it like a filling Asian dish..

Try combining some of the foods, such as Sloppy Joe and Chili or Sloppy Joe and Fajita. The vegetarian options are limited so I understand the frustration but using some seasonings and veggies already in your home will make things a lot tastier and make the entrees more of a treat than a chore...

Comment #10

For my taste buds, 20 calories of FF parmesan sprinkled on the veggie lasagna makes way more of an improvement than you'd think..

I admit to not being a fan of the dinners, either, compared to the other meals and I have a lot more to choose from on the regular plan. Try selling some of your dinners on the trade thread and using some high protein frozen dinners. Or trade some of your dinners for lunches and have 2 lunches in a day...

Comment #11

I wont try the sloppy Joe because I cannot stand any type of meat, and even though the sloppy Joe isn't meat, it's designed to taste likeit and have the same texture, which is repulsive to me. I just don't like the ravioli and lasagna because it tastes like chef boy ardee. Or something like that. I'm gonna see if I can substitute some lunches for dinner or I guess i.'ll eat pizza everynight. Or I wonder if I can get like lean cuisine or smart ones every once in a while when I don't want pizza? I'm not giving up I'm just trying to find a solution to this dinner catastrophe ........

Comment #12

My youngest daughter (14) is repulsed by the texture of meat also, it is hard to find foods that meet the nutritional values she needs....just make sure you get enough protein!..

Comment #13

You can make the dinners not taste like chef boy ardee. Takes very little effort to add real food and real flavor. Try it...

Comment #14

Fortunately for me, I actually like Chef Boyardee! Seriously, I look forward to the vegetable lasagna. I like to add spaghetti squash to it, although that might not help you since the squash doesn't have a whole lot of flavor on it's own. I also put applesauce over the whole thing, but that's just because I love applesauce as a condiment Here's hoping you can find your own ways to doctor things up sufficiently. Like a lot of the others here, I have found that my tastes have changed a bit. There's one meal that I hated to start with (red beans & rice... I know it's not one you'll be eating!), but through a combination of doctoring it up and sticking with it for a few additional tries, I actually enjoy it now. Good luck!..

Comment #15

I could spray some Pam in a pan and maybe fry the ravioli? But as for the lasagna, I'm stuck...

Comment #16

Ashtash, try rinsing the ravioli off and using a little egg beaters and bread crumbs to oven fry the ravioli. They are super yummy that way!..

Comment #17

Oh I will totally do that! Any advice for the lasagna?..

Comment #18

On the Lasagna maybe chop it up and add more canned tomatoes and veggies to make a pasta dish. There's not really anything that I can think of that can be done with that. Also rinsing that ravioli might take some of the nutrients away so I would make sure and get a lot more veggies with that meal...

Comment #19

Have you tried the risotto? It's really good. The pasta and tofu is good too even for a non-vegetarian. Since it seems that you don't want to even try some of the foods, then you might need to look at a different plan. Maybe the flex plan could work for you. Call a Nutrisystem counselor...

Comment #20

Just some thoughts to help you with the dinners (i'm on the veggie plan, as well).

I do not like the sauce that comes with the Raviolis, so I rinse them off and make my own sauce using canned, diced tomatoes, chopped onion, green or red pepper, chopped carrots, a tsp or so of tomato paste, a splash of worchester sauce and some Extra Spicy Mrs. Dash. Depending on how many veggies I actually use, I either count it as a strict swap for the existing sauce, or count it as the sauce and a veggie serving or two..

I've also done the faux-fry version of the raviolisthat's decent, as well..

I've actually made a "lasagna" using the rinsed Raviolis as the pasta sheets.. In a small ramekin, put a little sauce (either homemade or the one that comes with it, if you like it) on the bottom, then a ravioli. a tsp or two of FF ricotta cheese and some garlic/herb seasoning, then the next ravioli. then more sauce and then some more FF ricotta and a RF string cheese (i use the cheeses as a protein dairy that I saved from earlier). Put under the broiler for a few minutes, until melty and delicious..

For the lasagna, I actually enjoy the taste of it "as is", but for the sake of variety I have chopped it up and stuffed it into a Red pepper, covered with a shredded string cheese (saved protein) and broiled until brown and bubbly. I've also unlayered it, added grilled eggplant and some ff ricotta cheese, and then heated it up. If you're into eggplant, you can use the lasagna as a stuffing for "eggplant rollatini"..Just be creative with a saved protein serving or two for add'l cheeses.....

Admittedly, the vegetarian menu is a bit short on dinners, so you need to be creative with the ones you like (or can like once "fixed) so that you don't get bored. Even if you do end up sticking with just the pizzas, you can make them into many different things with the right add-ins and some creativity! Good luck to you...

Comment #21

Was that the Classic Chunky? Cuz I love the Alpo Chop House T-Bone Steak flavor....

Seriously you haven't tried a bunch of the dinners yet. Keep trying. Fix them up in a way that is more palatable to you. But don't give up because the food isn't gourmet. This is about getting healthy, not about having yummy food every night...

Comment #22

Lets be honest, don'cha think sayin' some of the foods taste like Alpo is a tad unfair...... the makers of Alpo?.

Some do suck, but there is enough good ones to get ya where you wanna go...

Comment #23

LOL, well I just about eat the pizza every night, and my daughter does with me YOu can change up the pizza so easily with different toppings or just plain. Just have to use the oven, not the microwave..

As for lunches, you can use them - just add an extra lean protein serving..

This has probably been said, but I had to agree with the pizza thing, that is the majority of the dinners I order...

Comment #24

NS Ravioli and/or Lasagna - Bulked UP.

Posted by: graylady.

Lasagna or Ravioli dinners these work terrific for "bulking up" with veggies and a protein serving here's what I do Start with any of the 4 Nutrisystem variations on lasagna or ravioli saute some onions, garlic, zucchini and mushrooms in a pan sprayed with olive oil (I use spray for better coverage, but 1 tsp. in pan also works), add your favorite Italian herbs/seasonings (I dust the veg's while I saute them with dried oregano, thyme & basil) and saute until about 1/2 done... then add either 1/2 can chopped tomatoes (low salt, of course) or a 5.5 oz can V-8 (depending on whether you like a lot of sauce or not and what you have on hand), lower heat and simmer... Next, open the Nutrisystem entree and scrape the Nutrisystem tomato sauce into the pan with the simmering veggies (save the pasta, we'll get to that)... cook until veggies are done and "sauce" is reduced to how you like it... Now, take TWO microwave safe soup-size bowls or ovenproof baking dishes (you could do it in a single 1-quart baking dish, but two are more fun...) and put 1/4 of the veggie sauce in the bottom of each bowl (you could layer some cooked sliced eggplant or chopped spinach on the veggie mix if you like), top the veggie mix in each bowl with 2 tablespoons of fat free cottage cheese and 1 Tbs.

Dust the top of each bowl with 2 Tbs. fat free mozzarella and 1 tsp. grated parmesan cheese... OK now comes dinner in two stages, heat ONE bowl and enjoy... wait a few minutes after you've finished the first bowl, then heat and eat the second...

OK just how to "count" meal??? Nutrisystem entree + 1 fat serving, way extra veggies and ONE protein and ONE free food the fat free cottage cheese & mozzarella total 90 calories (my rather loose interpretation of the Nutrisystem dairy serving, but the same calories as a glass of milk) and the parmesan is a free food (Kraft regular grated parmesan @ 20 cal for 2 tsp.).....

Comment #25

There's actually a separate thread about this..Dietician said to add your own spaghetti sauce and 1-2 T parmesan to replace the Nutrisystem sauce & any protein in it. I personally like the ravioli and lasagne "as is", but then I'm one of the oddities who isn't crazy about the Nutrisystem pizza.....

Comment #26

As a vegetarian who also does not like things that taste like meat or have a meaty texture I say PLEASE try the sloppy joe. I hesitated to try it but also like very few of the dinners (Pizza, tofu -and I normally don't like tofu, Fagioli, and sloppy joe -which is new) so I gave it a try. It smelled TERRIBLE when it was cooking in the microwave but......much to my suprise it's probably the best vegetarian dinner they offer. You can also cook up some other veggies (green peppers and onions) to add to it if you want. I put it over 1/2 of one of those "thin buns" and it's great. Please give it a try and let me know what you think..

I've been a vegetarian since 1979 - quit eating meat mostly because I NEVER cared for the taste or texture. So when I went away to college I quit eating it and my mother was not the least bit suprised. So, you can bet.....if it resembles meat in anyway......I'm the last to think it tastes good. I don't even like things that have "smoke" flavor added - too "meaty" tasting...

Comment #27

My two cents.

Dinner is the worst time for me too. I have a HUGE salad every night, and try to eat as much of the dinner as I can choke down, then devour my dessert and drink tons of water and dream of breakfast til morning..

I, personally, like the lasagna, but do put seasoning on it, red pepper flakes, etc.

Anything with brown sauce on the menu has GOT TO GO. I don't think they can be doctored. Nasty nasty nasty. The Sweedish Meatballs..don't get me started.

Here is one thing the Nutrisystem chefs could do (just sayin'), package the pasta separate from the sauce. If, like on the sweedish meatballs, the pasta came in a separate compartment from the sauce, then they texture of the pasta would be more firm, and less of a mushy squishy mess, and would probably taste a lot better because there would be texture to it instead of it having the texture of.ALPO (sorry, couldn't resist. Haven't eaten ALPO myself, but I can imagine..). Or even better (altho some would balk) send the pasta uncooked in the box, I could cook up the pasta how I like it (al dente) and stir in the sauce after I doctor it..

I DO want this bad, but I want food that I can eat, and not just one or two dishes that I can choke down..If I'm enjoying (or even just not HATING) the food I'm eating, I can stick with it longer and have more success..

Just my humble opinion...

Comment #28

I've seen posts where it is the lunches people can't tolerate. As is often said, tastes are different. I love most of the dinners. I am ok with the lunches. What I want is to lose weight. This works for me, so I am not going to gripe if everything does not taste like it's home cooked. If this does not work for you, there are lots of other options out there in diet land...

Comment #29

Katie, try adding a tiny bit of plain Greek yogurt, or FF sour cream to the Swedish meatballs..

Grate some zucchini and add it raw to the pasta will give you a little al dente feel without really changing the flavor..

I can't think of a single item I haven't been able to find a recipe to make it taste better...great? not always....but always better, and usually pretty darn good!..

Comment #30

My husband was shocked at how much he loved the lasagna.

To doctor it up..I made some chunky mashed cauliflower, mixed in a wedge of LC Herb and Garlic Cheese (1/2 each Free food); then after cooking the lasagna, I pealed the top noodle off (carefully) and spread out the cauliflower/cheese mixture on the lasagna, then replaced the top noodle.. Then spread the remaining sauce over the piece....then nuked for a minute more. It was, actually, quite good.

(I have done this with both the veggie and the meat...although the veggie has more extra sauce then the meat.).

When I have an extra partial protein serving saved, I will often add another wedge of cheese, breaking it up and putting it inside as nice little cheesey "surprises" in the lasagna...

Comment #31

Fabulous idea! I always have Greek yogurt in the fridge! It would add a nice zip to it!..

Comment #32

I know this isn't a selling point for NS, but if I get something I absolutely do not like, I pretend it is a medicine that will cure me and eat it anyway. These foods are balanced and nutritious. Many do not taste like we'd like, but it is possible to fix them with just a little effort. I am learning as I go along that food doesn't always have to be a pleasurable entertainment, but fuel and energy for our bodies. I'm hoping these lessons stay with me when I get to maintenance. As someone has on their posts, eat to live, don't live to eat...

Comment #33


You can't swear off something you haven't tasted.

The pasta figoli is delicious, as is the pasta with tofu.

There's always an excuse to "go off it." Mind over matter, baby. No one said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it. I can see that light and believe me, it's worth it. Like nothing else i've ever experienced, it's worth it. Sorry to be so harsh, but I want you to keep going! You will love the new you...

Comment #34

It all depends on how bad you want it.....

Comment #35

There isn't that much there for any meals. If you have to- 3 gulps and it is gone. There are "fix ups" all over the forums on how to make things taste better. My first order I kept a list and then the next order I only got what I liked. If you want this bad enough- you can choke it down. But 90% I thought was great. I have only thrown out 1 thing...

Comment #36

Spices are your friend. Adding vegetables in changes up the taste. Read the recipe threads and see what tweaks people are making. Search for the entree you are eating to see what people are doing to make it more palatable..

You have to want this...

Comment #37

What have you been having for dinner if you've had to throw things away?..

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