Nutrisystem breakfast replacement ideas?

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I have more lunch & dinners but very few breakfast. When you run out of breakfast what do you eat? I am not a cereal eater because I do not drink milk. Suggestions please...

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Your question was: Nutrisystem breakfast replacement ideas?.

I have so many lunches, dinners, and snacks. I just ordered breakfasts ala carte, instead of getting a whole shipment...

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How do you all end up with so much extra food. Like no breakfast left?? I've just started and received big box with all meals. just curious..

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Joyceat65, thank you for asking this. I always wonder this when a poster posts he/she has run out of a meal category..

Folks, this program works best when you follow it by eating Nutrisystem for every meal, plus the required add-ins...

Comment #3

If you eat out occassionally, if you travel and don't take your Nutrisystem w/you, if share your stash with your spouse, etc. Many reasons that the cubboard stash gets lopsided in the number of meals. I had to postpone my shipment for 2 months due to too many dinners leftover. (heavy travel and meeting schedule so I flexed my dinners.).

For breakfast ideas; greek yogurt,one egg and pc of whole wheat bread..

Kashi go lean/greek yogurt/milk.

Zone perfect bar, egg, milk.

Pauls bunt cake (using heart health Bisquick and adding an egg).


Comment #4

They have 9g of fiber per bar, I'm pretty sure that fits within the guidelines but they are a little low in protein with only 2g.

Fiber One Oats & Chocolate.

Nurition Facts.

Serving Size 1 bar (40g).

Calories: 140.

Calories from fat: 35.

Total fat: 4g.

Saturated fat: 1.5g.

Transfat 0g.

Cholesterol: 0mg.

Solium 95mg.

Total Carbohydrates: 29g.

Dietary Fiber: 9g.

Sugars: 10g.

Protein: 2g.

Calicum: 10% Iron: 2%.


Comment #5

Have you tried the south western egg beaters? They are so good with a whole wheat wrap and you can have a fruit with it.Yum..

Comment #6

Oh I get it!! Just on 4th day...and now realize I'm going to be tested next week. I must go out of town for 4-5 days. The home where I stay will allow me to stay on program...however,,, This trip always has lots of eating out with family & friends. I have thought what I will do, but somehow had not related that to having food I do not use. Hmm...

Comment #7

If I had one wish to change NS, I would enable members to order what they needed in the way of breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would always order more breakfasts than dinners. Lunches are okay...

Comment #8

NS focuses on protein in addition to fiber. I know personally that protein is key for me to staying full more so than fiber, especially for breakfast. Some of the Kashi Go Lean bars have 5 and 6g of protein. I use them on occasion and follow it with a greek yogurt so I am getting over 20g of protein, plus fiber from the 3/4 cup blueberries...

Comment #9

Well you can always order a la carte. If you order along with the AD shipment, shipping is free and your discount applies..

If Nutrisystem let you order whatever meals you wanted, then the program wouldn't work as directed. People wouldn't be getting the right amount of calories and nutrients and weight loss would be impacted. Of course, there is no guarantee that people are following the program as intended...

Comment #10

I think somebody in my family is enjoying the breakfast besides me. I am following program.,..

Comment #11

I know, I am still on plan. I just have the lunches and dinners left over due to eating out or something else. I am just wanting to "balance up". Alacarte is so expensive...

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Well breakfast is easy enough to substitute. Kashi Go Lean cereal, Kashi Go Crunch, Kashi Go Crisp (pretty new and very good, though lower in protein) cereal, Special K hi-protein cereal, Bear Naked high protein granola, Galaxy Granola (check stats on all granolas and all products in general as they vary), Maple Groves Farms pancake, whole grain toast/wheat thin and egg or egg beaters, Kashi Go Lean bars, etc. A breakfast entree is one protein serving and one low GI serving...

Comment #13

If you do an advanced search, titles only, keyword "breakfast", you'll get lots of suggestions..

I like the South Beach high protein bars...

Comment #14

I have Fiber One bars (ex. Fiber One Oats & Peanut Butter, Oats & Strawberry, Oats & Chocolate, etc.). Kashi makes many different granola bars as well...

Comment #15

Actually, I don't think Fiber One bars have enough protein..

You can also use Quaker Weight Control oatmeal or eggbeaters with a piece of wheat or whole grain toast...

Comment #16

Someone mentioned that the Zone bars fit the plan also...

Comment #17

Kashi go lean ceral, Special K high Protein, Quaker Weight control oatmeal, egg beater and lean deli ham or Morning star farms sausage and a Thomas Bagel thin.

This is very good. Check the recipe forms.


Comment #18

Not even cereal with yogurt? I can't tolerate the taste of skim milk, so I use yogurt with the Nutrisystem cereals. Granola with yogurt & fruit.....what a winning combo...

Comment #19

I eat Kashi Go Lean (run(h with yogurt. I don't like milk either...

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I have so many lunches, dinners, and snacks. I just ordered breakfasts ala carte, instead of getting a whole shipment...

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