Nutrisystem Black Beans and Rice tastes great!

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Wow, I had the Nutrisystem Black Beans and Rice for lunch and was so surprised! It's actually really good! So if you like black beans, I would recommend trying this as one of your lunch options. This is my third day on Nutrisystem and so far the food hasn't been too bad, excluding the cream of broccoli soup. <gag> I couldn't even finish that. I've never once felt hungry after my meals, and as a matter of fact, I have trouble eating everything I'm supposed to. It's pretty awesome..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem Black Beans and Rice tastes great!.

I LOVE both black bean meals!! Two of my faves that I haven't grown tired of!..

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I love the black bean & rice too! I will put Boca Crumbles (or Morningstar Crumbles) to it, sometimes a little spicy salsa and put it over a salad with a dolop of FF sour cream for an "almost" Taco Salad. This is my favorite way to have this one!..

Comment #2

The difference between BBR and BBT is texture. The BBR is thicker and heartier than the BBT, and perhaps I made it wrong, but the BBR seemed more flavorful to me. Just FYI...

Comment #3

The BB&R was a nice surprise for me. I am not a big fan of beans and wasn't looking forward to this one. Another reason to try things that Nutrisystem sends you in the free week! After a year I finally ordered the red beans & rice w/sausage and that is great too...

Comment #4

The Black Beans & Rice is definitly one of my favs! I usually add in some sauted onion, some roated green chilis and some cilantro - so good - I would eat it even if I wasn't on Nutrisystem!!!..

Comment #5

I really like the black beans and riice too! The red beans with rice and sausage is also good, imo. When I eat those, I like to sautee up some pepper and onions and spice them up with some red pepper, cillantro, garlic powder and chili powder. Then, when it is almost done cooking, I like to add about 2/3rds of a cup of water to it so it makes a kind of sauce. Then it all is done, I put both my veggies and lunch entree into a bowl, mix 'em together and enjoy...

Comment #6

I agree it's delicious! I usually pour it over broccoli and then add two tbls of grated parmesan for my dairy/protein serving....

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The Black Beans & Rice is one of my faves. I lot of times I will stuff a red bell pepper with it, top with a little ketchup & FF cheese, then put that on top of a small bed of sauteed red cabbage & onions. Soooooooo good!!!..

Comment #8

I used to love chili cheese omelets and I have no problem using either of the black bean lunches for my omelet. SERIOUSLY, it's great and shakes up my breakfast sometimes.

By doing that I can use the breakfast entree for lunch or dinner (for instance making Christina's Rye Bread with the pancake mix or a bazilion other idea's I've seen).

As I do this longer, it is so nice to realize how many choices I have! Jillian..

Comment #9

Hope your doing well on NS. I'm fairly new 2 1/2 wks in and am really enjoying. Best of all I have lost 6lbs! So definitely worth it! Good luck on your weight loss journey. We can do this together...

Comment #10

Hi and welcome!!!!!.

Yes, and love that entree too! My favorite of the lunch entrees is the Chicken Cacciatore, but I really like most all of them..

Best wishes to you on Nutrisystem!..

Comment #11

I like the black beans and rice it is definitely one of my faves. Didn't care for the blackbean tortilla as much though...

Comment #12

Thanks Katie! Sending you best wishes too! It's a long journey, and a difficult one. We'll all help each other stay on track and keep focused on our goals. I have tried so many diets and each and every one of them failed for me bc of the shear amount of weight I need to lose. I'd always lose my focus. It's hard to stay focused for that length of time without anyone helping you. I really feel Nutrisystem will work.

It's so easy!..

Comment #13

Hi Cindy, thanks for your input! I will keep in mind not to order the black bean tortilla )..

Comment #14

I LOVE both black bean meals!! Two of my faves that I haven't grown tired of!..

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