Nutrisystem and heart burn and bloating

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Just wondering if anyone else has felt this before....

Lately, about once or twice a week, I've had this severe, stabbing pain all around my torso, right below my bra line. It goes all the way through me, even making my back hurt. I am not sure if this is fiber/plan related or not. I don't eat a ton of raw veggies, and I've been on the plan since March, doing the same thing pretty much every day. I added up my fiber for two days that it happened, and it was only about 17-25 grams. It only happens late at night, usually right before bed.

It doesn't feel like heartburn, nor does it really feel like gas (too far up, I think). I can't get comfortable anyway I move, it just makes it worse. I've already got a Dr appt, just wondering if anyone else felt anything like this?.


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Your question was: Nutrisystem and heart burn and bloating.

Yeah, that's what I figured. Just thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else felt anything like this. Thanks!..

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I had that pain for almost 5 years- right under a rib in that area- felt like it was gonna bust thru the skin- awful pain. Nothing helped it. Sometimes last several days. Dr kept saying maybe constipation and tests did not show anything. But never tested for gallgladder- well I had a bad bout 8 mo ago on a motorcycle trip over a weekend- could barely drive- went to a specialist for gallbladders on my own. Long story short- only 18% functioning- took it out- quite a mess from 5 years of scar tissue from repeated attacks over the years.

Not saying that is what you have but I would get it checked...

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So, I just wanted to thank you guys for posting about this. I went to the doctor and sure enough it was my gallbladder, so they are going to remove it next week..

I don't know if I would have ended up going to the Dr, or just putting it off if it wasn't for y'alls help. Thanks!..

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I'm glad you were diagnosed and hope you're feeling much better now.

I knew as soon as I read your post what it was, and was very happy to see that it's been taken care of. It took me ten years to get mine diagnosed, but what a relief. The pain was awful...

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Rachel, so glad you're getting it taken care of!!..

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I am so glad you went to the dr. sounds like the same pain I had with gallbladder too..

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And It Is Soooooo Nice Not To Have That Pain Anymore!!!..

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Haha exactly! It's still slightly sore if I overdo it, but nothing like it used to get! And the good news is, even if I wanted to eat something fatty or greasy, it would make me sick, so it's a great diet aid. (for now, the Dr said eventually I'll probably be able to eat whatever I want)..

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I sure feel your pain! Mine is coming out tomorrow morning! Good luck on your surgery!..

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It sounds like it could be gallbladder related. Be sure to see your doc and let him know you've been losing weight. Good luck!..

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Yeah, that's what I figured. Just thought I'd ask here to see if anyone else felt anything like this. Thanks!..

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