Not telling anyone you're doing Nutrisystem?

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Hi, I started Nutrisystem on Sunday. It is going great.BUTTTTTTTTTT,.

I don't want to go anywhere(to see family). I don't want to tell them about my new plan to lose weight. I have a feeling that they will think-Well, here she goes again, on another diet!! I have done this so many times and have failed. I guess I am afraid of failure AGAIN!! My husband knows that I am on program and he is VERY SUPPORTIVE. But I just don't want to tell the rest of my family. Is this totally wrong or am I being just stupid..

Not a bad mixture, but I know I need to stay away from triggers that throw me off. I feel comfortable in my own home with my own food and things. I know I can't do this forever. But is this normal or what. Any insight would be great..

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Your question was: Not telling anyone you're doing Nutrisystem?.

I'm at goal and I still prefer my own home and food! But, I knew I would get resentful if I didn't learn to eat out on occasion with friends and family. I eat out maybe once a month, but still stay on plan. You don't have to tell anyone if you do not want to. Take your food in tupperware containers to parties and such and no one will know. If they ask, tell them you have developed food allergies. When you get to goal, then tell the world..


Comment #1

I can relate to you about announcing a diet that is soon followed by failure. Don't tell anyone until you are ready to. Eventually, you will be succeeding and won't even care who thinks what. That is where I am now. I was very self conscious about it when I first started. There is something about joining/paying for a plan that seems like you couldn't do it on your own.

Well, losing weight is one of the hardest things to do, we shouldn't feel like failures. The important thing is that we keep trying..

As for the family. Tell them when you are ready. If that means you don't go over at meal times, then don't. Eat before you go, bring something that you can munch on (veggie platter, fruit...).

You need to be a little selfish here. If that means changing habits that trigger the inappropriate eating choices, then you need to change those habits for a while. That is until you are stronger and can face those triggers without flinching! Because you will get there. You will be telling everyone soon - without hesitation. Without worry because YOU will be succeeding. You can do this...

Comment #2

I didn't tell anyone either. I don't blame you. Lay low for awhile until you get the hang of it, then you can venture back out to the parties. I have a very social family and seem to be at a big party at least monthly. Start offering to bring the salad and brink your own sparkling water.

You can do this and we'll be here to help!! It is worth it!..

Comment #3

Welcome!! Feel confident that only *you* know what you need to do right now. If you want to stay away from temptations or certain people right now, do it!! You will know when the time is right to branch out a little...

Comment #4

I haven't told anyone because I am not ready to "field" all the questions and comments. Sometimes people mean well but do not have a replay button to see if what is going on in their head is whats coming out of their mouth. Old quote: Put your mind in gear before you put your mind in motion. Everyone who is not interested in losing weight thinks "All you have to do is...".

So to keep from hearing those words, I simply do not discuss it. They will recognize the results...

Comment #5

I think everyone here has addressed this so well. I felt the same way as you did and put my food in different containers while at work and didn't mention it to family. I wanted to see first if I could succeed at this before letting others know. Yes - it is hard to get your mind around this plan for a few weeks and I found it easier to stay at home with all that I needed rather than struggling at a restaurant to stay on track..

Do what you feel is best for you. Good luck and hit the boards often for support......

Comment #6

I am so glad to hear that there are others out there who felt the same way I do. I feel like I am in such a funk, not wanting to share what I'm doing. But I will when the time is right. I need to be selfish now and concentrate on getting my food in and doing it RIGHT!!!! Protein here, dairy there, lol..

Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement. I appreciated them so very much.. Hope all of you are doing well and continue on your journeys to a beautiful and healthy life....

Comment #7

Remember, everyone here is or has been going through what you are now and you have many pairs of sympathetic ears. No one is judging you, ridiculing you, criticizing you, or pointing out your deficiencies {we all have them}. There are several reasons why Nutrisystem succeeds where other "diets" fail - but the biggest reason IMO is the community support found here. You are doing this for YOU and no one else. If you want to share, do - if not, don't. Simple.

Take care of you, first and foremost...

Comment #8

I've only lost 20 lbs and need to lose over 100. I am still not ready to announce to everyone that I am doing NS. A couple of people have said something, but so far I am just saying that I am trying to cut out some of the junk food. Later on we'll see. I have to be able to know for ME that I can do this. I still don't know that, though I am in week 7 with very minimal problems. I guess seeing is believing and they can wait, too...

Comment #9

Just throwing this out it possible you guys don't want to tell anyone because then you'd have to be successful? It kinda sounds like you think you won't succeed on this plan. You WILL if you WANT to!.

I told everyone. I figured that way I'd have to keep at it or they'd have reason to roll their eyes...

Comment #10

Thank you for your response, it made good sense. I never thought about it that way. And it is so true. I have failed at other diets, why not this one.

Now I think I am seeing the light. I pray that this is the life change I need and will work. Congrats on your losses....

Comment #11

I can understand about feeling self-conscious and not wanting to draw attention to yourself, etc. Only you can decide what works best for you, and as has been suggested, if this means not going over at meal times, eating ahead of time, or bringing your own food, so be it. However, people might notice the changes in your behavior, so there might be a need for an explanation. Personally, after hesitating at first, I told people because doing so helped me be accountable..

On another point, of course, I don't know your family, your relationship with them, or your history of weight-loss attempts.....Maybe they ARE thinking, "Well, here she goes again, on another diet," but the next thought could be "Good for her! She's trying!" Regardless, IMHO, why worry about something you don't know for sure, and can't control, such as what other people are thinking and not saying about your weight and being on Nutrisystem? Still, if it's really bothering you, at a time and in situation/way in which you feel comfortable, you could address it head on by shaping their impressions. For example, tell them you are doing Nutrisystem because you care about your health and ask them for your support. Good luck on your weight-loss journey!..

Comment #12

I know how you feel. I have done the same thing for years. I tried Nutrisystem years ago and it worked just didn't keep up with the program. Now I just depressed because I have been on the program for 3 weeks and only lost 3 lbs. I can tell I have lost a few inches, but I want to see the lbs. go away too.

I am 58 years old, and they say the older you are the harder it is to loose the weight, I hope that is not the truth. MOPS/58..

Comment #13

Not true for me. I knew my methods would be questioned. somehow using a system that markets through info-mercials is not immediately accepted. The reason I chose Nutrisystem is my friend had great success on Jenny Craig and I saw that Nutrisystem didn't charge a fee above food and didn't insist on personal visits. So I went with them. But most of my circle would question the use of prepackaged foods, preservatives, etc.

Most of my friends STILL avoid the subject....even though the results are obvious.

Another reason I kept quiet is we have a friend in our circle who tends to go on diets and talk about it constantly. "I can't eat that....I have to eat this.....I could NEVER eat that...that's not on the diet....etc." Tedious, so I made sure I didn't mention the plan at all so as not to be considered tedious...

Comment #14

Hi all,.

Thank you for the great responses. I woke up this morning and thought , TODAY IS THE DAY. I am going to share what I am doing. I told an aunt of mine last night and she was wonderful.. Whether my family agrees or not, it doesn't matter.. It's my life!!! I need the balance of the food and I think it will be easier to stay on track with all the selections we have.

I have a whole new attitude this morning and it feels great..

Regarding the depressed and losing so slowly, I know they say that is the best. But the lbs. will drop off. As long as inches are going that is great. We get ourselves so addicted to that darn scale. I am the same way..

WHY, WHY , WHY!!!! This feels great. I feel like I just got rid of a heavy burden.. Remember WE ARE DOING THIS FOR US!!!.

I must have gotten a good night sleep or else stewed all night over this, but it is an awakening!!! Good luck all and keep posting.

Just take it one day at a time.. Get thru today and then work on our tomorrows....

Comment #15

September 1st will be my one year anniversary on Nutrisystem and I have told very few people I am on NS. I've lost a lot of weight so no one challenges my preference to eat salad and drink water. It's your business and your plan - stick with it and congratulations on taking that first step toward better health...

Comment #16

You will know when it feels right to tell your family and friends. Go with your instinct! Your husband knows and that is what is important; you DO have a support system. I only told my immediate family- the ones I am living with.

I went to the city last night for the 1st time since starting Nutrisystem to see a show and have dinner with friends. I was so nervous about what I was going to have to tell my friends- I've been a bit MIA this summer (since I am a teacher & have summers off we generally hang out quite a bit). But I just wanted to focus on staying on the program, and getting to the gym everyday. But when they saw me- they told me I looked great and wanted to know what was up! So it turns out- it all worked out just fine. I think I even managed to eat a healthy dinner.

So again you will know when you are ready to "come out" to friends and what to say when the time is right..


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