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I am having a very rough time with this change of lifestyle. It is very hard for me. I started last Wednesday and my rough days really started Monday. I had just had it. I was craving chips. Of all things why chips? Tortilla chips and salsa yet to boot! I am really not liking the food and I think that is what is making this soooooo hard! I don't like any of the shakes, the banana pudding, the bars...

The only thing that I really like out of all of the items that I got is the chicken noodle soup. I like the chicken and rice too, but that's it. The rest is down the drain for me. I need some serious help if I am going to stick to this. Am I able to return some of the packets that I cant stand or does it have to be a full box? Someone please help and pass on some advice! I need it!..

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Tcorn - I know it's hard at first. I've been on it a month and I'm still having a difficult time with the food and things. I crave everything all the time, I'm always hungry. I just try to stay focused the best I can and drink all my water. My lilttle treat for myself is AFTER I drink my 64 oz of water I allow myself 1 flavored diet pepsi (they have new JAZZ pepsi out it's awesome). Hope things get better.


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You really can't stand the Dutch Chocolate Shake?!!! lol Did you order a box of DC? There are ways to doctor up the food. I like the chicken soups too..

What foods are you specifically having trouble getting down? I think nearly everyone doctors up the Oatmeal. I add cinnamon and extra sweetener (for me, stevia but lots of people use splenda) to ever oatmeal I eat..

I also like the Chocolate Mint bars..

Give specifics. Maybe everyone can help..


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Blend the shakes in a blender with ice. Use Sunkist diet oraange for the liquid in the orange shake. Diet-Rite brand soda has a strawberry/kiwi soda that is good with the strawberry shake. Canfield makes a chocolate diet soda for the chocolate shakes. I love the cream of chicken soup mixed with chicken broth ( no snack that day) (I checked it with nutrition adviser.) This morning I added more water+ a splash of vanilla to the oatmeal, the texture was more like oatmeal, a little soupy but not bad..

I have tried the minestrone by cooking the entire box (7 pks.) in the crockpot for about 3 hours. Todday I'm trying the chili in the crockpot using some of the ideas I have seen on the boards. I doctored both with onion + mince fresh garlic + herbs..

Send a reply if any of this helps you...

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I was like that the 1st couple of days too. This is my second week and I actually am starting to like the stuff more. The Chili in my opinion was GROSS but today after reading the boards and talking to a couple of people I vamped it up and it was good. The minestone was good... I have to have the shakes COLD and I only like the vanialla and banana!.

Keep at it ... it gets better...and it works I jumped on the scale this morning and MORE is gone!..

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Star said she adds A&W diet vanilla cream soda to everything - I haven't tried it with the oatmeal, but it is god with shakes - I love diet orange with the orange or vanilla shakes, and davinci sf syrups (flavored water really) are good with the choc shakes - I like the kahlua and amaretto... but yes, blend them with lots of ice, and make the puddings in advance and keep them in the fridge or freezer for at least an hour... I like everything I've tried except the peach oatmeal but even that is edible (I'm a veggie so I only do the bars and shakes and oatmeals)...

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You can add sugar-free syrups, extracts, spices, herbs, and artificial sweeteners to your Medifast meals. I would recommend viewing the condiment limitation list. If you want to return a product you have within 30 days of your purchase to return any unopened, unused products. If you have any questions please contact Customer Care at 1-800-638-7867...

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FYI - "Any unopened, unused products" means any packets of any product. Does not have to be a full box. Call Customer Care & they will help you. However, I have heard that it can take a while for the refund to process. Good luck...

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