Not eating like a normal person with Medifast

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There are so many 'oldies' who have dropped off these boards this month. I started in mid-August and now most of the people that I remember seeing from then are 'taking a break' or just have disappeared. I REALLY hope for their sake that they come back-this plan is so hard to get back on after taking a break from the space food. It's just reaffirming my decision to be a 100%er and get to goal as soon as I can. I realize that I'll always have to watch what goes in my mouth and I'll never get to eat like a 'normal' person, but it's worth it. Actually tracking my meals has been eye opening...

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It's not an easy plan to be on through all of life's challenges, events, feelings, etc. But it is worth it, for sure. I hope we can all make this a welcoming environment that enables people to feel encouraged to come back. I know I had a lot of guilt and shame when I went off-plan, and it wasn't until I felt like I could come 100% clean with everyone here that I was ready to be back full-force...

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Sassy, you're right, it is difficult to get back OP once you've taken a break...ask me, I've done it twice!! The holidays are unfortunately difficult for many people, and sadly for many it IS about the food. I know the food will always be there, whether I'm thin or not, and I'm choosing to wait until next year to taste and enjoy. Hopefully they'll realize how great they felt on Medifast and will have the strength to get back and start 2011 in a healthier place...

Comment #2

Yep, it's a sad but true fact that many people fall away....and never come back...or come back at the starting line again. It's something I have done on numerous other plans...starting gung ho...all excited and connected with the diet and other people doing the same plan...then...slowly but surely...Shelley plan...and then before you know, I was gone never to be seen again.

I do hope people feel comfortable coming back if they have been off plan and not gotten the success that they hoped for...however, I also think it is important to face the consequences of our choices. If people choose to go off plan...and planned for it to be a one meal shot...and then ended up skidding and being off plan for a while...I welcome them back with open arms. However, I would also ask them what lessons they learned and how they plan on working things differently this time around. That to the difference between support and enabling...and I try to do one and never the other..

Hugs...and hold onto those cohorts who are still around...I know the people I started with are people who will always be my Medifast people...and thankfully, a good number of them are still kicking around the boards and going strong!.


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Absolutely!!! I hope people are welcomed back with open arms rather than with lectures. I most certainly have no room to point fingers even if I wanted to-my losses for the last month have not been stellar because of off plan eating struggles that I have had. Minor enough to just effect my weight loss a little but still... This journey isn't easy. I just hope people jump back on it...

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It is sad, but it happens every year this time because of the holidays. Usually after the holidays are over, we'll see at least some of them come back. Unfortunately, there can be a mindset that "I went off plan for Thanksgiving, I might as well wait until after Christmas to start back up". The biggest life lesson we learn on Medifast is that special occasions should not be about food, but rather family, friends and experiences. Food is fuel for our bodies, and until we learn and understand that, we will continue to fight the same battles over and over again. And you will notice that I use the term "WE".

Kurz - I'm glad you were able to find your way back..

Comment #5

Good point! I think as food addicts we're used to enabling ourselves and enabling others...

Comment #6

This is most definitely what I am learning on MF!..

Comment #7

I also wanted to say the emotions of being off plan and coming back were FAR harder than the emotions of being on plan through difficult situations. I used to have so much respect for the "100%"ers, and I still do - but I have WAY more respect for people who have fallen down and don't give up, after my experience. I am in awe of them, honestly. I don't know that I could do it again. It was brutal...

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The fact of the matter is... there is a huge social stigma across this entire globe that associates food with celebrations. These people that are not on the boards anymore or have chosen to take a break through the holidays... they have made a choice. And they can also make a choice to come back. And I hope they do! I am choosing to make my 'everyday' a Medifast day...

I hope some of the people can make a good life lesson... chose to go off... choose to come back...

Personally, I just want to be at goal before I suffer.... this is the easy part. And I do plan on celebrating.,. maybe not this year... but maybe next... and I plan on getting right back on to healthy conscience eating.

We are all on these boards for a reason... I'll be one supporting their return and struggle to get back op..

Happy Holidays!..

Comment #9

I see your point Kurz!! This whole experience is a struggle. It's hard to stay on plan and hard to come back to you... Some days I'm on plan one meal or even one minute at a time-that's all I can get through!..

Comment #10

I don't think that you can assume that just because some oldtimers have dropped off the boards this past month that they are not on plan or are struggling. Once you've been around five or six months, there's a natural progression from needing to be here and participate to feeling like you've seen the same questions and arguments over and over again. Interest can wane a bit even when you're still on plan. It's one of the reasons why we should all value the veterans who stay around to answer questions.

I've probably been here less since Thanksgiving and still communicate with several people who simply had enough of the Thanksgiving discussions about on-plan versus off-plan and don't want to be around for the inevitable replay about Christmas. Personally, I felt like the Thanksgiving arguments dragged me down a bit and, while I try to be supportive, I have to put my own weightloss needs in front of others at this point and that may mean less time responding to the "I'm only human" posts. Doesn't mean I don't wish everybody well; it just means that I don't have the energy to try and convince people that Christmas is still ok without pie...

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Sara - I get the celebrating with food, and I still do it. But I do it DIFFERENTLY now. It's healthy food, not butter/fat-carb-sugar laden food, and even more delicious than most of the original versions. I still make treats and desserts for my family, but it a way that is better for them in general (whole wheat pastry flour, organic sugars/sweeteners, as many natural ingredients as I can use). The best part of our holiday meal is when we sit around the table for an hour reminiscing and telling stories, laughing and enjoying each other's company. That's what the celebration should be about, not the food..

Just because something is "the norm" as far as society goes, doesn't mean that it's a good thing. People have always celebrated with feasts, but it's only in fairly recent history that they have become the glutton-fests they are today..

I love food as much as the next person. I love cooking it, the smells and the tastes and sharing it with others. But most of all I love learning to revamp my favorites so that there is no guilt involved...

Comment #12

I think you have a point here, which is one of the things I love about the blogs! They seem to have more varied topics than the boards do. I've realized I have to keep checking in here to be successful, it is just in my nature to need that accountability (so much so that I'm considering joining Weight Watchers once I am losing my last 10 - 15 lbs so I can do lifetime and weekly weigh ins), and I agree - the topics can get stale over time...

Comment #13

I agree with GiGi. I am here alot, but rarely post now, I feel like it is the same over and over. I was completely dependent on these boards for the first 4-5 months, but now I could take em or leave em. I still come to see the success that everyone has, and to share mine, and will continue to do so. But I would venture to say there are more "oldies" around than you think!..

Comment #14

De... I am 100% agreeing with you. I was just saying it does not have to be do or die. The next few weeks are definitely going to be learning process...

Comment #15

I should've put that I was browsing blogs this morning and saw a handful of oldies that posted on their blog that they are taking a break from Medifast for the holidays. My post would've made more sense if I'd written about that detail...

Comment #16

It may also be that it's a busy time of year. I have been OP but have been posting and visiting the site less often just because I'm busy making/buying/wrapping gifts, decorating the house, going to kids' school parties, etc..

Let's hope many of them are still OP, but just not on the boards!.


Comment #17

Thanks to those of you who have posted about going off plan and how hard it is to get back on. Those stories really encourage me to stay OP!.

I am only 6 weeks into this and am at the stage where I'm very dependent on these boards. I did find it difficult over Thanksgiving to hear so many people talk about going off plan (I avoided many of those posts) and I really appreciate those of you who talk about staying on plan and how to make the holidays special without the food element (or with MF-friendly food).

Is it weird that there is part of me that is excited about have a "food-free" holiday? I'm finding myself able to focus on other things and the stress is somewhat lower- I always did a ton of baking - I'm just not doing any this year (I figure my 5 year old can live one year without a million cookies).


Comment #18

I, too, have noticed a huge difference in the number of people on the Medifast boards. I hope that's only because they are very busy during Christmas and not that they have fallen off the wagon. But, just to let you know, historically on the Medifast boards: This happens a lot during the Thanksgiving - Christmas holidays: A general decrease in the amount of Medifast members on the boards. Here's hoping all is well with them and that they will be back after the holidaze..

Speaking of which, I gotta get off these boards and do a thousand things. That's my 2 cents' worth and blather for now. Blather, rinse, repeat..

Take care all,.

Have a great OP day/week,.

Many blessings to all,.

I Havent Arrived Exactly Where I Want To Be, But By The Grace of God Im Not Where I Once Was..

Comment #19

IMHO I think a combination of factors causes people to post less on here. I just hope everyone remains true to themselves and to their goals. Weight loss is hard but being overweight/obese is harder. I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks I will stop by when I can..

Comment #20

Yes, I have notice a big decline. Its sad. I wonder if the people will return or not? I would imagine it would be pretty hard to return..... But, we are all here and are rocking this program!!! Now I am off to go work out!..

Comment #21

Everyone posting how hard it is to come back or nasty side effects when they stray is one of the things that has kept me holding on. I truly thank every one of them! I've been coming here for support for a year now! Very inspiring! Even the cautionary tales help...

Comment #22

I bet after the new year there will be a lot of new people and many of the vets back on here...

Comment #23

I haven't posted here in months, but this thread caught my attention, so I thought I'd throw my 2 cents in. It is my honest opinion that most of the people on this site are too condemning. I got alot of support here...when I stayed on plan. But once you mess up, you might as well wear the scarlet letter. That's why I'm not here any more, at least. I pop in and read, and occasionally update my information, but that is all.

They know how you really feel. And when someone feels so low, and are so disappointed with themselves, is it really the time to poke that overbearing finger at them and tell them that you hope they learned something? Is that the time to point out how much better you are because you stay on plan and that is why you are succeding and they aren't. Maybe, maybe not. For me, it was not. I think alot of people here claim to be well intentioned, but don't really think about what they are saying or the feelings of the people they are saying it to.

But sometimes it doesn't work out that way. None of us really know each other, and we surely don't know what each other is going through in our lives. All I'm saying is give people a break! I did so much better when I felt I was able to come here for support..

***I would like to make sure to point out that none of this is directed at any posters on this thread or at your comments. (I didn't even read all of them.) It's just a general statement about what I feel is the majority of the people on this board...

Comment #24


Kurz, btw, I like your WW/Lifetime plan. That is a great idea and I think it says a lot that you're planning for your life after Medifast - long term weight management. I think a lot of people just think about goal and that's it. I mean, a lot of people who have gained the weight back have flat out said that's what they did. So good for you!..

Comment #25

I can see both sides of this. I went off plan and I felt ashamed - truly. For a multitude of reasons - like, have I not learned anything? I can't say I did this plan 100% now, why is the scale up 10 pounds? The shame factor can really get to you. And, I agree about being supportive when someone is truly feeling like that they made a mistake.

But you see some people who are honestly all but bragging that they went off plan, especially ones who are like - "and I didn't even gain weight!" That just frustrates me to no end.

I guess basically I'm saying that if I have a tendency to be judgmental, it's usually based on the attitude of the person who is talking about what they did. Does that make sense? You may still think that's wrong. If a person is upset and regretful, sure, let's talk about how they can move forward. But if they're - here's what I did - here's how I'm going to justify it* - I really have no interest in that..

Ps - and yes, I realize there is a difference in realizing what emotions can trigger you to turn to food vs. just making excuses..

Comment #26

@Amy I agree a large part is due to the people on here who feel because they have been successful they have the right to point the finger or make people feel even worse when stating the obvious "i.e. you need to stay 100% OP, if you had chocolate, you're NOT 100%OP and you WILL FAIL" aw gee helpful advice! this has not happened to me yet this time around, but it's all too common. I am a recommitted MFer so I don't feel like a newbie, but it I was, I would not be a part of this community, that's for sure..

My first round on MF, there were also a lot of "cliques" and condescending people which made me only want to contribute to the community like 10% what I do now, now that I don't care and everyone has their own opinions! But SHEESH! We are ALL here for the same reason. We ALL have made poor decisions to get here. Maybe it's easier for some people to drop those bad habits cold turkey, for others, not so much. I believe this is why people have dropped off the Medifast earth. They might still be doing it, but do not feel welcome in the community. this is SAD...

Comment #27

So true. I didn't balloon up to 243 by eating lean and greens, I'll tell ya that..

Comment #28

I'll say this until I am blue in the face...and then say it some comes in all different ways and types. Find what support works for you...and let the other type of support help someone else. All types of support should be welcomed and encouraged..

I'm the choices and consequences type....and yep, I'm a 100%er...and for me, I am so happy to hear some people in this thread that reading about the consequences of other people going off plan helped them stay on plan. I know that I stayed on plan because of the no nonsense people who I chose to have as my support. Now...if you are not ready for that type of support or if it just doesn't work for you...there are tons of kinds of support out there, etc.

Find what works for you...leave the rest. The world...and the forum would be a pretty selfish place if we only wanted the type of support to be allowed that works for us personally!.



Comment #29

There needs to be a "Lurkers" club on here for people like me! I check in at least twice a day to read and be encouraged. I used to be more active, but as someone else posted, gradually, as I learn the program and get into routines I rely less and less on the interaction with others. The Christmas season is just plain busy, too!.

...although, if there were a "Lurkers" club it would probably keep getting deactivated from no one posting in it.....

Comment #30

The problem we all have is not the support here, it's the choices we make. After that, it's how we respond to those choices. We are accountable to ourselves first. Support is helpful, less than helpful support is not. We're all different though and one person's support can be perceived as another's criticism. When I started I perceived things one way here through my food colored glasses.

Regardless of how I perceive someone's comment though, I'm responsible for what I eat and what I do after it.....

Comment #31

Most of us are food addicts of some stripe or another, either in recovery or partially or not at all. That leads to some people being rude, some being oversensitive, and some being rude and oversensitive. Also, we all have different family/cultural/class/etc backgrounds, which let us "hear" the same words in completely different ways..

I think it's best to remember we're all screwed up, we're all doing the best we can to be helpful/nice/useful to each other (with greater or lesser success depending on the day), and we should all just take what helps us and ignore the rest..

Going through withdrawal sucks. So does learning how to live without comfort food or whatever other reason we had for eating ourselves huge. So... sometimes it's a little "feisty." But I come to these boards as my "meeting." It helps me to talk about my experiences, to learn from those further along than me, and to help the new ones. This is a good place, overall...

Comment #32

True that, Freya! I'm glad you remind of us our struggles and why we might be more crabby or oversensitive. I'm wondering if today might be a hungry day, hence some of my own crabbiness. I *am* watching the clock more closely than I usually do. That tells me it'll be an Eggbeater L&G tonight!..

Comment #33

Well said Freya. Once you get your head around that, it really helps to understand where folks are coming from, to cut a little slack once in a while and to use this for what it is...

Comment #34

I just have to say I DO love that quote:.

"I think it's best to remember we're all screwed up".

Truer words could not be spoken. It is our humanity and vulnerability that makes each of us a treasure despite our sometimes messed up decisions, actions & personal choice calls..

Keeps life interesting, doesn't it?..

Comment #35

Hi, long lost friend Glad to see you around again! I love that quote, too......

Comment #36

COD was just "elected" to the "Council of Wise Ones!"..

Comment #37

"Food colored glasses" - how amazingly descriptive and apt. I keep trying to throw mine away but every now and then I find them perched on the bridge of my nose again!..

Comment #38

Maybe the closer people get to their goal and/or the longer they have been on this forum the less they need it's support. Life beckons...

Comment #39

I was one of those that dropped off the map for the past few weeks. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be posting this if I thought I was going to get another mean, nasty comment about how I shouldn't have done that and haven't I learned anything, etc, etc.

Reading Kurz's blog really helped me. People want to feel like they are not alone in the struggle. They want to be accepted and understood. We beat ourselves up enough without others doing it for us.

Thank you for the warm welcome back. I appreciate the support immensely...

Comment #40

I'm in agreement with ya on this one De! I know we both cringe when people say they are taking a day or 2 break. LOL The life of a MFer, huh?..

Comment #41

So many good comments here.....

I am a huge believer that people need to be immensely introspective with regards to their psyche and "diet personality".

Some people (especially those with COE) need the structure and accountability of staying 100% OP. This is what works for them. Going off on Thanksgiving could lead to staying off until January 1. Some people in this group have a hard time understanding that people can eat off program and be ok.

Other people can slip up and get right back in the saddle. Their weight loss might slow but they don't get derailed as easily. Some people in this group have a hard time understanding that for COE, it really NEEDS to be 100% on..

What I worry most about are the people who don't have the self-awareness to know which group they are in....

Yes, some people are in the middle (probably not a big number). I tend to be okay with a single slip up. If I let it continue, it is hard to get in the saddle. I try very hard not to eat when I am bored, stressed, ticked off, etc. That is a slippery slope.

What is most important is the ability to understand the other POV...when I read a post, I try to think of that person's background. It is hard to know everything about someone here as it is a virtual community. Also, tone is often open to misinterpretation.

Just my 2 cents. Oh...and speaking of 2 cents, for some people doing MF, it represents a great financial sacrifice. While it is one that they are willing to make, it is hard to conceive that others are hopping on and off program (which could be perceived as wasteful).

Oh...(can you tell being home sick is boring for me)... For some people (like me), losing weight is a health imperative. I can't control my genes but I can do everything possible to avoid getting diabetes...

Comment #42

I was off the boards for weeks as I struggled with slow losses and other stresses. Reading about weekly 2- and 3-lb losses when I was trying to coax out half a pound was disheartening. When I came back to the boards recently, I didn't recognize most of the frequent posters, but it was nice to see a few I remembered. This is a community and there will be good and bad. I have found, though, that I missed the community ... the ability to go somewhere and find others on this unique path.

Good to be back,.


Comment #43

I am still around on the boards, just lurking more lately. Work & life are so crazy around the holidays, it is hard to fit in message board time.

Hope everyone is having a great CHRISTmas season!..

Comment #44

When the holidays roll around, of course the food and the parties roll in with it. I got caught up and distracted with my old mindsets and had a cookie here, a glass of wine there, etc..

My stomach hurt, my energy suffered & my confidence took a nose dive..

I put the breaks on and went back to 100% OP and feel so much better in every way. Planning my meals for the day, logging my foods, reading & participating in the boards, keeps me focused & inspired to continue to choose health..

What a wonderful group of people on these boards...Happy Holidays to all!.


Comment #45

You are learning an important ice climbing skill: the self-arrest.

Good job!..

Comment #46

I've been busy too. I haven't "fallen off the wagon" or anything. Sickness, vacation and the Holidy funness have kept me from posting. About 2 months on maintanence and still doing well...

Comment #47

Glad to hear you are doing well in maintenance!..

Comment #48

The MONKEY face is still HERE, but currently I am not back on plan yet, and Im not going to start up again till after Xmas..I know I know...BAD BAD BAD haha... but it's something that I dont have "strength" to make it through the HOLIDAYS this time ago....has to do with the THINGS that I was going through in my personal life (which I'm sure I posted in my blogs some heehee) but "stress and emotions" can take a TOLL on somebody like me who used FOOD AS COMFORT!!.

Im definitely going to have to work on that, but I know that I WILL reach goal sometime next year!! I have not given up nor will I GIVE up, but just now for 11 more days haha. (sad but true ).



Comment #49

But one thing I can say that I am thankful is that I LOST OVER 100 POUNDS this year...and will get OFF the rest coming up!!!! So, I'm excited for at least a bit, but not happy that I fell HARD but not to hard....but believe me.....LIFE IS HARD SOMETIMES :0)..

Comment #50

Stepppppphhhhhh! You've been missed. I feel like we needed to put out an APB on you!..

Comment #51

LOL, no the sweet Monkey lips are not running away just sitting on the bench for weeeee bit LOL..

Comment #52

Sorry but I am still alive and kicking and coming to the boards every day !!.

I am maintaining within a 5lb range of goal weight , so everyone that you dont " see " alot is not neccessarily " backslidden ".

Some of us have never had alot to say but are still here, alive and well, and doing great !!.

You will see an occasional comment from me on someones blog, but not a whole lot !!!.

Merry christmas , guys and gals !!..

Comment #53

I've been off plan about a month and gained about 3 pounds. I was doing weight watchers so I would have some eating boundary. I'm now back on Medifast plan, I know it'll be difficult until after Christmas, but I'm going to plow onward & downward. Welcome back everybody!!..

Comment #54

I am a 100%er!.

But, I had to learn to be that..


From Previous experiences..

On the numerous other "diet" attempts, I found out what "taking a break" will get ME..

It usually started with I will eat on Thanksgiving day and go right back on plan tomorrow, which turned into gaining all my weight back and if lucky getting BACK on plan right after New Years Day. IF LUCKY!.

So, when I push, 100% On Plan or suggest not taking a break, it's not that I don't think someone should have a choice, I think it's just trying to share what I had to learn the hard way.

The flip side is, maybe we all have to learn it the hard way and there are a lucky few who can actually take a Break and get right back on plan, but I have been around long enough to know those individuals are few and far between..

I have to think MOST dieters here have issues with food or they wouldn't be here in the FIRST place..

I will say, I have been posting less, for many reasons, one is I have been extremely busy, and could see this time of year could make anyone busier, the other one is I am more selective about threads I will post too. If I am not, I tend to be misunderstood and it's just not worth my efforts..

I do enjoy the support boards as a whole and they have helped me so much, I feel it's only fair that I try to give back and support others..

So, I would say, many may not be posting as they are just busy and will hope they are on plan. If they aren't on plan, maybe they are learning the valuable lessons the hard way like I had to learn on previous diet attempts...

Comment #55

AMEN Kristen AMEN!!!.

I Never come here anymore...I just happened to sign on tonight to check on a friend and thought I'd check out the boards..

I actually returned my food because I NEED support through a community like these boards, but WOW....I just could not take how mean people are. So I quit altogether..

It is sas that people who once were very overweight can be so mean to people, what you never did? It was actually shockihg to me, ans I could not atans the cliques either. I am almost 50 years old, and don't need to relive Jr high!.

I lovd these boards when I very first discovered MF, but now, I just always felt worse after being on the boards, so I was like...why am I doing this to myself? I need support, help and encouragement..

Before I left this last time, I did receive several very sweet messages from some people...

Comment #56

I think it is sad that so many people feel so judged here and I really do get where they are coming from. I'm trying my hardest to be a 100%er because it is working for me right now and I know one slip can lead to days/weeks/months off plan, but I hope I never come across as judgmental of someone who has slipped. People say they don't want to be enablers, but compassion helped me a lot more than anything and that's what I want to bring to people. Different things make us all tick, though, and some people respond better to a harder line. I really do think we have room for everyone. Just ignore the posts that don't work for you and take to heart the ones that do!..

Comment #57

Hi, All: I enjoy the boards and get from them and contribute what I can. I no more listen to people that pizz me off on here than I do off the boards. Everyone has an opinion, it's not worth the energy trying to convince people they are wrong, insensitive, rude, arrogant, or what-have-you when they are committed to that position. I am a 100% OP person, because I am PETRIFIED not to be! I had years and years of on and off WW and playing around, and look where it got me! Here at Medifast spending beaucoup dollars to do something I should have done years ago. I read, your posts, comment when I care to, and if I find posts annoying, I just move on. Life's too short.


Comment #58

I don't expect to be around here long term. The more I figure out, the less I need to post. I guess the boards are sort of like group therapy, with the goal being to graduate and move on into life...

Comment #59

Perhaps it is the holidays taking people out? Also winter makes it hard to get out of the house for some of us and that can lead to munchn...

Comment #60

So agree Glenn...Enough soap-operas on TV!.

I come here for support, recipes, ideas and motivation to get this stinkin' job done from those that think as I do...AND start living with the weight loss. instead of staying in it!!.

I figure, there will always be immature people in life...whether here, or anywhere else...Ignore it and move-on...They are not your next door neighbor! Guess what? You can turn OFF the computer!!.

Blessings and success to all who care to acheive it.....

Comment #61

Group Therapy....and move on into life. I love this concept! You so got what I'm feeling about this. I do admit that I still need several "therapy" sessions a day, right now, and for the forseeable future!..

Comment #62

I love this outlook. I'm not a big poster, but I do read the forum religiously everyday to help with the battle/struggle/journey that is MF. Once I get to goal and transition, I expect to rely on it less and to rely more on the tools that I'm learning now. I think that's what happens with many people who seem to disappear...they may just be enjoying the life they've worked so hard to achieve instead of typing about it online.....

Comment #63

Well, I thought this would be a good place for me to check in. I'm sticking with the goal of maintaining my weight loss this month. I indulged over the weekend, now I'm back OP until Christmas. I'm just glad that I set a goal to maintain my weight and I haven't left myself down. I'll be back to losing full force in January but at least it won't be with guilt over holiday weight gain and I will still have enjoyed the food..

Comment #64

If I'm not mistaken, I think that research has shown that staying active in the group you participated in to lose the weight is a huge predictor of success in maintaining the weight loss. I for sure know that is borne out in Weight Watchers groups - lifetimers who don't come regularly (I think measured as once a month) tend to regain more than those that keep going..

Just something to think about as you plan your lifetime maintenance. You may not need this site specifically, but it does seem that staying active in a weight loss community is a key to success. Being active in a group and "real life" aren't mutually exclusive. I don't know about you, but I am pretty darn sure most of us here are already living real lives concurrently with MF...

Comment #65

I agree with this outlook along with getting out there an living my life!! I have alwasy been involved with WW and it is always so helpful to those struggling to hear and see the success of those who are at goal. Kind of a pay it forward thing! We all need to do whaqt works best for us once we get to goal, because for me...I haqve YET to master staying at goal. That is what I can't seem to do!..

Comment #66

Then please stay!.

Yup you will vehemently disagree with some posters...others come across as less than kind (but they mean well), some are sarcastic, etc.

But the majority of people want EVERYONE to be successful.

I have a post about diet personalities a couple pages back in this thread.

Anyways, do what is best for you but it is a great program.

FWIW: there are posts that I find myself getting upset about. I just walk away......

Comment #67

I'm still here! Packing, travel is in my plan for the holidays. All the best to EVERYONE! Will be back with a LOSS in January..


Comment #68

Thank you Constantgirl!!! I ordered my food last night....AGAIN!!!..

Comment #69

Some of us need to know when it is time to move on. It is like hanging around the school yard when everyone else has gone off to college or moved on with their life.

Hopefully, I will move on soon!..

Comment #70

I am only trying to lose 5 this month and not gain. I have been lax - using Holidays as an excuse to eat off plan. I am proud of those who have been stronger than I..

I will be back on force after Christmas...

Comment #71

Just pokin' my head in. Just going to speak up for those of us who just have been busy and...although I do check in occasionally, I've even been lax in updating everything till today. A lot of us are still here, just with Finals and holidays etc etc... Also, I know for me, Medifast is just so usual now, that I don't feel the need anymore to check in to stay accountable, I just do. =)..

Comment #72

I think this is absolutely true. I have stayed connected with a core group of people that I lost weight with on MF....we check in with each other on FB...and see each other from time to time well as having another place to check in and find one another. We are an incredibly bonded group....and I know that is part of the reason for most of our continued success. I know those people know me....know my issues....and will always be there for support. I've found that in the times when I have gained a little bit of's time when I haven't been as connected with "my group.".

I hang around here in hopes of giving back and maybe helping others....but I also hang around here because it helps me stay at goal and "keep it green.".



Comment #73

I don't get it either. I've always lived under the philosophy that you accept the support that works for you....and let the support that doesn't go in hopes that it helps someone else. I agree with you....we have room for everyone...or at least we should.



Comment #74

I think it is good to stay connected to a group that you bonded with and it is great that you have all found a way and place to stay connected.

Many of the folks we formed bonds with drift and do not stay connected. It is sad when we come back to a place where we formed those bonds and connections and those familiar faces are gone. You know when you walk across the campus of your alma mater and you remember all those good times and none of the faces are familiar.....

It is nice to see some of the veterans come back to offer advice and support and then there comes a time to "pass the torch" and move on.

I do smile when I see someone that was here in 2007/2008 and they pop in to pass on some sage wisdom...People like Radiationgirlie, Eron55, BT2006, Farrell, just to name a few.

I read their stories when I started and wondered where they were and from time to time, they pop in.......

Comment #75

Many people have a different approach/philosophy to weight loss. It is not a "one size fits all" mentality. Some people are prone to tough love, some need a softer approach and some need a little of both. The best thing to do is take what works for you and ignore what doesn't. I do believe that the best and fastest way to goal is 100% OP...

Comment #76

Amen. I have been OP since June and am still going strong. In the beginning I was here several times a day, now I find myself dropping in every once in awhile. When I was starting off I came here whenever I had the urge to cheat etc., now I'm in my own groove and don't feel like I need to come here as often...

Comment #77

I SO agree with you Shelley. We are all passionate about the journey that we choose and just because it doesn't match another person's journey shouldn't make us enemies. Lets all realize there is more than one way to do this. If I tell someone eating pizza really is not OP, don't take it wrong. I am not trying to be cool..I would just LOVE to make the 5% become the 95%. Lets swing the tides and try to not look at an opposing opinion as the enemy...

Comment #78

Now what about the SPANX SPANX SPANX convos we used to have hahahaha.......

Comment #79

Yep, I definitely agree with this here..100% is the way to go..are we all perfect NOPE and Im not one to say anything because AI fell off the bus but plan on pickingmyself right back up and going down the street witht he little kiddies to Medifast school hahahahaa........

Comment #80

Steph, there are Medifast bust stops at every corner. WHen YOU are ready to get back on the bus then climb aboard!..

Comment #81

Oh spanxster..I look forward to many of those conversations with you...

Comment #82

Yeah, it's a rough time of year. And I woke up one morning and decided I needed a break from artificial sweeteners. I decided to go off Medifast for 2 weeks and just count calories. Yeah RIGHT. That is NOT working out for me. No artificial sweeteners means I started using agave nectar and sugar in things and it just snowballed from there.

Man, I have to say, that was a really stupid idea (for me) even though I learned a lot this week...

Comment #83

This whole process is 99% mental/emotional. Medifast is a great tool, but it is simply a tool... an opportunity to actively take control of weight issues. And in weight management, people need to do what they feel is the best choice at the time. Sometimes we make great choices... sometimes not.

Being an elementary school teacher, a life lesson I keep trying to teach the kids is that "bad" choices don't define a person as long as we take responsibility for them and try to learn from them..

So the same goes for how I try to talk to myself. We are not defined by our missed steps or mistakes. But we are defined by how we handle them and move on...

Comment #84

I'm back! I went through a divorce, I never realized how hard it is. I moved out, went back to work full time (thanking god I got a good full time job in my field) and am now taking my husband to court for settlement $ he owes me. Anyway, I'm back on the plan. I gained 10 of my 30 back b/c of work celebrations, parties, etc...and when I got home from work I was exhausted. I only recognize a few people but I need to read the posts again to get me through everything. Thank you!..

Comment #85

Eron55, thanks for that post, it is so true! have a great weekend Medifast buddies!..

Comment #86

Get out the fly swatter. They will be back first of the year. Ill be happy to see them too...

Comment #87

I think there's maybe some confusion over my post. I didn't say that the message board isn't "real" life. I said I'm moving forward into life, meaning into other challenges of life that are paused while I focus my time and energy on weight loss. The boards are a virtual part of my real life. I don't see myself as having a "virtual" life because it is all authentically me. I think that it is possible for people to develop a virtual life that becomes a problem, but I don't mean that people who want to stay connected here indefinitely are doing that.

I gained the weight for specific reasons, a variety of them. Keeping it off will be a lifelong task, but replacing the coping skills that involved food abuse with healthy coping skills and attitudes will change the role food plays in my life and make it easier to maintain my accomplishment. I worked hard on that before I got on Medifast and am continuing to work on it. I'll continue to seek answers as issues come up, which means I could pop back into the boards in 5, 10, 15 years if some new struggle arises. Or, I may find answers in some other resource, such as a book, a friend, or a counselor. It's not so much individuals I'm seeking to connect with here as the collective wisdom of so many people who are facing similar struggles.

I prefer to take a problem, find a way to fix it and to be confident in my ability to address similar problems in the future, then move on to a new problem. While there are a lot of problems associated with weight and food, certain skills can address a variety of them. Eventually, you get enough tools in your toolbox to tackle completely new situations without relying so much on finding answers from others. I've learned this in other areas of my life and plan to apply it to weight, as well..

I'm not just here to lose weight. The weight loss is part of a transformation of my life...

Comment #88


Real life sometimes interferes with cyberlife. In the end I hope that the people who aren't posting are being true to themselves as I have been. Nothing is more important to me than being healthy. That is better than the taste of any food, any time, anywhere...

Comment #89

G: I think it sounds self centered to say Im feeling blunt today so look out. I also sounds like a cop out used to justify bad behavior. If you think people need to look out because of your mood and the way you choose to communicate on here why dont you work on that? Youre the one pointing out that people need to look out. This isnt a place where anyone should have to look out because youve justified that behavior as ok...

Comment #90

Not posting does not mean that people are off plan. It may just mean that they are busy Christmas shopping and don't have time to post lengthy comments. (This coming from someone who ate Medifast foods at the food court at the mall last weekend.)..

Comment #91

Also: People who travel do not always have regular use of internet/computers. (I know I go through computer withdrawl whenever I travel for Christmas.) Relying on a household computer (with a zillion people around) sucks...

Comment #92

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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