Non-vegetarian foods in Medifast

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Hello, to all of my fellow vegetarians. I have just been informed that the "Cream of Broccoli" soup that Medifast carries contains CHICKEN FAT. So, if you've been under the impression (as I was) that it was vegetarian-friendly, the package confirms that it is NOT.

I never thought of checking the package for animal bi-products when I ordered so many boxes of them (I eat it every day, and have been doing so for the last 10 weeks I've been on the diet). I guess I figured that because I had never seen Cream of Broccoli with animal bi-products before, it was safe.

In fact, I told my original Health Coach (I have a new one nowa vegetarian) that I was a vegetarian, and she never mentioned it to meI suppose it just slipped her mind..

Anyway, I'm writing this because I just found out, and I thought this information might be of benefit to others..

On a final note: There is ONLY ONE item in the 'soup' category that is vegetarian: The Cream of Tomato (which I abhor ). I think that if every one of us were to call Medifast and tell them that there are enough vegetarians in their program to justify adding more vegetarian products to their customers, it might make a difference. The only way things will ever change is if enough of us who care let our voices be heard..



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Hey, Carol! Who knew we'd have two things in common? Vegetarianism and doing the Wii thing!! Pretty cool! I see by your ticker that you've met your goal and you're still going! AWESOME! I look forward to that happy day!.

Anyway, I was a bit bothered by the Broccoli soup thing. And it has less carbs than the Tomato does, too. Dang it!!.

Oh well; time to be creative with my Medifast meals!!.



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I thought the Cream of Broccoli tasted very chickeny - didn't know it was due to fat, just figured it was based on chicken stock..

This link has a list of allergen claims and dietary information, and lists the Vegetarian options on a nice little printable form...

Comment #2

Starbunny, I'm debating on whether or not to return the C of B for the C of T, even though the taste bugs me. But, the more I eat it, the more I'll get used to it, I imagine..

BUT, because it has more carbs, I'm thinking I'll just leave it for my husband (who is not a vegetarian and who is soon going to join the Medifast team), and lower the carbs in my L&G meal. Carbsthose nasty carbs! You try cutting them out, you try working them off, and you still end up with CARBS! (Sorry, just a throw-back to the old 'ring around the collar' commercial!).

Thanks for the link on the dietary info. Since I found out about the soup, I found a Medifast pdf with all of the nutritional info, as well as a list of all the ingredients in the products. I should have checked it before I made my first order! Coulda, woulda, shoulda...



Comment #3

Hello again, everyone! If any of you are interested in contacting Medifast to inquire about adding more vegetarian-friendly foods to their product list, you can do so by going to the "Help Center" link at the top right of this page, then create a "ticket" (send to "Medifast PLan Support"), and let your voice be heard..

When I received both of my first two months' "free week" package, they had Chicken Noodle Soup in them, which of course, I could not use. Rather than PAY to send it back and get a replacement, I just kept it for my family to eat, if they wanted a quick meal..

I think it's a good idea that Medifast not only gives vegetarians a vegetarian-friendly free week when they first join, but that they offer a complete vegetarian variety pack so that we can save money like non-vegetarians do..

I hope that as many of you as possible contact Medifast and request more Medifast meal products so that we can be represented!! After all, there are certainly enough vegetarians who view/post on these boards to justify adding products designed for us!! But, nothing will happen unless we let them know how we feel. Please take the time to submit a ticket; it will benefit us ALL!.

Happy eating,.


Comment #4

As far as I can tell, the "chicken noodle" soup is, in fact, vegetarian. It has no chicken stock in it, and it uses soy instead of chicken.

That said, I've found it to be quite unappealing...

Comment #5

Chicken stock, chicken fat... it's still chicken. Did the chicken swim thru the broth unscathed and walked off alive and well? NO That's what makes it non vegetarian..

Thank you for posting the link to the vegetarian friendly options!..

Comment #6

And - for those who don't eat FISH... who'da thunk?.

Contains Fish.

Plus for Diabetics:.


Plus for Joint Health:.



Plus for Appetite Suppression:.


Comment #7

[quote=laserhen]As far as I can tell, the "chicken noodle" soup is, in fact, vegetarian. It has no chicken stock in it, and it uses soy instead of chicken.

That said, I've found it to be quite unappealing.[/quote].

It's not listed on the vegetarian friendly items! There has to be some sort of animal product?.

Vegetarian Options.



Chocolate Mint.

Peanut Butter.

Lemon Yogurt.

Oatmeal Raisin.

Caramel Nut.

Smore Granolar.

Fruit & Nut Granola.

Diabetic Bars:.

Peanut Butter Crunch.

Chocolate Crunch.

Oatmeal :.

Apple Cinnamon.



Maple & Brown Sugar.

Plus for Appetite Suppression:.



Creamy Soups:.

Cream of Tomato.





Plus for Womens Health:.



Medifast 55:.

Dutch Chocolate.

French Vanilla.

Strawberry Crme.

Orange Crme.

Swiss Mocha.

Banana Crme.

Medifast 70:.

Dutch Chocolate.

French Vanilla.

Strawberry Crme.

Orange Crme.

Swiss Mocha.

Banana Crme.

Medifast RTD:.

Dutch Chocolate.

French Vanilla.

Hot Drinks:.

Hot Cocoa.


Chai Latte.

Plus for Diabetics:.




Plus for Coronary Health:.



Iced Tea:.

Raspberry Tea.

Peach Tea.

Fruit Drinks:.

Tropical Punch.

Cranberry Mango.

Soy Crisps:.

White Cheddar.

Apple Cinnamon.




Garden Vegetable.

Scrambled Eggs.

Momentum Shakes:.


Chai Latte.

Banana Shake.

Momentum Flavor Infusers:.

Mixed Berry.

Strawberry Lemonade.

Green Tea with Lemon.

Antioxidant Shakes:.

Cherry Pomegranate.

Dark Chocolate.


Antioxidant Flavor Infusers:.

Citrus Margarita.

Raspberry Acai.

White Grape Peach.

Those are the Veggie options...

Comment #8

MsDeb, I looked at the nutritionals for all the products I ordered, and I didn't see any chicken in the chicken noodle soup. It's just not listed as an ingredient.

It's still gross though..

*edited to add*.

I really wasn't surprised that the broccoli soup did have it. Most soups in general have some sort of chicken or beef stock, even veggie-sounding soups. Since Medifast uses a lot of soy protein stuff, I figured that every soup had at least the potential to be veggie (even the chili, which isn't of course, but it *could* have been if they used soy instead of meat), and every soup had the potential to have chicken or beef stock in it, which most of them do. So I read the ingredient list for every type of soup and stopped for each when I got to a meat item and went on to the next one. I've read the one for the chicken noodle like five times now. Unless I'm missing something, there is no meat in it...

Comment #9

The chicken noodle soup has tiny freeze dried pieces of chicken - it is not vegetarian!!.

I shall fill a ticket later today...

Comment #10

It is vegetarian but not vegan. Those are little peices of textured soy protein, the noodles have egg yolk. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, but I do support them having more products that are vegetarian/vegan friendly...

Comment #11

Deb, NO WAY!! Who'da thunk is right!!.

"Would you like more fish-head in your Chocolate shake, madame?".

"No, thank you JeevesI've already had a Vanilla shake!".

I sent my ticket to Medifast regarding getting more rootin'-tootin' veg meals in their product line...they said, "Look for some exciting new things in the coming months." I was thinking, "Hmmm, could it be...buffalo in the peanut butter crunch bars? YUM!".

Actually, I'm just joshin' yathe email was quite friendly. Well, I suppose we'll see what's what "in the coming months.".

BTW, Deb, thanks for the info on the Veg-friendly chow!!.



Comment #12

Laserhen, weird about the Chicken Noodle Poop, oops, I mean SOUP. Go figure, eh?.

I shoulda taken a page out of your book and checked the ingredients of the products before I ordered them. It would have saved me money, bitterness and frustration! Oh well, you live and you loin (not animal loin, though!). Checking out these boards can really be of great benefit, and I wanna thank you all for the info!.



Comment #13

I'm still skeptical. Why would COB have chicken in it, and chicken noodle be vegetarian? Just doesn't add up. I did get a box with my free week... so I'll check it out. My son loves it after he doctors it up. I swear he's a chef in training. He loves to experiment with herbs and spices! (He's autistic and I call him the Chef! with a hard CH".

Since I can't read the itty bitty writing... I'll get him to look at it for me. God I'm blind anymore! LOL People think I'm illiterate because I ask him to read for me when we're out. Don't take my cheaters everywhere. I should have a pair in every room in the house!!!!.

AND Why is it not listed in veggie friendly options?..

Comment #14


Buffalo in the Peanut Butter Bars! Maybe I'm a little tired and loopy this afternoon but that was hysterical to me!! Thanks for the laugh!.

I'm still giggling. My birdie Perky is looking at me weird...

Comment #15

This is what nutrition support says about the Chicken Noodle Soup:.

The Chicken Noodle Soup is NOT one of our vegetarian products. Although it does not contain chicken meat, it does contain chicken broth. The only soup that is considered vegetarian is the Cream of Tomato soup..

I didn't see any sign of chicken in the ingredients, so I don't know what to think. Oh well...

Comment #16

Thanks for posting. I have been eating it but didn't realize it had Chicken. There used to be a vegetarian minestrone that I loved. I would think it would be easy enough to have a vegetarian soup option. I will submit a ticket myself...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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