Non meat protein sources for Medifast vegetarians?

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Anyone have any ideas for non-meat and non-dairy protein sources? I can eat only so many Boca, MSF, and GB pseudo-meats.

I know things like Romaine and Spring Mixes are 20-25% protein which will help offset some of the carbs in non-animal protein products..

And I can't seem to get the hang of cooking with tofu - baking and smoothies, yes. stir fry, no..

What about seitan?.

(Note: I do eat some meat on MF, but try to stay closer to vegetarian)..

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What about eggs and fish? As veg heads, we're really limited as to what we eat..

What kind of protein did you eat before you went on plan?..

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Deb - I typically ate a lot of beans (both higher - soy - and lower - pinto - protein varieties), beans and cornbread, bean burritos, tofu in smoothies, plain yogurt with fruit, high proetin pasta. But I did/do include some meat, eggs, and dairy; I just don't want it daily. I don't like the taste enough. I really just ate A LOT calorically, as well...

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Well, you can have soy beans (Edamame), but they're considered a green...

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I just started Medifast two weeks ago (started Week 3 yesterday), I'm not sick of the Boca Burgers yet....just yet..

I was vegan until I started (now vegetarian), I have already added in stuff I haven't eaten in more than 8 years....egg whites and cottage cheese. This has helped me somewhat not have the Boca Burgers every day/every L&G meal. I also have added in some soy cheddar cheese that does have milk protein in it. The numbers are comparable to regular cheese as far as fat and carbs. I just have one slice when I make an egg white omelette (I make it with mushrooms and the cheddar slice...YUMMY!). I am hoping this is OP...but, so far so good with my loss..

Some of the veggies I know that have protein are listed below. However, this won't help with the lean..

Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Green pepper, Kale, Lettuce, Mushrooms, Mustard green, Spinach, Tomatoes, Turnip greens, Watercress and Zucchini..

Like you, I ate a lot of beans, plus tofu in smoothies and gravies, whole wheat pasta and brown rice before Medifast for my protein. I also ate a lot of Nutritional Yeast...probably twice a week (not Brewer's Yeast). I think the Nutritional yeast has a lot of carbs, however. Wish it didn't! I loved making sauce and "cheese" with this high-protein food. I also cooked with TVP/TSP. Not sure if this is allowed? It is basically soy (which, obviously Tofu is made out of)..

I do wish they listed more vegetarian-friendly foods besides the frozen burgers. Maybe they'll see this post and start sharing ideas for us vegetarians..

I forgot to mention...I used to eat seitan and tempeh as well. Not sure how these would fair with MF..

Good luck!..

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Thanks, Deb. I didn't think they were permitted..

Patty - I do need to try to incorporate more high protein veggies into my diet to try to offset some of the carbs in the veg options. It just becomes such a pain to sit and calculate; that was one of the things I liked about MF. Zone and SB work; I just don't want to have to analyze every meal. But OTOH, if we learn now, it makes it easier later..

I did find this site:

It has a great nutritional breakdown of foods including F:C:P ratios, GI, anti-inflammatory ranking, micronutrient scale, and AA content..

Is anyone familiar with Bragg's Liquid Amino? It looks a little high in sodium (28% by weight) for realistically substituting..


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NS said edamame are not allowed until transition. They are way too starchy to be OP...

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Honest? I thought I saw them in the pull down menu.

I just went back to check. I'm so sorry. I honestly thought I saw them there. Where on Earth did I get that idea?????? Now I have to look in all my notes!..

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I'm familiar with Braggs, and pre-MF, I cooked with this A LOT! It was my seasonings for nearly anything I needed a sauce or when I stir-fried. It basically is soy sauce, minus SOME of the sodium that regular soy sauce has (not low-sodium or lite). I prefer this over soy sauce (it is a bit more watered down, to me)...also, I like the taste better than both soy and tamari. I think it may be a taste preference for me. I also like that it has a spray bottle so you can just spritz a little bit on your veggies, etc. Of course, you could get a spritz bottle for anything! LOL!.

With this said, I'm not sure if it is allowed on MF? Perhaps a Nutritional expert can help us out. But, I'm steering clear of it...

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I had the same question about Bragg's when I started, so I searched the Nutrition Support thread and found this:.

Good luck...

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I ate edamame too, but more as a snack than a protein many months ago. The pull down menu options change from time to time so we may have seen it. It was not an allowed snack. My weight loss rate has slowed down but I have accepted that because the blts (bites, licks, tastes) are happening from time to time. I am learning to contain the damage so as to be able to keep the weight off without going crazy. Well, I mean crazier than my usual nutty self!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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