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I broke down and ordered a box of oatmeal which I haven't done since my first order in July. I thought, "Well, I am a big MFing girl now and I should like the oatmeal at this point so I'll give it another try." Tonight I made the muffin recipe that calls for the scrambled egg powder. I followed the recipe to a T. The batter smelled really good and sat in the muffin tin all smiley and full of hope......but alas..........the finished product came out all hard and pathetic and tasting like cinnamon flavored sawdust. The same thing happened when I tried to make the muffin/biscuit thing out of pancake mix. A perfect rubber hockey puck that I couldn't cut with a serrated knife. Now....I am known as a good cook but I sure am not having any luck with the baked Medifast recipes...

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Hmmm.... I love my oatmeal muffins... try my recipe?.....

1 Medifast oatmeal packet.

1/4t baking powder.

4.5-5T of water.

Stir!!! Sometimes I add a shake of cinnamon or a packet of splenda... but it really does not need it.... and then I microwave mine in a ceramic cup or ramekin for 2 minutes. Maybe your microwave is just really strong... hoping you will try it again!.

My pancake biscuits have come out slightly crispy too... just keep playing with it.....

Comment #1

I use the Banana Bread recipe that uses 3 packets of oatmeal and 2 packets of banana pudding. I add 1/4 cup eggbeaters instead of Medifast eggs. This comes out wonderfully for me! I make it into muffins. Use the search tool in the orange bar above to search for banana bread..

Also, use the search button to search oatmeal recipes and you'll find lots of troubleshooting ideas. It sounds like you're not using enough liquid?.

Good luck!.


Comment #2

Definitely try the banana bread recipe. I agree, it is awesome..

I finally tried my oatmeal two weeks ago (yes, I still had the three boxes I got with the original order)..

I thought the same as you: I'm an experienced MFing girl now, I can handle the oatmeal. So I made it just as the packet said, and I have to say, I loved it. Now I have it at least three times a weed as a snack at work. Yum. Did you try it regular, per the packet? You never know, you might like it...

Comment #3

Nope, I haven't tried it as oatmeal since the first week OP in July but I will. I don't have any banana pudding but if I can get my hands on some, I will try the banana muffins. I think I am going to buy some new baking powder also. Maybe that is part of the problem...

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I have exactly the same problem, tried all of the recipes I could find. Tried baking in the oven, microwaving, bought new baking powder, prayed. Nothing improves so I gave up trying to make them better than hockey pucks and just eat them that way. I can't use any of the bars or puffs because of a peanut allergy so I sometimes need food that travels for a whole day. I can't seem to make brownies in advance and not eat them right away, so I have to make the oatmeal muffins. Tried the soup breads too, pretty much the same problem. Next order I am getting 2 cases of the ready to drink shakes, hard to screw them up...

Comment #5

Try making the oatmeal into a bar! I have it that way every morning..

1 Packed Medifast Oatmeal.

Add 4-5 tbs water (or until a wet paste consistency).

Place in a ramekin sprayed with PAM (I find the brownie trays are perfect!) and microwave for approx 2 minutes. Some people add 1 packet of splenda and/or other condiments like cinnamon, etc to the mix. I did in the beginning but don't anymore. I hope this recipe helps - it's my fav way to make it!.



P.S. If you let the mixture sit overnight (like the blueberry), it will really puff up those little pieces of fruit and it will have a much better flavor (as with all the Medifast products - soaking does wonders)...

Comment #6

So you just add the 4-5 tablespoons of water the night before and then microwave in the morning? Haven't tried that but I have the apple cinnamon oatmeal in the pantry so I think I will try this. I have a 9.5 hour car trip coming up next week and I want to have something other than my shakes...

Comment #7

Exactly!! Easy, peasy! You can do it all in the morning, but the soaking does bring out the flavor. And in the morning, I'm always in a rush so it cuts it down - simple pop in the microwave and then enjoy. It turns out like a bar/bread-like consistency...

Comment #8

This is how I make mine and they are always yummy. I love the blueberry ones the best!..

Comment #9

Newbie here: Is it OP to add Splenda? I can't stomach the oatmeal but bought 2 boxes!..

Comment #10

I do the ones with 2 packets oatmeal, 2 packets pudding, 2 packets eggs, 2tsp baking powder, and whatever spices/extracts go with the flavor combo. I generally add a little salt. I don't measure the water - I add enough until it looks like a nice moist muffin batter. Enough water is key... Bake at 350 for 11-15+ minutes until they look done. (Less for 1/2 meal small muffins, more for full meal large muffins)..

Comment #11

WELCOME!!! Yes, you can add splenda! 1 packet of splenda = 1 condiment. Check out the "Success Tools" tab and they list all the condiments, leans and greens allowable.



Comment #12

A packet of Splenda is a condiment. So you can use it if you want..

For me, I prefer to let my taste buds adjust to simpler food, so I don't add sweeteners. But some people live for their Splenda! (And you won't get me away from salt!)..

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