No initial breakout from Sotret?

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Hello everyone,I've been reading this forum alot before I signed up today to see what you guys have to say about this medicine and I've seen alot of success stories and logsso I'm anxious to see what this medicine will do for me. - I've had severe nodular/cystic acne ever since I was about 16- Tried almost anything I could get mi hands on (home remedies, topicals, antibiotics, even the heavy hitters like Proactiv, AcneFree, etc.)- Nothing seemed to work, and if it did, it was extremely I went to my derm and she said and I quote "If you're tired of playin the antibiotics and face wash game, lets get you set up with Murad Resurgence." So I did...we discussed the side affects, I signed some forms and stuff, got the blood workdone, and picked up my prescription in a week. I just started Sotret on Tuesday andhavent experienced the common side effect or the IB that I've been hearing aboutso I dont kno whether to get excited bcuz breakouts of any kind are HORRIBLE lol,or to be feeling a bit discouraged because a quick IB would mean that my body is responding to it quickly? I don't know...I guess I'll just have to wait it biggie though, I'm a pretty patient fellow...

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Your question was: No initial breakout from Sotret?.

Hi. Good luck on your course. you should definitely take the pill with a fatty meal. This is the key for maximum absorption. If you don't have it already, buy a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and put that in all your meals. Most people will say that taking the both pills at the same time and splitting them up makes no difference, but I say you should follow the instructions and take them at different times. If you read the pamphlet, it should say that isotretinoin should be taken twice daily, and that once daily is not recommended...

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Thanx f*ck_me. I did read that but I asked because I've been seeing alot of thingz on this board thatarent anywhere in the pamphlets but seem to be workingfor alot of people. On Tuesday, I took both @ dinner,On Wednesday I took both with lunch, and yesterday Itook one @ breakfast and one @ I will justcontinue like I did yesterday and follow that patternthroughout the remainder of my course.Anyone else have any answers/suggestions to any of my questions?..

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One more question...i smoke (tobacco) occasionally.Will this in any way increase side affects or hinder Sotret's effectiveness?..

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I smoke too and have had great results. I also took my pills with fatty food. Not over the top (I don't eat fast or processed foods) stuff, but healthy stuff like avacados, nuts, some people take fish oil caps, but I didn't, peanut butter, cheese, and every now and then I'd make homemade cookies just as an excuse to scarf some down with my pills. I also took Sotret and had a minimal outbreak in my 2nd month because the dose was increased, but didn't have one at all in the first month. Best wishes to you on your course!As for taking all pills at once, it's not recommended on the pamphlet because that sort of testing was not conducted so it will not be endorsed. However, many people on the board have taken it all at once and it didn't seem to matter.

I did try taking more a few times in the AM and nearly fell asleep at work...

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Anyone get that annoying peeling on and around your nose?that shit az ANNOYING lol...whut do you use to get rid or diminish it?..

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OMG!!! same here!!! I'm peeling on my nose and chin it feels rough and it suckss :S but if you use sunscreen it will make the peelin less noticeble and make them peel alot faster!!! Hope it helpsz By the way I just stared Murad Resurgence 20 days ago..

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Thanx so much sexydoll125! I appreciate it veri much.rite now I'm using Cetaphil with SPF 15 and I love it!..

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