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Okay I copied this and pasted here. It's official we get Beef Vegetable Stew and Vanilla Pudding..

Celebrate New Products - Add Variety to your Meal Plans.

Mix up your usual and go for something different! In celebration of the launch of two great new products - Vanilla Pudding and Beef Vegetable Stew - we encourage you to add some exciting variety to your meal plans!.

It is true that boredom and stagnation can cause dieters to "fall off the wagon" - wandering eyes can often lead to cheating and not sticking perfectly with the Medifast Plan. The easy solution is to take efforts to mix it up and have fun with your meals..

You do not have to wait until your next big one-month order to try these new products... order them today! The Vanilla Pudding and Beef Vegetable Stew are two great-tasting new ways to try something a little different. The Vanilla Pudding provides the opportunity to create virtually limitless flavors of pudding, and the Beef Vegetable Stew is a delicious break from the chicken soups..

Try this tip and you will see what we mean: When your order of Vanilla Pudding arrives, add 1-2 tablespoons of sugar-free butterscotch syrup. Butterscotch Pudding! How great is that?.

So make today the day that you bring the excitement back to your Medifast Plan. You will be glad you did!.

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Comments (17)

I don't see either one of these things on the Product list - - - where is it?..

Comment #1

They aren't there yet but Farmcat called and they said we can order them now. Go to where you log in your meals and you will see them. Don't know why they aren't on the site where we order yet but they are available as of 10/16...

Comment #2

Thanks for posting this info. I saw them on MyPlan and was wondering about this...

Comment #3

WOW! I so love vanilla pudding! I am psyched. I have been managing with the banana, but I really am not that fond of it. I like pudding, so this is a definate boon for me. I wonder how good the beef stew will be? I have not been fond of the chili, though I think that may be due to improper preparation on my part. I will try it again when it gets colder. I wish that they would bring back the vanilla berry oatmeal though, I am almost out and it is my favorite However I have a bunch of the apple to get into next. Well thanks for the word!..

Comment #4

Woo hoo! I have noticed a number of requests for these exact products on these boards they are a consumer-responsive company!..

Comment #5

They are up and ready to order now. I sure hope the soup is good. Need more non-sweet foods...

Comment #6

I know. I have been LIVING on muffins, literally. Can't wait to try soup. Enjoy!..

Comment #7

They are available for order. I order some of both this morning. Can't wait to get them...

Comment #8

Got my ordered too!.

Can't wait for three more days to try this out!.

By this weekend, the whole Medifast boards will know what we all think about the two new foods!.

I think they're going to be good though!.

LOL Bettina! ITA!!!! Same here!..

Comment #9

Had the beef stew today. Pretty tasty. Needed some salt. Maybe some beef boullion would help. Actually tasted like stew! Thumbs up...

Comment #10

I ordered bu didn't get mine yet. Very excited. How fun that the small things in life, like a new product, can make us so happy. I would love to know what the others thought of it who have gotten it so far. By the time I get mine I am sure the Medifast chefs here will have great ideas for it...

Comment #11

Got my order yesterday afternoon and tried the vanilla pudding last night. It was great, a LOT better than the banana. Haven't tried the stew yet. That will be lunch today...

Comment #12

Ok, just ate my beef stew for lunch. It did definitely need some salt or bouillon but otherwise was good. A nice change of pace for the meals...

Comment #13

My Medifast just arrived at my store! Will be trying the beef stew tonight!.

Can't wait!.

Thanks anja!..

Comment #14

Just tried the vanilla pudding....very good. Much better than the banana which I won't be ordering anymore now that vanilla is available. (I got an order delivered yesterday and there was a free sample of the pudding inside.).

Thanks to those who posted about the beef stew tasting good, but needing salt...

Comment #15

Yes, just had the beef stew and it needed seasoning. I added a half tsp of better than buillion beef and a couple of shakes of "Salt free Steak" Grill Mates by McCormick..

EXCELLENT for a packaged stew! Much better than the chili, that's a given!.

I did let it soak in a cup and a half of water for an hour to hydrate the veggies and little bits of beef. Plus, I slow cooked it on the stovetop and put the lid on for 15 minutes..

Without any doubt, I will be ordering this again!.

And I'm going to have the vanilla pudding for dessert tonight! Can't wait for that!.

Even though I bought two boxes of this I still got the free sample. YEAH!..

Comment #16

The vanilla pudding has a wonderful base for adding other flavorings.

And guess what recipe is on the box?.

Butterscotch Pudding !!!!.

Another Medifast product that gets a thumbs up from me!..

Comment #17

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