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Hi Fellow Medifasters,.

Has anyone tried the new products - the Beef Stew and Vanilla Pudding? I was so excited I went ahead and bought a whole bunch of them, now I'm wondering if I was too hasty -.

Anyway, wondering if anyone has tried the products yet and if they are good?.

Thanks -.


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Hi Barbara!.

Welcome to My MF!!!.

Here's a link to the most recent thread here on the recipe board..

Comment #1

And a thread for the vanilla pudding!.

Hope this helps!.

You can also use the "search" function on the above orange bar...

Comment #2

Great - thank you so much for the info!..

Comment #3

Hi Barbara.

I just ordered the 2 new products as well. I just did one Vanilla pudding and one of the beef w/ veg. I know I love the other puddings so the vanilla has to be great. I really haven't found anything (but the chilli ) that I don't like..

Have a great day and hope we both like the new goods!!!.


Comment #4

Hi Judy,.

I get my order of Beef Stew/Vanilla pudding on Thursday. I will try it and let you know what I think. You do the same when you get yours!.


Comment #5

I liked the beef stew. I am going to try making it a little thicker next time, add a little onion powder and garlic, and pour it over mashed cauliflower. Lazy Woman's Shepherd's Pie!.


Comment #6

I made the stew with 1/2 cup beef consomme (.5 carb) and 1/2 cup water, some garlic and bay leaves and I let it simmer while I did my hair for work and it was soooo good thick and delicious with minimal fixing my favorite soup..

Comment #7

I made it with the cup of water it suggested and added a little onion powder, garlic salt and a sprinkle of beef bullion. I nuked it for 45 seconds and then let it sit all day in the fridge and reheated it when I got home for dinner. It was YUMMY! Perfect winter food...

Comment #8

I'm glad to hear the beef stew is a winner!.

Now I'm quite excited to get my shipment tomorrow! I was getting tired of the chilis and soups, always craving something a little "meatier" -.

Thanks everyone!..

Comment #9

I just got the beef stew. Made it with some Better Than Bullion beef flavor, a cup of water and some garlic powder. It gets really thick fast. I love it. This is one you don't have to doctor up too much. Great job Medifast this is my new favorite...

Comment #10

Also got the vanilla pudding. I hate pudding but I got mine, shook it in the shaker jar and put it in the freezer. I decided that I couldn't wait for it to get all frozen so I took it out halfway and threw it in the blender with some SF coconut syrup and some shaved ice. Made a shake. I have to say that it's the best shake as far as taste so far. I usually use all the pudding either as shakes or in muffin/cookie recipes. This will definitely be a winner and I will reorder...

Comment #11

That sounds great! How does the beef stew compare to the Chili?..

Comment #12

I loooove the new Beef Stew. I'm going to order more! I liked it plain with no doctoring.

As for the vanilla pudding.......

Wow. so much you can do with it!.

So far I've added sugar free pistacio and white chocolate cheese cake to the pudding.

And 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter.

Not all at the same time of course. The additions count as a snake.

But, check the amounts in the condiments page in the downloads section.

I used whatever it said there but, I don't remember the amounts offhand..

Comment #13

I personally love the chili but I do a lot of doctoring. I think the beef stew is a little better and it's really thick and filling. Maybe because I eat the chili so much this is a great change. But think that most people will think the beef stew is the most like "real" food...

Comment #14

I just got my first box of the stew a few days ago and tried one for lunch, today. I like to try the products just the way they are the first time, then tweak them if I don't like them "as is.".

Well, YUM! The stew was thick and very good. I soaked it in a bowl for about 30 minutes and then nuked it for 2.5 minutes..

Now I need to try the vanilla pudding.....

Comment #15

Ok just got my shipment! I am RIPPING open the boxes as I speak! WIll let you guys know what I think!.

Looks like everyone LOVES the beef stew so I am sure I will love it too!..

Comment #16

I thought the beef stew was good, but it really needed salt. (This from someone who doesn't usually add salt to anything but popcorn!) Maybe if I use bouillon next time it will take care of it...

Comment #17

Have to share my 2 cents.

Vanilla pudding: husband loved it, I thought it was pretty good. I would chill overnight so it really sets. I topped with some SF chocolate syrup and liked it better. Plan on making with pumpkin pie spice(maybe with a little fat free cream cheese too) for Thanksgiving dessert.

Stew: definitely thick and filling. I wish the cream soups got that thick. The few bites of meat I had were good, surprising because I could hardly see any meat at all! Made as-is, then added beef boullion base as it really needed some salt/flavor. It would be really good the way I do my chili, saute some chopped onion then add water and stew - makes it VERY chunky.

I like JudyO's sheperd pie idea, will have to try that!..

Comment #18

Finally got around to trying the beef stew - I must say it is very good!.

Especially good timing for the upcoming cooler winter months -.

I also like that it is lower calorie and less carbs than the chili and some of the other soups!..

Comment #19

I am eating my free sample beef stew right now and it's NOT BAD! I must admit, I added a little salt and pepper. It was a little watery so I might make it with less water next time...

Comment #20

I love the stew. I use 10 oz. of water but make it on stovetop and simmer for a while. I can't believe how thick it gets and so quickly..

As for the vanilla pudding, I love it too. I have never made it as pudding. Well, tried once to make the recipe with the little crusts and it never got thick. I don't have any luck with the puddings made as pudding. What I DO love is using the vanilla pudding in the baking recipes and as shakes. The puddings make really rich, creamy shakes and I think that the new vanilla pudding has MUCH better flavor than the vanilla shakes and not that awful aftertaste. So I have been using it in muffins, cookies and making every flavor of shake I can think of...

Comment #21

Love the beef stew... Also amazed at how thick it is. It is absolutely perfect for winter!..

Comment #22

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