New Medifast chewy bars?

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Well, I have to say Im dissapointed in the new "chewy" bars. They are hard to eat. I was planning on ordering some carmel nut bars until I heard they "improve" those too. Can anyone tell me if any of the bars dont contain those chewy granola type thingies in them? Thank you..

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I don't know what the chewy granola type thingies are but I totally love the S'more Granola Bars and Fruit and Nut Granola Bars. They are chewy and I think totally delicious. I actually think they are 100% better than the pb, caramel nut and chocolate mint bars...

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I love the chocolate mint bar; it is like a candy bar and has crispy things in it. Not chewy at all, the chocolate is good also..


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The caramel nut bars do not have the crispies in them you are thinking about...

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I can't stand the new Chocolate Mint bar or the Chocolate bar. I feel like I'm going to break my teeth and I can't afford a new crown anytime soon!.

The caramel nut bars are still soft...

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I don't eat the bars unless my carbs and calories are way too low for the day, which is rare. They aren't worth the carbs or calories in my opinion...

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Warm the new bars in the microwave on a plate for 10-15 seconds with the soy fiber bits and eat with a fork this softens them up if you find them hard to chew when they are cold. I had not heard of the carmel-nut one's being changed yet. I do like the new bars at room temperature they make you chew and that help's you eat them slower..

Exact wording from the website about bars: New and Improved!.

Medifast Chocolate (formerly Chocolate Divine), Chocolate Mint, Lemon Yogurt and Oatmeal Raisin Bars have been reformulated to have more protein and fiber. Chocolate and Chocolate Mint Bars now also have a great crunchy taste...

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I don't like the new bars. I rarely eat a bar but when I do I have a South Beach (the ones with under 140 calories)...

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I've been very dissapointed in the new bars. Most of the newbies love the new ones because they never had the old ones. The old bars were so much better. I have to microwave the Choc. and Choc. Mint bars to eat them.

Don't get me wrong, the Choc. and Choc. Mint bars are good, especially when I have those Choc. cravings. I just like the old bars better.

They are my favorite and if Medifast "improves" them with little crispy thingys I'm going to have a few words for them...

Lilcatfeet..I've been on this diet for 7 months and haven't seen too many people say that having bars has kept them from losing weight. I don't think Medifast would have them in the plan if that was the case. I guess it's possible they could slow the weight loss, but personally I can't do this diet without them so I wouldn't know. I have had a bar everyday since being on this diet and have lost 55 pounds. There have been a few people that cut them out when they plateau. You might want to give them a try sometime. You might be surprised...

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