New foods you discovered from Medifast?

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These sites have been great and have helped me with my L&G. I have found some new foods that I had either not tried before or did not know existed, such as.

1. Shirataki Noodles (love them and will never go back to pasta).

2. Turnips.

3. Spaghetti Squash.

4. Laughing Cow Cheese.

What foods have you discovered through your journey on MF?..

Comments (11)

Shirataki Noodles (jury is still out).

Laughing cow lite cheesees.

Cabot 75% / 50% Reduced Fat cheese.

Cooked radishes (Biggest surprise).

Looking forward to trying turnup fries.

Walden farms dressing.

Using Cauliflower as pizza crust (YEAH)..

Comment #1

1. zucchini pasta w/ shrimp.

2. portabello mushroom pizza..

Comment #2

Turnip fries.

Roasted Radishes (my new thing..).

Simplicity of a grilled chicken breast (I used to have to be so fancy with my cooking).

The delight of a huge mixed greens salad.

Portabello pizza.

Mrs Dash!!.

Grilled zuc strips wrapped around goat cheese with spinach leaves..

Comment #3

Just saw your zucchini rollup recipe on the nutrition board. It sounds greatcan't wait to try it..

While fish is not new to me, cooking it at home and having almost every day is new. I never realized how easy it was too cook fish. Love it...

Comment #4

Shirataki noodles by far the best discovery : )..

Comment #5

Pink wait until they nutrition blesses them. I only THINK 3 tsp (or one TBS) of Goat Cheese is okay...

Comment #6

So many! I was a very picky eater before MF, and who knew that going on a MORE restrictive diet would actually broaden my tastes??.

Obviously I knew all these foods existed, but I now will eat - and enjoy - :.

- Turnips.

- Radishes.

- Spinach.

- Cauliflower.

- Mushrooms.

- Zucchini.

- Spaghetti Squash.

- Crookneck Squash.

- Shrimp.

I also learned that I have an intolerance to scallops that results in being violently ill! LOL..

Comment #7

Turnip fries, cauliflower mash and spaghetti squash as "noodles"! WHO KNEW!?!?!..

Comment #8

Kurz, what is crookneck squash and how do you cook it? I have never heard of it..

That is too bad about the scallopsare you allergic to any other seafood?..

Comment #9

Hands down it has to be zucchini shreds, who needs spaghetti when you have these.

Cauliflower mash is second to that.....

Comment #10

Pink, crookneck squash is in the zucchini family. It is yellow (I think it also can be green at the farmer's markets or fancy produce stores) and it's neck is crooked. It has a narrow neck. You cook it any way you would cook zucchini...

Comment #11

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