Medifast recipe for New choc divine bars?

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I ordered 10 boxes of my fave chocolate divine bars. I was so excited to get my order today, but SO disappointed in the new recipe!.

MF...a suggestion would be to tell us in advance when items have changed! I would not have ordered 10 boxes of a new product that I'd never tried and if I order Chocolate Divine, I should be getting that and not something different......

I know I can return them, but it is kind of a hassle and not really the point. I should be informed about changes to regular foods when I am ordering!.

Sorry, but had to vent....the bar is the highlight of my day! The new one is not as good....


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Sorry Donna. Tough when are foods are messed with when we look forward to them. I've only had the new version so I have nothing to compare too..

Do they ever revisit discontinued items or versions of when they get enough feedback. I know when I worked for "Jenny" they did. Sometimes...

Comment #1

I hope so! I was kind of upset when I started this thread because customer service kind of gave me a "deal with it and return them" attitude when I contacted them. I get emails from Medifast about new products, it seems that it would be just as easy for Medifast to send out an email saying "Hey we changed this product" so people have the choice whether they buy it, without having to go through the hassle of ordering and then returning.

Just a thought.....


Comment #2

I was bummed to get the carmel nut bars. They are so small now and different tasting. I didn't know about the chocolate devine. I think I will avoid that one too.

I hope they leave the chocolate mint alone!9..

Comment #3

I was similarly disappointed when I placed an order a little while back and ordered several boxes of French-Vanilla Berry Oatmeal. Much to my surprise, they had changed it to Blueberry Oatmeal..

Now, I'm an old fan of blueberry anything, but I LOVE vanilla oatmeal. I guess I should just be glad they finally decided to make a Vanilla pudding...

Comment #4

I think I might stock up on the mint choc before they are changed!!!..

Comment #5

We just got our order with the "new" chocolate bars the other day... I didn't like it as much, but my husband really liked it. I don't want to freak anyone out, but now that I think about it the chocolate mint was a little chewier than I remember... my last order they seemed to have sort of a cookie crunch. Could just be the temperature when I ate the bar or something.

I agree, it would have been nice if Medifast advertised the changes somewhere on the web page, because the chocolate bar is not the same at all...

Comment #6

So sorry to hear about the bars. I never got around to ordering them. I too used to look forward to the bars each day. But I tend to make a lot of muffins and cookies, using some peanut butter for cookies or flax seed in muffins. So I stopped with the bars. Also, I just read for the FIRST TIME today that nutrition does not recommend eating the bars on the same day you eat chili or minestrone because of the carb load.

And I love the soups. So I am not sure how many bars I will reorder. I am digging all the other stuff. Also, I too noticed when I reordered that the bars seemed smaller. The oatmeal raisin and caramel nut in particular..

Comment #7

They do seem smaller, they are just completely different....the choc divine is now like a crispy bar! I love Medifast like everyone else, but this has really frustrated me! How can a company completely change a product but sell it as the same thing without letting you know?.

I miss my choc divine...poor me.....

Comment #8

I'm with dctr tom I miss my french vanilla berry oatmeal. I say we should stage a protest! Well maybe that is going a bit far but I really did get upset about the new blueberry. Though I did find that making cookies with it, when combined with other flavors cut the funny artificial blueberry taste that I find so distasteful. Though I don't know that I will order anymore of them, except I do like that having blueberry is a great way to get those antioxidants...

Comment #9

I agree, I wish they would notify us first via email. Current customers are a company's best prospects for reordering and should be treated especially well. Marketing 101.

Notifying everyone about an "exciting new bar" and indicating that "this replaces our former Chocolate Divine bar" is an easy email marketing task. If their database is sophisticated enough, they could send an email blast to anyone who'd ordered the Divine bars before..

At the very least, they could include a note with the order.

If it's a manufacturing issue, same deal "Dear Customer, we've found it necessary to change our Chocolate Divine bar because of blank blank and blank. We hope you will like the new formula as much as we do. If not, please feel free to return for a prompt and cheerful refund.".

Customers in general do NOT like surprises.

I too prefer the old Chocolate Divine bars to the new ones. I do like the new ones, but I would not consider them a replacement for the Divine ones rather, a new product line addition...

Comment #10

WHY WHY WHY did they mess with the Chocolate Divine Bars? Why ruin perfectly good products, enjoyed by many, for the sake of "improvement"? Was there something wrong with the old bars? They had a chewy, brownie-like texture, which I was able to substitute for dangerous things like cake, cookies, or brownies. This new bar tastes like a Nestle Crunch Bar cookie without the milk chocolate, and doesn't satisfy anything for me..

It really makes me wonder if Product Development EVER reads the boards or does marketing research with real customers that use and rely upon these products. These kind of changes may seem minor to someone not on the program, but to us, surviving on under 900 cal per day, it's huge!.

Couldn't they market this as a Chocolate Crunch Bar and bring back the Chocolate Divine Bars? Shouldn't customers have a CHOICE?..

Comment #11

Well I have sent a message to Customer Service about yet to hear back but I'll let you know when I do...

Comment #12

Thank you all for your feedback on our reformulated products. We are looking into your suggestions and working to improve our product messaging.

We are also working to create better tasting products and products that fullfill all the tastes and textures that our customers are requesting. We appreciate all of your feedback on our existing products and new products as we strive to create the best meals we can for the Medifast Program...

Comment #13

Ok, you get a woo-hoo on the beef stuff but a thumbs down on the new bar...can we PLEASE have the old one back???..

Comment #14

Me Too!.

I love the bars....but my favorite is the choc. good!.

Maybe you can return them and do and exchange for a different flavor.......

Have A Great Day!..

Comment #15

My response from MF. I responded and asked that we be notified IN ADVANCE of changes to products..

Thanks for contacting Medifast. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

As youve noticed, your most recent shipment of Medifast Bars looks and/or tastes a little different. Medifast is adjusting the recipes of our Bars to improve the overall taste and nutritional value. This recipe change may have also affected the texture and shape of some Bars. We hope that you enjoy our new and improved Bars. Our Chocolate Divine Bars have been replaced with our new Chocolate Bars, which contain soy crispies..

The reason for this reformulation is that Medifast is committed to providing great-tasting, healthy foods using only the highest quality ingredients. We are currently working to reformulate our Bars to provide a better source of carbohydrate and we will be removing High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) from the Bars. While our current Bars contain no trans fat and contain only a minimal amount of HFCS, the new Bars will be slightly lower in total carbohydrates and will be higher in protein and fiber. These new Bars will be available in all flavors during the first quarter of 2007...

Comment #16

I hate that they respond with a pre-written form note that shows they obviously did not read your whole email message or simply chose to ignore it. It seems quite apparent that you didn't enjoy the new bars or you wouldn't have wasted your time sending a note to complain about the taste..

I've never had the chocolate divine bars, so I have no opinion on the ultimate issue. What I'm commenting on is the communication with customers and the reference above to "Marketing 101," which IMHO, clearly should be to at least pretend to read the actual problem your customer has with the product...

Comment #17

Egads ... have they changed the chocolate mint ones yet??!!??.


Comment #18

Brandi...when I replied I actually said thank you for replying, but you didn't address my concern and went on to repeat myself. I totally picked up on the automated response and that showed actually the same kind of customer disregard as the original problem! Medifast is a great plan, love the diet and like the foods but customer care experience for me over the last couple weeks has been lacking, not just with this. Hopefully I get a decent answer and then I'll post it..


Comment #19

CS has been somewhat "hit and miss" since I started in August..

But I love this plan so much I just roll with the punches. kwim?..

Comment #20

Seems to me that the products are being changed to better give us the nutrition we need,,fewer carbs, more protein,,less high fructose stuff has to be best for us too!,just as we adjusted to the foods when we first started our journey, I feel we will do so again. The flavor of the bars will not be as good to some of us at first, but will be better for just as many of us,,,all goes back to that individual taste we all have,,,and there is just no way possible that Medifast can please everyone all the time,,,,hang in there everyone,,better times are coming,,,lol..

Comment #21

I don't have a problem with Medifast changing the products ... I'm all for lower-carb, lower-cal bars..

I DO have a problem with (a) not being told specifics prior to ordering, and (b) not knowing exactly what I'll actually receive..

I really, really, don't like surprises...

Comment #22

Robyn, EXACTLY! I'm glad my point is getting across as I feel like people think I'm harping on about the fact that they have changed...well I am a little as I don't think much to the new bar, it is that I ordered Choc Divine and got rice crispies that annoys me.

ANYWAY....not much we can do about it other than voice our concerns....and BE IGNORED...

Comment #23

The Chocolate Divine bars have been discontinued. The new Chocolate bar is the replacement for the Chocolate Divine bar..

Please note: The Chocolate Mint bars will be reformulated in December and will resemble the new Chocolate bars in texture (crispy). The old Chocolate Mint bar will be discontinued..

BE AWARE: depending on the rate the Chocolate Mint bars sell out, the new bars may be introduced sooner or later - this makes an exact date impossible to provide. Look for the new Chocolate Mint bars sometime in December...

Comment #24


Well, I guess thanks for the heads-up on this. The Chocolate Devine bars were my favorite followed by the Chocolate Mint bars. At least I now know NOT to bother ordering either in the future (which is better than receiving a bar that I do not want). I am very disappointed though...

Comment #25

I've always hated those crispy diet bars on the market. Greatly prefer the brownie texture...

Comment #26

I am so sorry everyone is sad about the bars. Being the REBEL MFaster who uses Flax Seed Meal in all my muffins, I have laid off the bars a lot because of the carbs I just justify my flax seed meal by not having them. But, I really wanted to try the chocolate ones at least once. Sigh. Does anyone know what the nutritional values of the new bars is? Like maybe less carbs and calories??????..

Comment #27

This thread makes me glad I don't order Medifast bars anyway! Love everything else but the bars are just not for me...

Comment #28

I was a lover of the old bars, but now after tasting the bars, I love these more! I like the crispies in them- if you read the packaging, they are the same weight, but made in a different size. So I could care less about the sizing. The new bars, to me, have a better flavor then the old ones. I am not a texture person, it doesn't bother me at all- I am all about taste! So I love them! Especially the new S'Mores bars!..

Comment #29

I wonder if Medifast will pay for a broken crown caused by eating a new bar? HAHAHAHA I was out yesterday and had my bar in the car and it was cold out...when it came time to eat it the crispy bits made it IMPOSSIBLE to get my teeth through!!! I am not joking. I had to wait until I got home to eat it...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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