Need help getting motivated to do Nutrisystem

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I have the food.....and I just keep staring at it.. I am having a very very hard time getting motivated...

I am also a shift worker....any ideas?????..

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Your question was: Need help getting motivated to do Nutrisystem.

You can do it. Did you get your grocery items? If so...then you are one step closer. I agree with ahs - call a counselor - they can help you with the shift work stuff!.

You will be fine....just go one step at a time!..

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Here's a couple of thoughts... Pick a start day and put in on your calendar. Then look at your hours and chart your work schedule plus the eating plan on paper. This way you'll have an idea of how to fit things in your work schedule...

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Sounds like your very overwhelmed with the BBB, I recommend calling the counselors. They will help you relax and take the first steps..

Just read your planner and stick online. This is a great plan and it works if you follow it 100%..

Hang tough, were all in this together!..

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All good advice above. Not sure why shift work changes things. The one thing you need is to get organized. I carry my breakfast and lunch to work every day.

We have a microwave at work and I make use of it. If you do not have a microwave, make your lunch before you leave for work and carry it in a thermos.

I buy small cups of fruit or whole fruit for easy portability for my breakfast and snack fruit. I also buy cups of yogurt, (breakfast dairy/protein), bags of low fat cheese sticks (snack dairy/protein.) Buy a couple plastic reusable containers and put in torn greens (lunch salad) with whatever you like - carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers..... make a huge salad and divide it up for the days. I keep fat free salad dressing at my work place. For lunch protein, I buy small cups of tuna or chicken.

It seems like a lot to plan, but it gets easier. You simply have to plan ahead...

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Aunt Thelma hit the nail on the head. Someone asked me recently, "What would you say changed the most about you since starting NS?" My answer was a resounding - PLANNING. I plan before I go to work, again like Aunt Thelma. I plan before shopping. I plan before the weekend. I plan before a family outting.

Portion control is important, so pre-packing breakfasts and lunches make life simplier. Thank goodness Nutrisystem makes the process easier..

Good luck with your journey. You have a lot of support available on these boards. Stop in and let us know how you're doing!..

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You want change. You can make change but have to decide to make it all the time. Start with one meal. Start with breakfast. And then, maybe you'll decide that you can do lunch.

This program is amazing. The structure it gives you is soooo amazing and soooo needed. You can do this. You just have to decide to do it.

You are probably still wondering if it works. Will it work for you? Read these boards and you'll find great success stories. You can have a success story too. Don't look at it as a huge unsurmountable task but rather one decision at a time...

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Ready set go.

OK There is your starting point. Actually read through the minset makeover. If you haven't gone shopping then you will have to get your add ins protein dairy veggies fats and fruits before you can start.

The best thing about Nutrisystem is you can eat your meals at whatever times are convient to you..

I work the overnight shift 10 PM to 7 AM so I DEFINENTLY do not follow a "normal" plan..

I eat my breakfast when I wake up before getiing ready for work. about 9 pm.

Before leaving I have my snack (fruit and dairy).

At midnight I get a break so I enjoy a Nutrisystem snack.

I eat my dinner entrees for "lunch" between 2 and 3 AM.

Then I get a break at 430 or 5 at which time I have my dessert.

When I get home it is 730 or 8am and exercise time till 9.

Then I prepare my Nutrisystem lunch and sides for my dinner..

Planning is important and you might have to figure out what works for you..

If you follow the plan it will work...

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I also have just started Nutrisystem and have no problem YET. But right now I'm on a day schedule; next week I'll work two nights then go back to the day schedule for two days then back to nights. I'm going to have to figure this out; I'll probably end up calling for help the first day of my night to work that I think will be the hardest...

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