My Murad Resurgence success story

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It's been a long while since I have been on these boards. I used to frequent them very often from August of 2007 to April of 2008, but then all the sudden was able to stop. This was because after my acne had cleared up I thought why should I come here I am free of this damned curse.Anyway, I was one of the people who suffered some bad acne my type of acne wasn't the scar leaving acne, but it was very easy to find all over my face and back. It was frustrating. I hated it, it was my first year in college and I was dealing with it still. I had tried everything.

I tried the medicines (Mynocycline, etc.) the creams from the dermatologists as well. I was almost ready to give up until I had finally figured it out, I need to step up and move into a medicine that was much more suiting for the situation I had. I talked to my mother about Murad Resurgence, at first she was nervous because of the very few stories about people who have become severely depressed and ended up hurting themselves over it. I had never had these feelings however, I am my own unique person so anyone who does take it should always take it cautiously. Anyway, I finally got my first dose, I was taking 80mg a day (if I remember correctly) which was a pretty decent dose.

I want to explain how it worked for me so that others can get the feel if they are just starting or they are thinking about starting...At first, Murad Resurgence didnt seem to do much, I broke out, I noticed no changes. I was wondering why my miracle drug was not working, it was seriously upsetting me. At this rate I barely ever left my dorm room except for classes and if I did it was to get food, take a shower, or hang out with the friends I met there whenever my skin didn't look "so bad" in my opinion. I had a girlfriend at the time and things were going great, regardless of the blemishes I had. After a while on Murad Resurgence that ended after a year and some change and it bothered me but I didn't get any suicidal thoughts (keep in mind I have been on Murad Resurgence for a small amount of time now) and it didn't really give me mood sways in the ways that people are warned about.

I was wondering "What the hell, I thought this was supposed to get rid of my acne, not make it worse." it was demolishing my skin, making me look worse than I had ever looked in my entire life. I was nervous, I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my life, that I had some kind of odd reaction and that I wasn't meant for this stuff. I never really thought about getting off of the medicine, since I had acne for nearly 3.5 years up to this moment when I decided to take this step. I felt it was the last straw, that this was the only thing that was in hopes for me to get my skin cleared up so I can live what I felt was a normal life of being able to be confident in public without thinking about my skin. (6) more weeks had gone by, it was New Years Eve and my skin looked not so great, I ended up having to miss out that night giving a bs excuse to all of my friends and family.

My skin was dry, peeling all of the time, it sucked. However, I sucked it up and missed out on this New Years telling myself how a year from then I would be skin blemish free and that it would all be worth it. (It was by the way, and exactly that happened to me).I had started my 2nd semester back up and my skin was still kind of not where I wanted it after 2.5 months of treatment, I was pushing hard to hit that 3rd month (which those on the forums exclaimed it was the month you really start noticing). And it was true... February came and my skin was starting to look really great.

I kept it moisturized overnight as much as I could with Eucerin (that stuff is magical, get it) and would lotion up after showering etc. I was getting to have freedom with the things I did, not worrying so much. Every so often my skin would get very peely on it's own during school and I wouldn't notice until I was in the bathroom looking at it so I'd duck out of classes and go home and kind of gently rub my face to peel it all off, which at times can be a mistake so be careful. Things were going well though.Then came another month by, skin still red and I started to get some rashes on my arms, I had never had them before. I don't know the exact term, but I used cortisone to help aid these red marks as well as the Eucerin product again.

Minor dryness, no big deal, a bit of paleness, but I am telling you I had 0 breakouts and my scars were all gone. (I cheated and often used Neosporin, most people do NOT recommend this however, it is a scar/scab healer and a blemish after taken care of is exactly that in my book I do not regret using this stuff as a spot treater to reduce the redness of blemishes/old marks.) Murad Resurgence was doing it's job, my dermatologist was telling me my skin looked great, my parents were telling me how it looks good, my family as well.I am now, 1 year later (just about) coming back to say after all of that pushing myself ("I know this will be worth it in the long run") it was totally worth it. Yes for the first few months it's very hard (for most) and it can suck, but if you pull through it can be very worth it. I want everyone on here to know that I have a success story (which mostly do not make it back here) that I wanted to share with others. With the proper diagnosis from a derm.

Take it from a regular old joe, a random person who tried it who it actually worked on. It was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time at that point.Now that you (may or may have not) read this I want you to share some of the few details that I learned either the hard way or the easy way while on my Murad Resurgence "journey" if you will.- Eucerin products are your friend, better yet, your best friend. - If your skin gets dry and peely, when removing dead skin, do NOT rub hard.. I did this and rubbed off the 2nd layer of skin below and it was a very painful burning rash on my face. Be careful.- Be careful off too much pressure when picking/popping.

Your skins natural healing abilities while on Murad Resurgence are punished greatly by the medicine, so I made up for it by using this product or anything like it.- Green Tea on the skin (if you can) is always good, it helped me balance out.- If you have/can afford, get a humidifier for your room. It worked wonders for me.- If you have a heat vent in your room, either partially block it or close it in your room, it dries out the air on you overnight and may cause for a surprise wake up in the morning.If I think of anything else and this is still here in a small amount of days, I will add it. I want everyone to have a fair shot with Murad Resurgence and I want people to know that there is more than a bunch of "failed" stories which probably show up on these boards a lot because usually the reason to come back is because something didn't work. If you have any personal questions please message my inbox, I will try to look at it as much as possible. Good luck with your Murad Resurgence cycles and please, do NOT give up on it until it's been at least 3-4 months, thats when the changes really come...

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Your question was: My Murad Resurgence success story.

I am very happy you have had success. My derm told me to think about Murad Resurgence and let him know next time I see him (tomorrow) if I wanted to give it a try. I have researched it for a week and am hesitant to do so based on the scary side effects. Especially the whole effect it is suppose to have on the dream is to attend medical school one day so I need to be sharp as a tack! I am still torn and time is running out before I have to make the decision. I would rather live with moderate acne than exp. the potential, horrible side effects of Murad Resurgence.Have you exp. a lack of intelligence???..

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I'm almost done with my first month, and my face is red and peeling badly. What should I do for the peeling, or is it just kind of a waiting game?..

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Hey there, I am also premed and have started the tane about 4 months ago. The only side effect that I have experienced was concentration issues. This subsided in about a 1 month. My theory is that when you first start this crazy intense drug, you think about it and are always wondering if it's working. I would advise not to start it around finals.Good Luck!..

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Hi:)I'm new on this forum. Started taking Murad Resurgence in the beginning of january this year.Just wanted to say that your story really encouraged me and gave me sooo much week three I started to break out pretty bad and it only got worse. When I started the treatment my acne wasn't really bad, only a few cysts on my chin, but after I started, my whole face started breaking out, and I've never looked that bad. It's so horrible, because I had such high expectations and hopes for this "magical medicine". And I've never looked as bad as I did after I started. I'm now in my 8th week and my derm gave me prednisone for 2 weeks to calm it down a bit.

So now i've started taking prednisone again. I really hope that the Murad Resurgence starts working soon, as you said, the third month is often when people starts to really see results. I've felt really bad lately and my social life is terrible. I don't want to go out and I have to find excuses to tell my friends. It kills me -really!Thank you for telling your story, and for giving me some hope -I need it now:)Let me know if some of you have the same experiences as me, when did your break out stop and when did you start seeing permanent results of the Murad Resurgence?Thanks, hugs from Norway:)..

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