My Murad Acne Complex Log

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Hey! so i've never taken Murad Acne Complex beforetoday I'm getting bloodwork done and then hopefully ill start the 5 or so month cycle soon! anyway heres what ive taken:-Minocyclin-Benzaclin-Azalex-Keflax-Retin-A-Pro-Active-Erythromycin-many other facial scrubs, exfoliators, other b.s. was always the case that the prescriptions would work for a little while and then my skin would kinda ignore it or whatever and id have acne again. My acne is moderate to severe depending on my stress levels and only really effects my face and neck and I'm really hoping and expecting for Murad Acne Complex to do the trick once and for all! Im also expecting the worse of the side effects based on the fact that ive had side effects and reactions for the anti-biotics but I'm trying to keep an open mind and stay positive!Anyways ill try to update this thing whenever I remember logging my acnes progress and whatever side effects I may get. Also, id like to upload a few pictures of progress or lack there of if I get a chance. Wish me luck!..

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Your question was: My Murad Acne Complex Log.

Week 1right face:.

Left face:.

Front face:.

Im gonna take these same pictures once a month (hopefully)..

Comment #1

Welcome Mattysays. Good wishes to you as you start Murad Acne Complex.It looks like you've tried everything. Staying positive and open minded is a great approach though, and it is difficult to maintain that attitude when you're constantly let down. You're doing a great job. Try a cetaphil moisturizer and see how that works. As always, search for a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic.

Whichever of those two products you choose, be sure to use them frequently...

Comment #2

Day 3:hey thanks for the support guystoday I went to longs and got some suppliesss:vasolineburts beescetaphil face cleansercetaphil daily moisturizer w/ sunscreenneutragena t/gel shampoofish oil supplements (i heard this helps with joints + skin)i dont need them right now though. my lips were peeling a bit today and I felt a lil tired at work so I pounded some coffeeno dryness, face still oily, no ib, first day of class tomorrow, goin to sleep...

Comment #3

I was just reading horror stories about the terrible ib's people got and now I'm scarred shitless I reaaallllyyy hope I dont get an ib!..

Comment #4

Day 4:Alright I can feel the ib breakin through but I just cant see it. I really dont care if I get an ib as long as this stuff works in the long run. face isnt dry, lips werent dry today, face was a little itchy, ya...

Comment #5

Hey Mattysays, looking forward to seeing your progress. The IB and side effects associated with Murad Acne Complex are a small price to pay for clear skin. Good luck!..

Comment #6

Day 5:hey thanks for checkin out my blog thing ill be keepin up with yours too, good luck!annyway today I woke up and noticed that the top of my nose and forehead were dry and "peeling" so to speak but hardly what I expect it to be. i've formed a few new pimples, one in between my bottom lip and chin thats hella annoying and the area around my acne is noticeably red. moods been really positive, ive noticed that I get tired around 8 pm although I'm not sure if thats from lack of sleep or the Murad Acne Complex. ive been using this blistex moisturizer chapstick that makes my lips super smooth when it's applied but basically peels the skin after the stuff dries up. it's called blistex complete moisture and I do not recommend it. I lost my burts bees goin to sleep..

Comment #7

Murad Acne Complex logs have their own forum .... I'm moving your thread in there...

Comment #8

Day 6:Heyy didnt know sorry bout that.I now have a bunch of white heads mainly on my forehead and cheeks. I popped a huge one on my forehead but it turned out to be just a yellow gross scab that pulled off (good or bad? I dunno). Sorry bout the graphics Face wasnt dry at all today, I think it's getting more oily and the acne on my cheeks hurt when I smile real big, I dunno if this is an ib or not but it definately looks like a breakout. area around the acne is reddening, lips arent too dry, eyes get pretty irritated I think I'm gonna buy some lubricating drops. in other news I got dropped from my physics class for not meeting the prerequisites and now I only have 2 classes. snowboarding friday!!! I gotta bring a lot of sunscreen I suppose. goin to sleep...

Comment #9

Day 8:Forgot to update yesterday and take 2 of my pills at night, I had work till 12am How bad is it if I forget to take a dosage? Anyway yesterday my acne was hurting and my face was super oily. today after I took a shower my face was pretty dry and I noticed the inflammation on my acne has somewhat subsided. it's wierd though, when I put on my face moisturizer/sunscreen (Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion with SPF 15) in the morning my face gets really red but that sort of subsides. My skin is more red than usual, hopefully not a sunburn. lips are doing well with vasoline at night/morning and burts bees all day. I feel some pressure behind my eyes every now and then but I'm also sick so I dont know if theres any correlation between the two. anyway snowboarding tomorrow at 4am, hope I dont get burned!..

Comment #10

My nurse told me I could skip 2-3 days and I would still be fine b/c sotret will stay in your system for awhile- so you should be good man...

Comment #11

Day 9 (maybe):super delerious from not sleeping then driving 5 hours to the snow and goin balls out all day. my knees are tired, back is super tired from siting in a car, eyes have been dry all day it looks like I was punched in the eyes with tiny fists. I tried to not get burnt by putting on spf45 two times today but it feels liek it's burnt. put some aloe on that shitt and now it's cool. does anyone know what the spacing for pills should be? I'm supposed to take 1 morning 2 evening but I wake up around 11am and end up eating for a final time around 7pm. I dont wanna have a heart attack from not getting enough spacing ya know. aaanyway thanks for the clarification toan I have terrible short term memory ill end up forgetting many doses..

Comment #12

Day 10:today I ate 36 rolls of sushi. face is lookin better. not too dry except around the nose. corners of lips are getting split but not very dry. put some aloe on last night and it really helped with the redness, is there anything better though? I feel like it clogged my pores as I woke up with two new pimples which I sawed off when I shaved. mood is in it's upper highs, I should be stressed about not having enough units for insurance but I'm really not.

Suprisingly my joints or back arent as sore as I thought it would be after a day of snowboarding. I did get pretty dry eyes halfway through my day and I had to squint so I could see without crying. anyway I should study...

Comment #13

Day 11:time flies. dont feel like writing words. gonna write little words. little is a big word. long atleast. today I was dry.

Lotion was used. bought new lotion. new lotion olay. sound like caveman. corner of lip cracked..

Comment #14

Day 12:face more dry, corners of lips wont heal. eyes dry. cheez-its are yummy..

Comment #15

Day 13:yaa thanks dagger!haha today I had to drop another physics class! now I'm only taking 6 units. this suuuucks. I'm goin to heavenly friday for a lil snowboard action right there. I'm super excited and this time ima bring a bunch of chapstick cause I forgot last time the oilyness of my skin is 100 times better than what it used to be. at the end of the day I'm not wiping oil off my face with a chisel anymore! my acne is much more pronounce though, the aloe has helped a lot with the redness and swelling. the skin around the acne looks much better.

Hopefully the former...

Comment #16

Day 14:gah today I tried to add like 100 classes and I got turned down by everyone! I might be screwed becuase if I dont get enough units ill be taken off insurance and I wont be able to afford Murad Acne Complex! someone pray for meee. anyways my lips are still cracked at the edges, I'm trying to eat small portions at a time so I dont re-split them. acne dries up really fast once it appears but I cant stop picking at the flakes! eyes have been really irritated lately but other than that everythings good...

Comment #17

Day 15:sweet I got a few compliments on my skin today. id say the redness has definitely gone down. pretty stoked about seeing results this soon. I'm gonna keep an open mind about it though just in case I have another break out. my lips seem to be healing but need more and more chapstick. face kinda itches and the skin is flaking around the acne kinda sucks but w/e.

Pluus I got my classes straight so I'm smooth sailing..

Comment #18

Best of luck to you!We are roughly on the same day (I am on Day 11)..

Comment #19

Day 19hey thanks for the support. good luck with your journey! lol. damn I forgot to update this thing for the past few days. forgot to take my nightly pills saturday, hope this doesnt mess with my progress. anyway, my skins gettting pretty dry on my face. lips dont seem to want to heal on the corners but the actual lip part is smooth and comfy yesterday I got these wierd red rash type things on the tops of my hands and on my left arm.

The backs of my arms are pretty dry along with my elbows ahah wierd. my fatty pimples or nodules or whatever theyre called are slowly retreating and I havent gotten any new ones since my initial breakout, pretty sweet. I get an occasional whitehead but I dont really worry about those as much as the fat red ones. my back gets sore fast and my knees do too, but I can only really complain about my back. I have had back problems earlier in my days but this pain doesnt seem related..

Comment #20

Day 23 ahh I havent had internet in so many days! I just moved to a new place which is pretty sweet it's some historic house and it's got all these fire alarms and medical emergency buttons so I dont think I'm gonna have any huge parties ever. my face has been really dry lately, same with my eyes and corners of lips. I always find myself picking off the flakes of skin cause theyre nasty. I broke out again too but the pimples disappear 100 times faster than they did before Murad Acne Complex so I dont mind. my knees and back get sore whenever I stand or sit for a long time so I'm tryin to alternate lol. also I'm getting this weird pressure where my sinuses are when I bend over to pick something up and sometimes it feels like I have pressure behind my eyes.

I have a check up scheduled this friday with my derm, does this usually come with a blood test too or do I have to schedule one myself? oh ya my nose is really dry too. anyway I'm really excited to have clear skin because I'm sooooo sick of people staring at my acne at work and anywhere. anyway ima go to uc santa cruz tonight to see some friends ill write on this thing tomorrow...

Comment #21

Day 24aammm soooooo tireeed. I stayed up till 5 am partying last night but I only had two cups from beer pong (yaa I'm that good). still hellla tired. I think my face is done growing pimples from this breakout because it seems like they are drying up. I dont have any large cysts which is amazing and feels soo good. neck is starting to dry up, upper lip and nose too but that might be from blowing my nose.

Im gonna invest in some quality lubricating eye drops. ive been really good about moisturizing at night with my arms and hands and they havent been giving me anymore problems, now I gotta increase the moisture to my face. gotta go study, write on this tomorrow...

Comment #22

Day 25today was a good day. acne seems to be drying up and I dont feel any of it below the surface of the skin. my jawline itches I hope that doesnt mean theres gonna be another breakout! it's getting harder to keep my face moisturized throughout the day so I keep a bottle of olay in my car. doing squats at the gym was a bad idea for my back I felt like an old man afterward but I'm fine now. I hate shaving and put it off till I look like wolverine so I can reduce the amount of pimples ill be cutting off. everything else seems normal though...

Comment #23

Day 26so aparrantley I'm supposed to just walk in and get my blood drawn without appointment. I gotta do that tomorrow dont let me forget! anyway the acne inflammation has gone down soo much I can really notice it. I dunno if other people can or not but I'm glad that I can. I picked off what I thought was a dried pimple since it was just hanging there but it left a hole in my face! I reallllly hope I dont get a scar from that. I have to stop picking at my face. anyway my face feels kinda itchy, I hope it's not a break out.

I havent been drinking or doing other things that would ruin my liver but you never know. I think I'm gonna get moved up to 80mg a day next month. o ya, my hair is really soft because I condition every morning when I shower, it feels dry when I hop in the shower but is amazing after I'm out. new pictures comin soon!..

Comment #24

Day 26bah forgot to fast for the blood test so I gotta do that strarting in 20 min till tomorrow. I haaate not being able to have breakfast it's my favorite meal of the day! eggs sausage eggo waffles blueberry syrup and miiillk everyday! I'm gonna predict that the test will come out positive because if I have any doubts then my liver will get pissed and give me some bad blood. nothing new to report today. it's sunny out!..

Comment #25

Hey, can you upload some new pics? Cool blog dude...

Comment #26

DAY 25 here actually for Murad Acne Complex...Not a huge difference in the amount of pimples, however my skin is very dry at this point. My lips have busted open one time and are still healing...My recommendation, buy Aquaphor for the lips at least, helps a lot.Bloodtest needed for me soon as well.Other then dryness, no other side effects to report...

Comment #27

Hay! your writing on the wrong blog! haha I'm gonna write on this later tonight maybe with new pics. I got a calc midterm tomorrow..

Comment #28

Nice blog and good luck on your Murad Acne Complex.can you upload new pics so it will show how your skin has responded to the medicine?thx dude..

Comment #29

Hey it's all good I'll go away if you want, I was just reading and I found it ironic you were like a day away from where I'm at with the tane right now. Besides that, I know how it feels to be trying to get honest answers and testimonials from different people regarding the subject, so I figured I would just update a little on where I stand.It's all good and love!..

Comment #30

Day 30hey neacey I'm sorry I was under the impression you thought you were writing on your own blog! haha please keep updating me with your progress. thanks for the support everyone!my dermatologist was sick friday ! I have an appointment for tomorrow at 1:30 so I'm not worrying. I have been getting rashes on my arms and tops of hands lately. they itch sometimes, are scaley and look pretty dry. anyway ive been moisturizing the arms a bunch so hopefully theyll go away. I'm gonna ask my derm about this tomorrow.

Its nothing I cant handle. anyway I just took some pictures that ill upload and then back to studying!..

Comment #31

BEGIN MONTH 2 * I took these without flash so nothing would be overly exaggerated or understated *right face.

Left face.

Front face.

Chin right.

Chin left..

Comment #32

Day 31went the doc today. she kept me on 60 mg a day but switched me to claravis... dunno why. anyway I asked her about the really dry rash thing on my arms and she just told me to put on moisturizing cream, not lotion (apparently lotion has alcohol in it which can irritate or dry skin but it okay for facial use). she also said I should start expecting results this month seeing as my acne is now mostly superficial and not the deep cystic stuff ive had before. I'm really excited!!!!!..

Comment #33

Hey mattysays, thought I would stop and say thanks for your words of encouragement. I was really close to downing my pills down the toilet but I am going ahead with it.I hope this month will be your magic month for you. Toast to clearer days!!!!!..

Comment #34

Day 34woo! go carmelle! haha just stick with it itll be all good.i think I'm gaining confidence just knowinng ill be clear eventually. I used to hate looking at myself because I didnt have any hope for my skin to clear but now I dooo! haha anyway I dont think my skin has been making much progress within these past few days but long term I know ill see results. I'm still getting new pimples but nothing like I got before. I'm positive my ib is over but I have pimple scabs on my face as proof of it. those will go away in time. everything else is good. skins been nice since applying the cetaphil creamm..

Comment #35

Day 36last night I got a lil buzzed before a hockey game it was a lot of fun and I didnt feel anything this morning except tired anyway my skin was pretty dry this morning. I gotta start drinking more water. nothing else has really changed, I'm still getting pimples..

Comment #36

Been reading your log. I just started myself. I do recommend drinking more water. it's good you know that. I work at starbucks and the caffeine is dehydrating. I know I don't drink enough, I've been trying to increase my water intake before I even started. Anyway, Wishing you the best of luck in your journey!(if we've tried everything, this HAS to work, right??)I'm trying to stay optimistic...

Comment #37

Day 38Hey monica thanks for checkin out my blog. I work at a bookstore and we get free seattles best coffee and I drink so much of it during my shift! it never really dehydrated me that much but now I get headaches and dry eyes if I dont drink a bunch of water after drinking coffee. kinda sucks but w/etoday was like any other except it was amazing outside. it stopped raining and it's been super clear all day. ive noticed my skins increased sensitivity to the sun, I gotta stay away! other than that no apparent improvements...

Comment #38

Day 39i think my skin looks better after shaving. I can still feel pimples underneath the skin. gotta go study..

Comment #39

Hope things are doing a little better. I hate facial hair so I'm constantly shaving. Could take longer for the Murad Acne Complex kicks in. Better to assess the results at the end of your treatment. All the best...

Comment #40

Oh sweet, where do you work, borders? Did you know that starbucks owns seattles best? I'm happy it stopped raining, but it's supposed to rain all weekend. Do you go snowboarding in mammoth? I have mammoth mtn sweatpants on right now, haha but i've never been there. I'm going to big bear this weekend, I'm stoked. It's only my 4th time out, but last time we went after this huge snowstorm and big bear had 3-4 ft of new snow. And I finally figured out how to transfer my weight from my heel edge to my toe edge and back smoothly, so this time should be my best time out yet! (except it's supposed to snow, so I may get all wet!)..

Comment #41

Day 41ya! I work at borders haha and I just learned that starbucks owns seattles best like 1 month ago. those jerks own everything. it's still raining on and off where I am but I like it, it's a good contrast to super sunny. snowboarding is sooo amazing I cant wait to go again, I think I'm going this sunday-monday but it might be hella crowded cause of presidents day weekend but I looove the snow soo much so I dont care. thanks for posting!last night I went out to party in santa clara and it made me realize how freaking self conscious I am of my acne. everytime a girl would look at me I think shes looking at my acne so I look away, this goes for anyone I dont know that looks at me.

It really holds me back and I get really quiet and nervous when I'm self conscious AH! anyway I think my face is starting to chill out. my cheeks are healing and havent seen a new pimple in a while. my forehead on the other hand is a garden for new pimples. noticable side effects right now are dry face, sometimes dry eyes, joints hurt when I do certain work outs, but the gym really improves my mood and makes my body feel amazing afterward, I love to work out...

Comment #42

Hey man. I'm actually on DAY 37 (you're pretty close to that right?) I should be on day 40 but my damn doctor is so slow with prescriptions! I think I could get a gun with bullets easier than Murad Acne Complex - which is just absurd. I'm 18...still have a lot of pimples on me cheek, but they are reducing in severity A LOT. One trick i've tried over the last week is literally shaving every single night after a hot shower. Just a light shave over the cheeks gets a lot of the dead skin and gross stuff off and leaves a clean palette to moisturize. It's reduced large zits and cleans any unwanted oil off the surface....I have the self-conscious party issues too.

And you know, if they are I don't want to associate with them so fuck it. I think the best way to think about it is not "minimizing" it. It's a definite issue that slowly needs to be handled through anti-anxiety routines. but maybe it's nice to hear someone with the same problem. it seems like EVERYONE has perfect skin now-a-days.

Btw gym=amazing. except seeing everyone with the perfect skin. hope to talk more-sam..

Comment #43

Day 44hey sam it's always cool to have people that I can relate to, thanks for sharing.last night I went to a huge "valentines" party, it was awesome and I ended up drinking I wasnt as drunk as I thought I should be so I just stopped drinking when I thought I had enough, probably around 6 cup fulls of beer. later on in the night I didnt feel drunk at all, just really awake lol. anyway today I woke up late, didnt have a hangover and ive been drinking a bunch of water and eating well just to give my body some lovin. I'm not gonna drink again for a while, I dont want bad blood test results. anyway, my acne seems to be reacting to the Murad Acne Complex. pimples that ive been getting are drying up fast.

But the whiteheads still make a guest appearance every now and then. my lips have been doing well with burts bees in the day and vasoline at night and morning. skin isnt too dry as long as I moisturize. o ya my face was super red last night, I usually dont get red when I drink but looking at pictures from last night I was super flushed. I didnt seem to care or notice at all though and neither did anyone around me..

Comment #44

At the gym today, some guy came up to me and suggested that I take Murad Acne Complex. wierd...

Comment #45

Day 48hey thought I would update this. my skin isnt making any dramatic improvements. my initial breakout is healing pretty well, I am still getting new pimples though, mostly on my forehead. my back hurts when I work out. sort of a sharp pain, it feels like my spine is being depressed so I'm always resting it. joints arent doing the best but it's not horrible by any standards.

All is well..

Comment #46

Day 51wow already 51 days into it. my skin is lookin better, I havent gotten any new pimples in the past few days. skin feels muuuch smoother. still have red marks from ib...

Comment #47

WOW Matt thats great news....I'm about my 36 day of Murad Acne Complex ....I still got some pimples on my fore-head & cheeks almost heal I hope to Recover soon....

Comment #48

Glad to hear that your skin is getting better. You're going to post monthly pictures right? Would be nice to see what type of results you are getting. Red marks will probably linger for a while. Try to not be impatient. Everything will improve with time...

Comment #49

Day 59Hey havent bothered to update this, the updates would be pointless. My acne is getting better, yes, but verrryyy slowly. I have less pimples but the redmarks are still there and I am still getting new pimples, but they are a lot smaller and less stubborn than the old ones. also, do not pick your pimples! I picked one cause it was right under my eye but all it did was spread and there was still a mark. ive had terrible stomach aches the past 2 days I dont know what it is from but I couldnt go to work last night because I threw up and didnt want to risk it. hopefully ill get better soon, I dont think it's related to the Murad Acne Complex, I may have caught something from my friend anyway, my back is in pretty bad shape but that could be from laying down all day yesterday and today, I think I need to stretch it.

They are fine now that I brushed them and applied vasoline. also it seems as if my concentration has gone completley down the toilet. I have some form of add but it's never been like this before, I feel like a zombie. I need sleep probably but first ill upload some pictures...

Comment #50

Month 3 Week 1Right Face:.

Left Face:.

Smiling Face:.

Left Chin:.

Right Chin:..

Comment #51

Day 74bah I havent written on this thing in days. it's really cool being able to come back and physically see how my acne was 15 days ago because I feel like I havent been making any improvements. well, I have been! I'm still getting small pimples but they arent very bothersome. I think my body is just reacting very slowly to the medication. I havent noticed any mood shifts at all during my course. the most noticable side effect is dry eyes.

Lips havent been too bad but I still like to keep them well maintained. as far as the drug goes, my doctor is keeping me on 60mg because my liver enzymes have been slowly increasing. I'm not sure if this could be related to me having a few drinks a week before my blood test but I'm staying sober for this month regardless. ive been switched over to brand name Murad Acne Complex to "dry out" more. I think it's working..

Comment #52

Wow!! I was just browsing through your logs and your pics look great!! What an improvement from when you first started! You must be happy..

Comment #53

Hey, any update on this log? I'm pretty much on the same day as you so I was wondering how you were doing as our stats are pretty much the same. I'm still breaking out now and then, but go away quickly. I have horrible scarring so I ordered some Emu Oil actually. After sticking with it while my skin was getting used to is (and broke out) it has really helped reduce redness - more than I thought it would. Look forward to hearing how you're doing...

Comment #54

Day 165 I thinkwoww I havent been on this in soo long!! sorry to whoever actually read this ive been really caught up in school and with my friends that I havent thought of updating this. my face is soooo clear compared to all of these past pictures I cant believe it! I still have a few small pimples but absolutely nothing compared to the last time I took pictures. Honestly, so far taking Murad Acne Complex has been one of the best decisions of my life. after everything ive been through with acne pre and mid Murad Acne Complex I feel like ive done some growing up. I feel so much better and happier and more clear minded now than I did 6 months ago it's ridiculous. It might be some sort of placebo effect but my confidence has been through the roof I'm not at all afraid to show my face or approach a girl or do anything it's nuts.

Anyway ill upload pictures sometime this week, dont get the wrong idea though I dont have hollywood skin...

Comment #55

Nice to read about your succesfull journey... Id like to see your new pics, because my progress has been quite similar with yours and Im now on month 4...

Comment #56

Congrats. Your skin has improved so much from a few months ago. Good to know that you stuck with it and didn't give up hope...

Comment #57

WOW!!! your skin looks amazing.. I am really really happy for you....

Comment #58

Sweet bro.Look's about the same as mine, just some hpyerpigmentation...

Comment #59

That is a great improvent! And the redness is almost totally gone... Congrats!..

Comment #60

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