My Medifast Chili Review

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I hated it...I mean really hated it! Thought it was almost as nasty as the beef stew. But now I'm looking forward to it and wish I had more!.

Just goes to show, if you give foods time, and wait for your taste buds to adjust, you can like the foods that you didn't like the first couple weeks!..

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I have had similar experiences. At first I LOVED the hot cocoa, then suddenly it smelled awful to me... nauseating... and I was so sad. I stopped drinking it for a week and went back to it and now love it again..

I also went through an "I hate soups" phase but am eating them everyday now...

Comment #1

You are so right, we just have to allow our tastes to change!..

Comment #2

I'm not sure I can ever *like* the chili, but I love the beef stew and crab soup! And others here hate them. If I get really bored with my two soups of choice, I may order the chili again and give it another go, though...

Comment #3

I'm still scarred from my first trial of the chili - aka - Day 1. I went back to the oatmeal later on and I do love it. My brain KNOWS that my taste buds have changed, but the thought of that chili again did something to me (and I am a girl who LOVES her chili!). LOL but I love all the other soups - even the cream ones! I never know what anyone is talking about when they say they don't like those!.

But I'm glad you decided to try it again and can enjoy a new favorite!!!!.



Comment #4

To be fair I do add my condiments to make it good. I add a spoon full of salsa, and a dash of cummin and chili powder. Some times I will use part of my lean and add some FF cheese...

Comment #5

I'm not a big fan of the pancakes made as per the directions....but to make things a bit more portable, I use pancakes lots with other Medifast meals. The chili with a pancake packet, 1/4 tsp baking powder, and water to make a thick batter, sandwich maker and 5 minutes or so later, chili muffins. Sometimes I even add a little FF Shredded Cheddar. 2 Medifast meals(and the cheese) but oh so yummy and 4 muffins to go! Very Easy and very yummy! I do this with all the soups and oatmeals. They travel well, wich is important to me because I can't live on bars, puffs, and pretzels...

Comment #6

My first attempt with the chili was awful but I added the salsa and some chili powder and it has gotten better. I am new to Medifast so I love reading all of the notes of trail and error people have used..

....and I agree the old pretzels sticks were much better. I had a sample package form the store and then order a box and go the new ones....

I will have to try the chili muffins...

Comment #7

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