My experiences with Medifast and Costco

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I was getting a little squirrely today. You know, really thinking I should go on 4&2 again. That I wasn't getting enough food. That something must be done..

I did have a 4&2 day, with some lovely steamed scallops, broccoli, and mushrooms at Wild Ginger for dinner. No sauce of any kind and I was in heaven. Well, the scallops couldn't have been more than 1/2 a lean - it was a half order of them..

I get home and dump 4 oz of the pre-cooked frozen shrimp I've been eating FOR FOUR DAYS for my lunch into a pan to heat up (the other half of my lean - I was sure they'd lose 1/2 ounce in cooking). I'm like, "wow, that's a lot of water in the pan." So I scoop them out once they're warmed through and weigh them again. 1 7/8 ounces..

I've been getting less than half my lean for 3 of the last 4 days. Uh, yeah. That could explain why I was starting to feel not okay, eh? BETRAYED I TELL YOU!!!.

Anyone get seriously played by their food lately?..

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Frey: I come from a personal chef's experience..f***ing food...I really think we feel we will always have to know EXACTLY what we're getting. That means stay home. doing we must go to places we know..okay..been there done that...after that..just know you need to keep the protein at high end and trust who you can trust...

Comment #1

Funny, SLW!.

I don't eat out enough to worry about that. I just estimate as best I can and make it up when I get home. But I think they must have some super-secret space-age technology to get SO MUCH water frozen INSIDE each separate shrimp in the bag, when they're already pre-cooked! It was crazy!..

Comment #2

I've done that as well. I agree, how do they get SO much water in those little suckers? Expensive water.....

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The pre-cooked frozen shrimp from Costco do lose a LOT of weight when they are defrosted. I've found to get my 7oz leanest portion I need to pull out about 12 to 13 oz frozen. Talk about water loss!!..

Comment #4

If you think about it, there is a lot of water in seafood to begin with, the cooked shrimp were probably boiled in water to cook them, and freezing adds a lot of water to foods. It really doesn't surprise me. This is one of the reasons we weigh our food AFTER we cook it. I can buy 1 lbs of raw frozen shrimp and by the time it's shelled and cooked, it works out to BARELY the 7 oz 5&1 allows. loses NINE OUNCES!..

Comment #5

A lot of frozen foods are also sprayed with a saline solution to help keep the pieces from freezing together in one large lump.

But yeah, shrimp gets a double whammy from being so full of water to begin with...

Comment #6

I had Costco frozen shrimp for dinner last night (the uncooked ones) and I weighed them after cooking- 7oz was 19 of the medium shrimp!..

Comment #7

It really made it clear how finely-tuned the 5&1 is. After 3 days of less than half my protein, my decision-making about food was WHACKED. I was talking about how I needed the 4&2. I ordered food at the restaurant that I thought was OP, but I could barely think straight. There were snow peas - duh. The mushrooms - I was more than halfway through the plate before I remembered that shitake might be different than other mushrooms.

But still - generally I *know* exactly what I'm doing when I'm doing it..

Now, today, I'm all back to normal. I ate my last Medifast meal before 8pm, it's midnight now, and I'm fine. Hungry, but it's the normal safe hungry, not that weird desperate shaky thing from Monday night..

There's some serious science behind this diet. It's just so clear to me today why Nutrisystem and the vets are so insistent that you have to eat all your food, and weigh to get the full lean/measure full green. I hadn't shorted myself before, so I hadn't experienced this. It's not cool, yo! Glad I figured out the shrimp thing, and also glad I got to see again just how wonderfully fine-tuned Medifast is...

Comment #8

Thanks for the comfirmation! It's obvious it works, if YOU work it!..

Comment #9

I had the same problem with the Costco cooked shrimp! I couldn't understand why I was STARVING after having them for my lean. I was totally deceived! Those little suckers hold A LOT of water! I always do a quick defrost of the shrimp and squeeze the hell out of them before weighing. It's amazing how much 7oz of shrimp really is...

Comment #10

The one that really got me was discovering there are 3.2 ounces of tuna in a 5 oz can of tuna.

I began adding cheese to my soups or eating a little cottage cheese, or making ricotta cheese blintzes with my pancakes everyday because I bought family packs of meat and came home and portioned them out, and froze them, then realized I really screwed myself because I portioned them according to cooked weight. Duh!.

I find it really hard to eat all I am supposed to eat. I am still having trouble eating in the morning, old habits die hard...

Comment #11

I do the tuna in the pouches fluid to drain...6.4 ounces IS really 6.4 ounces. That leaves me with a couple TBSP of eggbeaters to use somewhere else during the day! I'm diggin' the chocolate shake made as a muffin!..

Comment #12

It is fine tuned and as soon as I think I have it down..whack upside the head. I discovered recently I was under eating my salad greens which I have had every day since Sept 22nd. I was using an oz scale and just didn't get it right. Now I have a gram scale and two cups of the lettuce I use (baby leafy greens) is 85 grams. My word..I have been eating half that much for 2 of my greens. Meat I always weigh because you never know from even piece to piece how much water is in them and by golly..I don't want to be shorted...

Comment #13

I love shrimp, haven't been eating them because of safety. Last year the FDA said not to eat foreign shrimp because they are farmed and the antibiotics used caused cancer. The whole Gulf oil spil caused me to be nervous of US even though the FDA said Gulf fish is safe. A few days ago the bill to test foreign shrimp did not pass and toxic shrimp is still coming into the US, Costco is one of the main purchasers of these shrimps I read. Gez, what is safe to eat these days? I am going to make a fish pond in my backyard and raise my own. LOL. Oh, here is the latest article if you want to read it

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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