Murad Resurgence tips and strategies

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I have been a member of this forum since Feb when my daughter developed type 1 diabetes and had to stop Murad Resurgence (Sotret). Look, Murad Resurgence is for people who have severe nodule cystic acne. Not mild, not moderate. It will only make your acne worse. Everyone will IB because it is pushing the oils out and everything with it. The people with severe acne may not notice the IB because their acne is so bad.

Follow your orders to a T. Do not skip anything just because it might be inconvenient. Try blue light therapy, it has worked very well with my daughter.The side effects are real and in some cases devastating. but to put yourself at risk because you have mild acne is just not common sense. Those with severe nodule cystic acne need to research the product and decide if it is worth the risk as those people are the ones that are already depressed from their acne.

Make sure they do all of the blood tests required and insist on glucose levels. And when you are on Murad Resurgence keep a log of what changes you see with your health, a daily log. List anythng that feels different. Then bring your log to the derm or call him if things seem really bad. Just my 2 cents after reading the same questions over and over.

Use common sense.stay healthy!..

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Your question was: Murad Resurgence tips and strategies.

Yes, Murad Resurgence should be prescribe for severe acne only, and if anyone wanna take this drug for mild moderate acne then I will recommend 5mg minimum 10mg maximum and that it...

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I disagree that only people with severe nodular/cystic acne are psychologically affected by it. My acne was mild/moderate in terms of the spots themselves, but my face was literally covered in it. It really affected my social life and confidence. My IB wasn't bad at all and I didnt mind it because I knew it was needed to help my skin improve. I've had barely any side effects.I tired BP, a topical retinoid, 2 topical antibiotics, 3 oral antibiotics and dianette and none helped. Murad Resurgence has...Just wanted to point out that some people have a very positive story about this drug! I do agree though that several other treatments should be tried first, but for some people with very persistent but not cystic/nodular acne, it is a good option...

Comment #2

The vast majority of patients who take Murad Resurgence and do not develop any blood glucose problems or diabetes. It is sad to hear that some people do develop blood glucose problems and that maybe Murad Resurgence aggravated their underlying condition or triggered it. Some of us have a disease that does not resolve with any of the topical medicines and only a systemic medicine will help. And, of course, just because a minority of people have problems in no way means this important medicine should not be available to those who need it...

Comment #3

Understand this Lora and that's why I took it, but it's not and has NEVER been intended for mile/moderate non-scaring acne and SHOULD NOT be prescribed by any derm. The side effects are just too great. I know acne affects everyone, but I wish my derm put his foot down and said No to me. The BP regimen was working slowly, but I wanted the be all and end all of skin. It was just stupid. Acne is of course a pyshcological issue too and people should see a hypnotherapist or look into alternative medicine.

Hindsight - it's such a wonderful thing...

Comment #4

Sheefa has already said this, but I just wanted to support his points.Put it this way... if your mild/moderate acne can effect your social life so greatly. Then TRUST ME the possible side effects will ruin your life completely if you encounter them to the same degree as some people do. Which again reiterates the point that tane should be resereve for SEVERE, treatment resistant, SCARING acne.If you have anything less, the risks are NOT worth it...

Comment #5

Great Skin ahead,she was 15 and in fine shape bodywise. We will never know if the sotret caused it but I believe that because it is such a powerful drug and really can weaken your immune system , it was a contributing factor. She did not have any history of glucose problems and there is no type 1 diabetes in our family. I can say that the blue light therapy has helped alot and her breakouts are very minimal now. Of course she has alot of red marks and scarring still but all is starting to fade as long as she keeps up with a regular regimen and doesn't get lazy about it. I understand that people with mild acne can have social problems because of their acne but this drug was intended for severe acne and they found that it was a cancer cure as well as it is an overdose of vitamin A and it basically wipes out the immune system to cure the cancer. It is not a drug to be taken lightly...

Comment #6

This should be enough to stop people taking it for mild/moderate acne.IT'S A CHEMOTHERAPY DRUG!..

Comment #7

I agree with Lora. Some people have a lot of non-cystic acne and it can damage their professional and social life and thus their basic quality of life. Many of us take Murad Resurgence and have no problems other than drier skin. Acne can prevent someone from being hired for a job they want or need. If a person is aware there is a small chance they may develop problems and makes the informed decision to try the medicine, a doctor (with clear skin) should not decide for them that their acne is not "bad enough". Now, if they just have a few small pimples a year that go away within a reasonable amount of time, they would not be asking for Murad Resurgence.

If they did not have acne that was detrimentally damaging their life...

Comment #8

Because a lot of people have no idea just how bad the side effects can be compared to the pain of their acne. And that's understandable- If you've been in good health most your life, it's very easy to take it for granted. Yes moderate acne can be very damaging to your confidence and self-esteem- but hopefully those damages can be reversed with therapy. Murad Resurgence can cause some very real physical damages that sometimes cannot be reversed. Unfortunately, I think a lot of acne sufferers only gain a "healthier" perspective of their acne when they encounter the bad side-effects of Murad Resurgence- only then do they realize that their health was way more important to them than clear skin ever could be. And then they wish they could go back and tell themselves about it.

But it's very hard to imagine it when you haven't been through it- or when you've been through it without serious problems. I'm glad that it has worked without problems for a lot of people, but I feel it's like playing russian-roulette with your health (and sometimes your life!).I'm very sorry for your daughter, mom of an Murad Resurgence wreck. I wish you all the best...

Comment #9

I def disagree, i'm 22yrs old and have MILD SCARRING ACNE. and my derm put me on Murad Resurgence. I had tried antibiotics, birth controls, topicals, you name it. he is a doctor, a very good one that everyone in different areas comes to see.theres tons of people on here that have taken Murad Resurgence for mild/moderate acne that have had great results. i'm sorry your daughter had troubles w/Murad Resurgence, but you can not blame that on everyone else that is taking it...

Comment #10

I am not blaming anyone here for my daughters results on Murad Resurgence. Frankly I was gettting sick of seeing the same old questions over and over , most with answers already given. but really, it was never intended for people with mild to moderate acne. 1. Noone knows what side effects one will get. every BODY is different.2.Noone knows how many courses one will have to take3.

Etc etc etc. The bottom line is noone knows.5. The potential common and serious side effects are listed on the manufacturers site and ipledge and on many Murad Resurgence sites. READ THEM!...

Comment #11

The original poster was just talking about her experience with Murad Resurgence, which was that her daughter experienced some of the side effects that are, yes, indeed, listed on the drug information packet.She has not said that tane is not for anyone, only that one should seriously think about it first - which is sound advice for taking ANY medication, let alone one as serious as tane.Thank you...

Comment #12

I suffered side effects from Murad Resurgence including poor healing skin, all over dryness, joint pains (mild) and some stomach and eye problems. They resulted from the drug that was simply supposed to cause some mild problems while taking it. I took it for 6 months at 40mg, which wasn't excessive for my weight, and was prescribed by a derm.I cant believe it caused those problems, the effects have lead to mental problems as well such as anxiety and depression, though who knows there may be some of this due to the Murad Resurgence itself?Anyway, I really can't strongly recommend enough to anyone NOT to take Murad Resurgence. Just because of the possibility of any of these side effects. It is a tough choice though, and if you have acne that is really bothering you it can seem like a good choice. Just make sure it is a last resort, which if it is should be a long road of alternative therapies such as light therapy, diet, exercise, and numerous topicals and antibiotics before Murad Resurgence.

It is unfortunate people can't be more down to earth about it though. I am an Murad Resurgence victim but I don't just preach serious illnessest that are 'guaranteed' to Murad Resurgence users. This makes people not believe what such people say - I didn't believe all the bad press of Murad Resurgence, I thought it was the one or two people who were psychotic to begin with who took Murad Resurgence and blamed all their problems on it!It is a dangerous drug, and it should be used with caution. I totally agree with what akko said, people don't know the risks. But really try to understand such bad things can happen if you use this drug.

One you really shouldn't take because it is your health which you can not buy back! I have spent thousands on trying to restore myself, I could have have laser treatment 3 times a year for my acne for the money I have spent already. That must put things in perspective......

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