Murad Resurgence success story

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Last night I was in the bathroom at a club and was joking with some girl about how pale I looked and I mentioned that I was taking Murad Resurgence so I couldnt tan right now. she told me that she took Murad Resurgence about 10 years ago and it worked wonders for her. her skin looked great to me! she said that she hasn't had any long term damage and her acne still hasn't returned since her treatment 10 years ago. it was really nice to meet someone who has had long term success with Murad Resurgence! gives me hope! see... they arent all horror stories!..

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Your question was: Murad Resurgence success story.

Way to be a downer!! geez there always has to be an Murad Resurgence hater to bring down the mood. The girl was 18 when she took Murad Resurgence and she has been acne free for 10 years. I'm 21 and still suffer from acne... my old boss is 45 and still has acne!! there is no way to tell if you will ever grow out of it. so if this girl gives Murad Resurgence the credit for her clear skin... let her! if my skin clears up after Murad Resurgence....

Not because of my age. my acne was definitely only getting worse the older I got.also... the people who have to take a second course is usually because they took a low dose for a shorter amount of time. it even tells you in the Murad Resurgence info sheet that higer doses have a higher rate of remission...

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Thats great to hear. I also spoke to someone at my work who said the same thing. She had been off of it for over 10 years and her skin was perfect. I took it and so far so good. I am glad I took it...

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The Murad Resurgence section I've said should be created. Theorically Roche says that 60% of people with just 120-150 mg per kg would achieve the permanent remission. So I want to hear that 60%... Don't forget I've taken Murad Resurgence and I hadn't a "light" cumulative dosage in my liver.The only way I will free of this condition will be with a maintenance dosage after the intake of 400-600 mg of isotretinoin once I get rid the major part of oil production. I won't stand bad liver reactions like IB, be tired all the time, etc., thinking the remission will be possible after 500 mg per kg of dose I've had.Do you really think I hate isotretinoin? I just discuss the way is applied.Good bye Adrienne..

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Just another one to add to that list of mine. ;)..

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If it's because of me, read my last comment before yours...

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Thanks for this post adrienne. I'm currently into my 3rd wk on Murad Resurgence and I'm experiencing a rather terrible IB so it's good to hear a positive story to give me abit of reassurance...

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Ive met plenty of people who took Murad Resurgence forever ago and never had acne come back. I'm one of them actually. and to be honest...the only reason you read so many horror stories on here is because the people who still visit this website are the VERY small population whose acne came back.just fyi..

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And be sure after all those 500 mg / kg I've had I'm one of those unusual "freaks" and my acne was moderate, not severe. 60% of the people, theorically achieve the remission. What about the 40%? I don't think that's a little number...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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