Murad Resurgence is not for mild acne

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Went to my 3rd month appt w/my derm.guess what? we said bye to Murad Resurgence!since starting, my face has NEVER looked the way it does now, and that is not normal. I had mild, oily acne. VERY mild. that is the price I pay for wanting Murad Resurgence when I guess my acne was not severe enough to have.advice for people with MILD acne, don't go the Murad Resurgence route. it's not worth i'm back to step one, I took a pill today but that is it. no more, after 2 weeks he wants to see how my skin is doing, if it's a mess, he's going to start me on spironolcatone? and ampicillin? or doxycylcine? which I believe i've already done doxy and I know mino for years.who knows!..

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Your question was: Murad Resurgence is not for mild acne.

Smart move suzy_rondelle, 5mg to 10mg is the way to go and, tired princess, I hope that doxycycline will be able to help you. Doxy lasted me five years without a single pimple...

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Doxy may work again after some time because the bacteria is no longer resistant to it. My derm told me that if I break out again, he's putting me back on doxy but hopefully not, so far I'm still good.Suzy is right, I think your dose probably is too high for you. I don't think mild acne should have a daily dose of more then 20mg per day...

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I am 1 month into taking Murad Resurgence and I feel like you do, I want to be off this thing.You think it's okay if I just stop taking it without seeing my doctor? Im thinking aboutskipping my dose from today onwards.I got such bad breakouts from this and my acne was mild before, now I have got scarring...this definitely was not worth it......I feel really dumb for just saying okay when my doctorsuggested it...

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How soon can you see your doctor, globebot? If you can get an appointment within a week or two, I would stick it out. You say you are only one month in, lots of people have inital breakouts in weeks 2 to 4. Perhaps you are just on the tail end of yours?..

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Yeah, i'm thinking my dosage was too high as well.first month I was on 40mg one day 80mg the nextthen 80mg everyday the secondand the 3rd I was on 120mg one day and 80mg the nextmy derm said there could even be a "miracle" that my skin gets way better after a few weeks. HAH! I wish, but yeah I was on minocycline forever, didn't do he mentioned spriolactone and doxy, or spiro and ampicillin??? which I dont think I can take neways cus I'm allergic to amoxocillin.i know exactly how you feel, i've literally been hiding out at home these past few months. but I promised myself id at least give it a few months to kick in, cus thats when my derm said I should see results. and I didnt it just got worse and worse, maybe you should try and stick it out at least 1 more month?..

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If you can, I would advise sticking it out past the first month. I'm on month four, and have just started to see results (but once they come - it is wonderful!). I also have mild persistent acne...

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