Murad Resurgence for mild persistent acne?

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Hi guys.its been a while since ive been on here. I took a course of Murad Resurgence almost 2 yrs ago at 30mg a day. it seems ive just started breaking out again. I have an appt with my derm wed, and as it's private and costs the earth hes very flexible with treatment. I'm thinking of asking for a long term ultra low dose as ive been reading some promising things about it from recent studies. I think another full course would be overkill as my acne is mild but maybe something like 10mg 2 or 3 times a week might just be enough to keep my skin clear.

Has anyone done a course similar to this?i was wondering if with the IB, which I know not everyone gets, but does it tend to be that if you have mild acne you have a mild IB compared to ppl with severe acne? I didnt have one during my first course, I was real lucky and barely had any side effects. probably coz I stayed at 30mg throughout.any thoughts would be appreciated! thanks alot..

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Your question was: Murad Resurgence for mild persistent acne?.

Im on the same boat... I took Murad Resurgence around a year ago. 30mg also the entire six months, no initial breakout, and no side effects but dry lips. recently ive been breaking out again. id say it's mild... been using BP all year with great results.

I'll give it around a month. if it doesn't work, I think I might consider Murad Resurgence again. i've been taking praventin (oral supplement for acne... protein vitamin, some new thing) as recommended by my derma and my pimples, if anything, seem worse than when I wasnt taking. also I have trouble sleeping on the pill.

Getting very depressed. please keep me updated. what is your nationality? I'm asian, 23, 100 lb female...

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Ive tried topicals but my skin has never responded well to them. recently been using a sulphur mask which has helped a bit but really I just dont want the worry of waking up and breaking out. I too have doubts abt using tane for mild acne, but I'm thinking of it more as a maintenance thing rather than going all out and doing another 6 months at 30 mg. I dont know. ive got some stressful times ahead with uni and my skin is always worse when I'm stressed, I could really do without the extra stress of acne, couldnt we all right? ive read a few articles abt low doses for mild acne that hasn't responded to other treatment. I spent four yrs on antibioitcs before I took tane for the first time and I'm pretty sure it messed my insides up more than the tane did. aizzuh I'm 21 english and 120 lbs..

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Same here. used every antibiotic possible with zero results. i've tried also intense pulse light, a million creams on my face... which I bet have had more side effects. I felt healthier more than anything on tane. also on a sulphur mask now keep me posted.

I just have one painful cyst on my cheek, though. rest of my breakout last week dried out already, just red marks. ill wait it out a month and see where it goes. ill be working (first job) starting november so ill have money to pay for my roMurad Resurgence if ever hehe. my mom is hesitant about me taking and I doubt she'll pay for me again...

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I've read a few posts about people doing ultra low doses like you are thinking about. I've never done it but I would recommend listening to what the dermatologist recommends and doing that...

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Yeah pb I will see what my derm says 2moz. hopefully he will agree that a long term ultra low dose would be ok and then at least I know I wouldnt have 2 worry abt my skin too much for a year or so, and fingers crossed have a longer remission than ive just had.aizzuh I am paying for mine too lol. I hope the sulphur masks work out well for you...

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Hi, like you I have mild but very persistent acne. I've had it for around 6-7 years and I'm now 21. I had it all the way through uni and as a result had nowhere near as much fun as I should have! So I understand what you're going through. I've never been on Murad Resurgence but I'm thinking of going private and asking for it (I'm in the UK.) In your experience are private derms here willing to perscribe Murad Resurgence for this kind of mild acne ? I couldn't face spending the money on the consultation just to be told my skin isn't bad enough for Murad Resurgence, I've tried everything else and don't won't too be passed off with yet more anti biotics/ hormonal treatments.Good luck with your treatment. x..

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OkaY! keep us posted how bad is your skin? how many actives do you have now? I HAVE THREE SMALL CYSTS. no white heads though anymore due to sulfur mask. it seems to control small pimples but does nothing for cysts. I started putting BP on those today...

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I never had any luck with tpicals/anti biotics so I'm on the tane for persistent mild acne..

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Bandinii was told I couldnt get tane on this NHS because my acne wasnt bad enough, even tho it was messing my head up to the point I dropped out of college. I see a private derm in london and he offered me tane on my first appt, and I walked away with the pills the same day. it's expensive but id recommend it. aizzuhright now I only have one active, but the last few wks ive had about 10 a couple of which were small cysts. I know to some that sounds like nothing, and I'm so grateful it's not more, but if I can treat my skin to make it better then I will like anyone else I'm sure.wakeboardris this yr first time on tane? the best of luck with yr course! did you experience an IB?..

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I've been on it for 3 weeks now and so far no horrible IB just all these whiteheads that go away in a couple days nothing too bad. It's my first time on the tane..

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I'll keep an eye on yr log, good luck with yr course I'm sure it'll clear you up in no time..

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After seeing my derm today he has agreed to a ow dose long term maintenacne course. i'll start at 10mg a day and see how it goes. I plan to take as little amount as possible that keeps my skin clear. my derm doesnt think i'll experience an IB because of it being such a low dose and due to my acne being mild. hopefully that will be the case. at such a low dose I'm hoping to avoid too many side effects.

It will be interesting to see how different a low dose course is compared to a usual one like I took before..

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Awww I'm jealous. I want Murad Resurgence, too! I will wait a month and ask my derm, too *fingers crossed* how long do you intend to take it?..

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Its worth asking aizzuh, worst he can say is no. we didnt really discuss that, just to get started and see how it goes. thinking maybe 6 months on/6months off for the next 3 years while I'm at uni and see how things go. if I can drop down to 10mg only a few times a week and still maintain clear skin I think he will be fine letting me do that for as long as needed really. I spent years on antibiotics which messed my insides up, personally I think small doses of Murad Resurgence is the safer and more effective option..

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