Murad Resurgence and Parties don't mix

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Alright, I just started Murad Resurgence 2 days ago and I know you are not supposed to drink alcohol because it can lead to liver failure (bad news bears). However, I live in a frat house on the campus of the university I goto and we have parties just about 2-3 times a weekend where I would normally drink more than I prolly should have. My question is what people have been doing while on Murad Resurgence and dealing with drinking when they goto parties? Any advice or support would be appreciated because I really want to do Murad Resurgence but it is gona be hard for the next 5 months to either avoid the parties or when I do go and have people yelling at me to take a shot I have to just shrug it off... not to mention being the only sober one at a party isnt too much fun either. all advice welcomed!..

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Your question was: Murad Resurgence and Parties don't mix.

I think the best solution is to think about it like this... When your done with Murad Resurgence and have no more acne, those parties will be soo much more enjoyable not having to worry about how your skin looks, or how the beer your drinking might make you break out in the morning, or how you have to get home as soon as possible to wash your face ... While you may not deal with such thoughts, I definetly do, so in your position, I would simply go to the parties and not drink, despite being shouted at and made fun of or what not... Ive had to do the same thing on various occasions and you kinda learn to let loose and be more outgoing without the need for a crap ton of alchohol in your system, and in the end thats pretty beneficial i'd say, so I'm actually going completely sober while on this drug as to avoid and possible drawbacks...In the end, if you really really needa have some fun doing things your not supposed to, why not hit a few joints or something? -hope it helps..

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I'll keep it simple...Which is more important to you, having a healthy liver so you can live a long life or drinking with your buddies these next 5 months and risking it all?..

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Hey man, I can kinda relate to what you're going thru. I too am a frat guy (Lambda Chi Alpha). I dont live in my frat this year but did the past two years.I am on month 3 of this drug and I still go out every weekend. You dont need to stop partying all together but maybe cut back on the amount you drink. You dont need to be hammered to have a good time. So drink some beers and meet some girls or do whatever you do when you drink. College goes by way too fast so you gotta live it up as much as you can...

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Thanks for all the advice guys, I do figure it's clearly not worth it to risk something like liver failure to limit myself for 5 months. Plus it is true that if I don't drink in the next month or two and then have a beer new years I should get considerably more drunk. Im definitely gona still be going to the parties, just gona need to get used to being the sober one for a while. Thanks! And Boilermaker there is a Lambda Chi Alpha house right by mine on campus, good guys all around. Hope your 3rd month goes well, I got a ways before I'm at that point!..

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I drank pretty heavily (10-14?) while I was on Murad Resurgence about once a week. I never had any liver problems but I felt like shit the next day. Before it was just a hangover, on Murad Resurgence, it's like a super hangover...

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I drank nearly every weekend on Murad Resurgence and had no problems. I only had one "iffy" test because I forgot about it and ate a nice hearty McDonald's breakfast a few hours before my blood was drawn...

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Did you guys break out after drinking the day before? Also, if your tests come back Ok does that mean you are in the clear or could it affect you more down the road that you may just not know about?..

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