Murad Resurgence and Benzoyl Peroxide - good idea?

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Hey folks,I'm almost at the 3 month period of Murad Resurgence for my moderate acne. It's going well aside from the annoyance of my face being red and warm much of the time (which is an unavoidable side effect b/c of what the medicine is doing, says my dermatologist). Yet, there are some areas of my face, like my forehead, where I'd actually like to get a little more dry to take care of some of the acne. Other parts of my face get plenty dry (I'm on 80mg a day and I weigh almost 90kg but I don't want to go higher b/c I get rashes on my arm if I do).So, my derm suggested trying to spot treat with a little OTC BP cream to dry the areas out a little this a good idea? Has anyone tried this? I'm worried it will overly irritate or overly dry out my skin (I know, I want to get more dry, but not ridiculously so). I read someone on here saying it caused them to get something like an open sore on their face after doing it but maybe they put a ton on or something. Anyways, would appreciate some feedback from ppl who've tried this. These forums have been really helpful in answering my questions and much appreciation to everyone who lends advice and support...

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Your question was: Murad Resurgence and Benzoyl Peroxide - good idea?.

I am on 40 mg/day now in my 2nd month (Started with 20mg) and I use tree tea oil on my skin at night every other day to help spot treatment; doesn't hurt and seems to help pimples already on my skin...

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I use calamine lotion, which is similar to BP but a little less harsh. Iv had no issues at all, except for when I use it really close to my mouth= irritation. I have tried BP on my first course, and it was NOT worth it at allll..

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Since you use tea tree oil already check out *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * for acne control. Its all natural and this stuff worked for me and best of all it's only 8.00 a bar. I hope you have as much success as me. Hey I figure that I'm gonna use soap anyway why not try something that my help my skin challenges. Best to ya...

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Thanks for the input guys. I was worried about using BP and it sounds like it's not worth it espec. since I have very sensitive skin.On another note, what type of spf/moisturizer do you guys use? I've had trouble finding one that is spf 30, rubs in so you can't tell I'm wearing it (and my face isn't white) but also doesn't sweat off really easily? Any recommendations?..

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I used it while I was on it. I didn't know could until my MD said I could. I wish I'd known, because I could've avoided a few scars from cysts I got int eh beginning of treatment. I know this time, though...

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