Murad Acne Complex, what should I expect?

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How bad is the initial flareup that I hear many people get from Murad Acne Complex? Ive been on minocycline / duac / differin for 1.5 years and stopped that (it cleared my deep acne but I had continual mild - moderate acne plus redness and oily skin.Now that my acne has come back worse, I have around 2-5 nodular red, painful acne plus the usual mild and moderate acne. I have been on tetracycline for 1 month after restarting a minocycline course that did not work.I am thinking of going on Murad Acne Complex because eventually I know this tetracycline will probably not work due to the bacteria building a resistance to it...So, is it worth it? I really would die for clear skin. The derm says my acne is not super severe, but "cystic and nodular in some places". I think I should fix this before it gets worse...

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Your question was: Murad Acne Complex, what should I expect?.

To be honest I could really care less about shortening my life right now, I'm more concerned about how the 1st few weeks will go, first few months, etc...

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My experience has been as follows. The first few weeks are really nothing at all. The cumulative dose was still very low and therefore the side effects were at a minimum. However a little after 30 days, the headaches and foggy head were much more persistant. Dry eyes, lips and skin were also unconfortable. The immune system is also diminished, resulting in more frequesnt illness.

Really bad days of depression also followed. Now into day 73 my skin is still poor, just not as many cysts as before. The quest for clear skin continues...

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It depends, not everyone will get the initial flare. I didn't. It depends on how desperate you want clear skin but personally it was worth it for me.My experience with Murad Acne Complex was probably one of the best around here. I had almost no side effects and taking it was just like taking daily supplements. It did not affect me at all but that's me. Everyone is different...

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For every drug in the world there's positive and negative notes, if you try hard enough you even find a bad thing about fresh air. It's a DRUG, not candy...

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I've suffered from acne since my early teens. I tried all the creams, pro-active, I was on Doxy for over a year...maybe 2, and then tried keflex (another antibiotic). Nothing worked. I started breaking out really bad this year. All over my body too...which I hadn't had in over 5 years. My doctor said my last option was Murad Acne Complex.

I'm so tired of having acne control my life. I've been on 50mg/day for about 21 days now. I've experienced dry skin on my face, extremely dry lips, dry scalp, dry eyes, mild nose bleeds, few mood changes (a few days I was quiet and just kept to myself...wasn't sad or upset about anything, I just seemed to be in my own little world), I'm tired all the time, it's harder to work out because I feel like I have no energy, and currently I'm noticing that I'm a little more care free about some things. I'm also starting to wonder if it's affecting my vision. My skin started to look a little better...but now I'm starting to get these big ones here and there but they seem to go away quickly.

Good luck!..

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Ok, I read this in detail after work and found it to be somewhat of an intresting read, however there seems to be nothing that states what the effects of the proliferation of cells are after an Murad Acne Complex course is finished. How much is too much?It's kinda like when people inject steriods. When you flood your body with testosterone, the body stops making it on it's own...temporarily. If you juice for too long the effects can be perminant. However after a controlled dose for a short period of time, the body is smart enough to go back to normal.So whats the magic number?Also I'm tired of the the nay-sayers who come up with all these studies yet never have a solution to the main problem...STOPPING ACNE! So you want to warn us of Murad Acne Complex. Fine.

Oh wait, it's just a vanity problem and I should be more concerned with my health. The only problem with that theory is more times than not, if my mental health is not good, than eventually my physical health will suffer as well.Look at it this way, If I don't stop my cystic acne, (and it's been just about 13 years that I've suffered with it) I will contine to break out. This will lead to constant inflamation on my face. Read up on that and the effects that can have on your skin over long periods of time. It will also cause excessive scarring thus making me look older than I really am.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it nay-sayers. So I for one would rather take the chance to rid myself of acne than to further damage my skin from doing nothing...

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