Murad Acne Complex the miracle drug, HA.

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For those of you who dont know my sad story, I started Murad Acne Complex with 1-2 zits, very mild acne.I had pureply pustules.Murad Acne Complex made my acne CYSTIC since the 2nd week, and now I'm about to start month 4 and I'm still gettin cysts on a REGULAR basis.And guess what?Im left with severe scarring from my previously smooth skin.Everyone's asking me to quit Murad Acne Complex and I really dont know if I should continue.Ive tried everything including going for extractions, but after these extractions they get infected and become pustules, and then leave red marks/scars.I eat as healthy as possible and I really mean healthy, i've lost my friends, my girlfriend and went from being quite popular to a complete loner that doesnt dare to leave my house.Imagine going from clear to covered in 4 months flat on the so called "miracle" drug that was supposed to end all my problems.I've started cutting,jabbing whatever and I broke my knuckles twice just punching the wall.My entire life has gone down the drain.I really dont see any hope at the end of the tunnel-even if the acne miracously clears il be left with bad scarring that I dont deserve.Why is life so cruel to me?I've prayed and prayed and prayed to God to stop these but it isint his will apparently.But I will continue to pray that things will get better.I havent seen anyone's acne becoming way way worse in month 4 and then clearing up yet, and this has led me to think that I am a failure,my Murad Acne Complex course has been a failure.My life is totally screwed up and I dont think I can continue living.Ive thought about this many many times, either I kill myself or hope that something "accidently" kills me.But either way I dont wanna make my mom sad, shes been really great through it all.Anyway i've seen all of life that I need to see and it's not worth living.Im just gonna stick through the last 2 months on my 30mg dose and see how it goes.I wake up 4 times a night with panic attacks and I cant get to sleep,i just spend days looking out of my window whilst multilating myself.And please dont ask me to see a counsellor/psychaitrist because I already have.I just feel this is such a waste of my life-i cant bring myself to study and I got into college,i got many cute and handsome comments before this shit, now I'm such a hideous monster.Those who actually get through reading this, sorry for wasting your time.Just felt like sharing the possibility of Murad Acne Complex the "miracle" drug that WORKS.I dont blame it, I blame my body for being such a failure...

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Your question was: Murad Acne Complex the miracle drug, HA..

AMEN! The faster you stop blaming a drug for your problems wadsthepoint, the faster you will bounce back...

Comment #1

Stories like these are the reason I am so opposed to people with mild acne taking Murad Acne Complex. Really sorry that it's worked out so terribly for you although I think you should finish the course. It may yet clear you.Moving this to the Murad Acne Complex posts section, this isn't a log...

Comment #2

Agreed again. I don't understand how people with severe acne sometimes have to jump through hoops and beg 10 different derms to get on Murad Acne Complex.... then others with mild get it throw at them?..

Comment #3

That really sucks. I'm sorry.I don't understand how it's possible though. Unless you were going to get cysts in the future anyways. Or had potential to get them all along...

Comment #4

I dunno how, but this is far from the first time i've seen someone with mild acne complaining that Murad Acne Complex made their acne much more severe and gave them scars when they weren't scarring before...

Comment #5

It's just weird because I can't figure out how making the pores smaller and slowing down sebum/oil could have that type of a reaction. Murad Acne Complex just pushes out what was already going to form.. so that must mean that cysts were going to form in the future anyways. haha i'm about to stop reading the Murad Acne Complex forum here because it's really starting to make me paranoid. I've already taken tane once without any negative side effects. I only had dry skin/lips for about 2 weeks.

But MUCH LESS then it was before Murad Acne Complex. So I'm going on another course. But now Im paranoid about everything. lol I'm paranoid that the second time around things will go bad and I'll get cysts and stuff, even thought my first course went really well. lol..

Comment #6

I had severe cystic acne on my back and pretty bad acne on my face. The derm tried all these weird treatments like this sulfur smelling powder that I'd mix with water and apply to affected areas. Nothing worked. Finally got on Murad Acne Complex and it had more than amazing results in 4 months or less. Sure, at the very beginning it can cause a lot of redness making it "look" worse, but it's amazing in the long run. Of course, it may not workthat goes with all prescription meds, results can't be guaranteed.

They took brand and generic and it worked great too...

Comment #7

I'm sorry you're feeling this way, I know people are right when they say to stop blaming your problems on Murad Acne Complex and this and that, and they are right, but it's easier said than done. And realistically you're really complaining about the acne, not Murad Acne Complex. People are right when they say that it's just pushing out what was underneath and it was going to happen anyway, but I know that may be hard to swallow when you say that you only had 1 or 2 pimples. With that said, my question is why you went on Murad Acne Complex if you only had 1 or 2 pimples? So the rest of your skin was 'flawless' other than the 1 or 2 pimples?These kinds of posts really scare me because I'm supposed to start Murad Acne Complex in a couple of months I don't really know how to categorize my acne, because maybe one person would say it's mild when another, or myself might think it's moderate...(?)It's not like my whole face is covered, but it's bad enough for me to want to go on this drug. I've also been dealing with acne since my teens so I finally reached the point of "being sick and tired of being sick and tired."I don't know, I'm all confuzed now and re-thinking things, this site has can make you go through a rollercoaster with the mix of success and horror stories.I hope that you can get through this and that Murad Acne Complex will eventually help you...

Comment #8

The internet in general can make ANYONE scared to go on Murad Acne Complex. lol I mean before I took Murad Acne Complex I was EXTREMELY scared from all the horror stories and all the things that could happen. But I went through with it. And I'm glad I did. My acne is no where near as bad right now. So I was excited for a second course, to maybe rid myself of acne completley.

But I started reading this forum more often than ever, and now I'm terrified of Murad Acne Complex once again...

Comment #9

Maybe your eating too healthy and Murad Acne Complex isnt being introduced into your system enough??I broke out real bad on 40 mg per day, I weigh about 150-160 lbs...when I swtiched to 60 mg everything just got great, and in like a week new zits stopped forming and I had the same kind of acne you hadmaybe you should ask to be on more than 30 mg per day?? anyway, ask your derm how he plans on fixing your face after your all done with it... there are several surgical procedures that can be done to fix scars, and if it bothers you so much, take a loan out or something and get it done..

Comment #10

When people say Murad Acne Complex causes scarring.. do they mean 'red marks"? Because a lot of people referr to red marks as scarring. Or do they mean actual ICE PICK scars or something?..

Comment #11

You were probably doing something stupid while you were on the drug and was in denial thinking thats not the cause man...

Comment #12

Ok Heather, i'm sorry but i'm going to have to disagree with you here in some aspects."How do you go from being a popular guy with friends and a gf to a complete loner in only a few months? WTF kind of friends did you have that they would dump you just because of zits?! "^- I know by this it sounds like he has bad friends, but thats not always the case and it's easily possible for that to happen. Its not them, it's you. Like I had a nice group of friends who I went out with regulary, and when I started having issues I dissapeared off the radar and stopped coming around and all those friends are gone now, nothing but familiar faces that say hi to me when they see me. because I felt I couldn't compete with anyone and I stopped coming around."As far as your comment "and please dont ask me to see a counselor/psychiatrist because I already have"- it doesn't work that way, you can't go once or twice and think that is going to solve your problems. You have to KEEP GOING. Every week or more if you feel you need it.

And even those take a while to start working so you need to be willing to stick it out."^ disagree strongly. Anti depressants come with side effects and are abused regularly. He's depressed because of his acne situation, anti-depressants are for people who have chemical imbalances. He's depressed for a reason, anti-depressants wont fix the root of the depression, they will only make his body feel happy when deep down it's not."You have got to stop blaming Murad Acne Complex for all of your problems. Life might suck right now but it's not 100% Murad Acne Complex's fault.

Meaning it can quickly turn from bad to good. with me I was still pretty bad skin wise in the 4th month myself and I did a 5 month course and now I'm fine. just stick it out. Its not the end of the world, and allow your skin time to improve after you finish Murad Acne Complex. it's not over yet.

I had little to none to lose and my childhood wasn't even as good as you said yours was so be happy for that atleast. How bad would that be had you had a terrible child hood, and then went into this faze?..

Comment #13

The only thing i'm gonna comment on is the depressionif you've only been on Murad Acne Complex for 4 months, and the depression has started since then, I can conclude you haven't been in counseling long enough. keep going, it takes time. if you're truly feeling suicidal, GET OFF OF THE MEDICATION. you can discuss other options for your skin with your dermatologist... though you may want to look into switching doctors.good luck, take care of yourself...

Comment #14

You had to sign a waiver that said you agreed you know the risks of taking the drug. so you had to have had known that it would have gotten much worse before it got better. I knew it did for me. although not to that extent.stil.. I don't blame Murad Acne Complex at all because I decided to take it and I signed the waiver...

Comment #15

Ok this is alittle unfair to say. Murad Acne Complex pamphlets dont really specify anything that makes the drug look bad, it kind of leads you into thinking it's gonna do the job. But hey Murad Acne Complex is a gamble. The only thing I will comment on, is that I only took Murad Acne Complex because it was my last option and I even put the drug off. This guy made it sound like his acne was mild and all, and that I really can't understand. I would of easily delt with a couple of pimples...

Comment #16

Looking back I definitely had acne dysmorphia, 1 pimple was enough to make me all worried and depressed.I used to have 2 pimples that were ALWAYS pustules but many clogged pores/whiteheads.I had about 1 active and 1 red mark on my face at any given time.Now I have what 20 red marks,a few cysts and scarring-deep boxscars and icepicks.From what I see there are still comedones lurking beneath my skin, quite many of them.Should I just stop of continue, maybe ask for a higher dose?But I dont think I can really handle a 2nd IB from the upped dosage...

Comment #17

It wasn't a pamphlet. it was everything my derm told me, a booklet consisting of like 10 pages and and she showed us an excerpt from a big book of medications in her office...

Comment #18

Dude you started on 30 mg and you are still on 30????!??! and you got a bad IB that suckksss I was thinkin of goin on 20mg for like 4 1/2 months of so I have mild acne but now I uno man I'm scared !..

Comment #19

I had a small ib on 10 mg a day... it's bound to happen, but once it goes away you're set, just do it...

Comment #20

I started with 20, got a real real bad flare, then moved to 30 since about month 2-no difference keeps breaking out consistently bad..

Comment #21

Why is your dosage so low? You cannot lose hope so quickly my friend. Ask your dermatologist how he/she is planning your course and tell him about your concerns, which should be among other things1) Reaching the correct dosage for your weight2) Reaching the correct cumulative dosage (other users can help you out with that)3) Remaining on tane long enough to make sure your acne is subdued for a long enough time for your face to heal up after you're done.Trust me my friend, I thought my skin was going to scar for sure during the time I was on minocin even before I was on Murad Acne Complex. Now it looks like my skin won't scar at all (6 months later at end of tane course). I did not have cystic acne, but IMO the active acne I had looked worse than any cystic acne I had/have ever before because it was literally dried, red, scabbed pustules on my face, they would literally fall off throughout the day and when I washed my face. I know cystic acne is more likely to scar than others, but you have to wait, you can't lose hope right away.Seriously though why the fuck are you still on 30 mg after 4 months? How much do you weigh? I'm assuming you're a male. Are you doing this under a dermatologists supervision?..

Comment #22

Firstly, everyone reacts to this medication differently. Allow the medicine to take it's course. As for your scarring, you might be noticing more scarring on your skin because it's in a thin and fragile state. In fact, a lot of people, such as myself, haven't noticed certain scarring until they began this treatment. We tend to take really close looks at our faces whilst on this drug to see if we can see improvement. This is when we notice scarring that we think just developed but in fact was always there, and is noticeable because our skin becomes thin.

Eventually, your marks will even out and fade away, especially with the help of microdermabrasion, peels and creams geared towards helping the reduction of scars.I know of two people that developed beyond terrible acne, went through a round of Murad Acne Complex and have beautiful skin as of today. My one friend has been in remission for years. Everyone takes to this medicine differently. Keep your chin up. Don't allow your hope to leave.

Sometimes, it takes longer for others to see great results. Sometimes, people tend to have more difficult Murad Acne Complex progress (journies) than others. However, that doesn't mean it's not going to work for you. Good luck to you...

Comment #23

Hey man lemme ask how much do you weigh? Cause I'm a rather small guy and I took 60mg, and I thought 60 mg was alil low for me, I wanted to go up to 80.. but it worked never the less. how bout you? why is your dose so low?!!!!!..

Comment #24

[quote name='wadsthepointofliving' date='Oct 29 2006, 02:42 AM' post='1453488']for those of you who dont know my sad story, I started Murad Acne Complex with 1-2 zits, very mild acne.I had pureply pustules.Murad Acne Complex made my acne CYSTIC since the 2nd week, and now I'm about to start month 4 and I'm still gettin cysts on a REGULAR basis.I re-read your insert and wondered "why" your doctor prescribed you Murad Acne Complex for having one to two zits, for the few zits that you had? Just curious...

Comment #25

Cause I walked into his office with moisturiser on+ my oily face = super oily face.He prescribed it more for my oil and FEW pimples thats why the dosage is so low.He actually wanted me to do 20mg for a year?But now I'm on 30 and I dont know how long il go,maybe 6-8 months?The fact is that it's really hard to accept going to a moderate/severe state of acne from very mild.The oil has returned too, at least 70-80% I would say.In fact I think my previous regiment made my face even more dry than now on Murad Acne Complex.My mouth area was the most problematic before Murad Acne Complex, now it's much better but that could be cause I stopped shaving.My cheeks were clear and now their scarred and in a big mess.My forehead though stood the test,despite breaking out a little it's relatively clear still thank god.But obviously the cheeks are the most prominent part and it really depresses me.My IB flare was so bad that I was prescribed a high dose of prednisolone and augmentin, I even resorted to TCM for 2 weeks to just control it a little.Its like for every teeny whitehead I got before I have a cyst now.can I spot treat on Murad Acne Complex with bp?my skin isint really that dry only flaky round my mouth.i weigh 60kg, and my dose is insanely low but my skin wasnt bad to begin with see.And my doctor has noticed some depressive and anxiety signs despite my acting(such as unknowilling biting my lips).Thanks anyway for all those who replied, I hope this post really lets people with mild acne reconsider taking Murad Acne Complex(especially if they have clogged pores and comedones)..

Comment #26

Well don't worry so much about the scars.....I've had and have pimples I'll be honest and admit I'm a hypocrite and don't like dating someone who's all broken out, but I don't find scars a turn off. A girl I was dating awhile back had them, and I considered her very attractive (unfortunately she dumped me lol) and there's a woman at work I'd love to go out with who also has them. I notice them obviously, but I would just say they are a neutral thing, I don't think they add or detract from the looks people have unless maybe they are all over every inch of their skin, but I've never seen someone like that.If it's true you had mild acne, I have no idea why the heck you were ever put on Murad Acne Complex, that's a real shame, strange that Murad Acne Complex would make things worse, was your acne starting to worsen more than it originally had been before you started the course? Perhaps Murad Acne Complex just brought to the surface what was waiting to come up who knows...I would definitely finish the course, maybe you even need to extend the time.A couple of things on your depressive comments.....I know it's hard, but I would try to lighten up a bit. You're like 18 years old right? One thing you probably know, people are liars, what's on the outside is extremely important. You can have all the "confidence" you want, but if you are all broken out, nary a girl is going to give you a chance. I don't know maybe I'm weird, but when I finally accepted how important looks were, I felt it somewhat releasing.

Anyway, I did what I could about my appearance (unfortunately for me I'm not a great looking guy even clear skinned) and eventually I got girlfriends and have had a couple of long term relationships with reasonably attractive young women.I don't know if you read my other post, but about three years after my last course I've broken out again, not as bad as in my teens, but for a 26 year old guy, I'm not looking great. I'm on another course of Murad Acne Complex, and it'll probably be at least four months judging on past experience for me to clear. I know it's not the time for me to be real social (even if everyone could look past it I'm still self conscious) so I'm working on learning a language and I just started a martial arts class (get yourself a nice tough instructor, he won't give a shit what you look like just if you're doing the moves right). I'm almost looking as the time as sort of a prison sentence, but will I be the inmate who sits around complaining, or will I be the one who gets the law degree?I know it's not so easy, but one thing I can tell you being a little older is that several years from now, it won't really matter that good time or the not good time you were having. Only the present or the future will matter, and the past will only be something that happened, almost as dry as written history.

If you're fifty, haven't gotten laid in the last 32 years, and are covered with pimples, well I wouldn't blame whatever you did to yourself, but right now you're really young yet, and things can only go up.Good luck,David..

Comment #27

Yeah hopefully I outgrow this shit in about 1-2 years like my dad at 18/19.Thank god most guys do outgrow acne...

Comment #28

Whatsthepointofliving, you gotta chill dude, I am in the same boat you are. throughout high school I had clear skin, just a few pimples hear and there. my doc put me on tetracycline for them and guess what, right before college I broke out terrible and it looked like my face was covered by a red pumpkin patch. now after using several medications I FINALLY got put on Murad Acne Complex 5 months later after scarring has already occurred, but you know what, I dont let it turn me into a better person. you gotta rise above dude, if you act like a loner and lack self confidence then people are gonna look at you in a different way. trust me I thought people werent going to want anything to do with me the way I looked.

So when college came it wasnt a problem making friends and having a social life. bottom line, acne only affects your life as much as you let it..

Comment #29

Lol, this thread date back to 2006 october. I was doing extremely well and was alway cheerful back then and I worked in Marks & Spencer during that time, eating free crumpets and crossiants all the time. Bloody hell, can't wait to have that life back. Miss those days. The date just bring back all those sweet memories...

Comment #30

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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