Murad Acne Complex Journal and Experience

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Day 1:Well, here I am. I've been hearing quite alot of stories about how bad peoples faces get during the first few monthes of taking Murad Acne Complex. I was hoping I can post in this blog daily to kinda keep my "alot of acne stress" at bayHopefully i'll get some intresting stories to read when I'm in need of one, good advice to perk my day up, and all together friendlyness. Even if no one replys ill still write in this daily to make me feel better ! :]..

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Your question was: Murad Acne Complex Journal and Experience.

I have been on this prescription for not even a month and had my intial break out about day 13 and now after that I have a few spots other than that I'm clear this drug does miracles just stick with it! you won't regret it!..

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Day 2:mstroud & crackrocker, thank you very much for the encouraging words. and your very right, sometimes people with clear faces will always never really know what it's like to have to go through some of the stress. oh, and trust me I'm gonna stick with it to the end. thanks guys.anyways today is day 2 and I'm already seeing some more breakouts, wow I see a bumpy road ahead. a few on my forehead but not that bad still. I expect it to get worse though, so ill come back with a reply tomorrow ! :]..

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Good luck homie, I started last week on wednesday so I'm pritti much newto this medicine too [Sotret 40mcg].keep the faith!..

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I know what you mean about being down in the dumps... I find that funny movies and surrounding myself with my friends help, although if Im having a bad break-out (or what seems to be bad to me) I like to stay in, watch a good movie, take a deep breath, and just know that tomorrow will be better. Im 3 months into Murad Acne Complex. I had my initial break-out, I cleared up, now I'm having another breakout....It's a roller coaster thats almost over ;o) Hang in there and just think, it's only a few months that wil give you years of confidence!..

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Yeah so I haven't been on this in so long now. Im really glad to be back. Murad Acne Complex isn't nearly as scary as it seemed to be. I'm at 80 mg a day, and i'm still not breaking out a lot. The dermatoligists are saying they want to bring me up more to get it over faster. Well, i'll hope for the best. Thanks for the support everyone...

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