Murad Acne Complex has no side effects for me

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I'm 17 years old and I am currently on my second regimen of Murad Acne Complex. I'm taking Sotret, a pretty common generic from what I understand. The first time around, I had pretty bad acne. After the regimen, I was clear for a while. Not 100% clear, but close enough to it to make me happy. A few months later, my acne began to return.

I went back to my dermatologist, which I hoped I would never have to do again. I was prescribed Tretinoin and Benzaclin, neither of which really helped. I tried BP for a while, but that didn't do much either. I then took tetracycline antibiotics, which did absolutely nothing. This time around, my acne wasn't severe, but it was persistent and would not respond to any treatment I tried.

I am currently taking 480mg of Sotret a week, which comes out to two a day except on the weekends, when I only take one(40mg pills). I live in the cold Northeast, so it tends to get very, very dry up here. My skin up to last week was constantly flaky, red, and extremely dry. It was getting to the point where I would almost rather have acne than to have such red, dry skin.I was using Dial antibacterial soap to wash my face with and always took hot showers. If you have sensitive, dry skin like I do, NEVER use such a harsh soap.

I am definitely starting to notice a reduction in the redness of my face, and I barely get flaky skin anymore. I still have some acne, but it has definitely reduced since I started on my current regimen of Murad Acne Complex.For those reading this that are nervous about going on Murad Acne Complex because of the side effects, keep reading.I am a high school senior taking AP and Honors classes, I have a part time job, I am in a bunch of extracirricular activities, and I hit the gym almost every day. I have a history of depression. I feel great right now. This medication hasn't gotten in the way of my daily life and hasn't made me any more happy/sad than I was before..

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Your question was: Murad Acne Complex has no side effects for me.

Your question was: Murad Acne Complex has no side effects for me.

Same age as you, I plan on starting a second course as well (also a few months after my first one) if BP doesn't do the trick for me.Did your derm tell you about the health risks (if any) of a second course? I'm scared that 2 courses might cause some permanent irreversible damage that might not show up until we're middle-aged or something...

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He said the only long term effects were joint pain, muscle pain, and dry mouth, but they are apparently pretty rare. Of course, a second regimen of Murad Acne Complex will probably increase the chances of having some kind of long term side effect.I'm kind of irritated right now, I'm breaking out a little on my chin and forehead and my skin is getting red again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce skin redness?..

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Hi,I'm on my 3rd round of Murad Acne Complex. I first started 3 years ago- I was on it for 3 months taking 40mg a day. My second round I was on it for 6 months taking 80mg a day and I just begun my 3rd round one month ago with a dosage of 60mg a day. Hope this is the last time I am taking this...

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I'll be starting my 2nd round after being clear for 4 years. I am scared of side effects, but I can't go through awful skin and scars again...

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Patrician did you notice more/permanent sides in your subsequent courses? I've also heard that there isn't much greater risk from taking Murad Acne Complex again if you've already taken it once, but common sense tells me I'd have twice as much risk of dangerous/lasting side effects...

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