Murad Acne Complex for my MILD Acne?

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So I have a really aggressive dermatologist. I went and talked to him for the first time a couple of weeks ago. He prescribed a benzoyl peroxide wash and 200mg of doxycycline a day - a really high dose. When I complained about the side effects of the doxy today, he suggested Murad Acne Complex. I didn't think that my acne was that bad! I counted, and I have fifteen pimples, none of which are cystic. I have a lot or red spots, which look like acne, but since he's the dermatologist, he should be able to tell the difference, right? It's frustrating because I don't think my case really merits Murad Acne Complex, plus I'm scared of the side effects, but with him promising perfect skin, it's hard to turn down. I guess I don't know what to do...

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Your question was: Murad Acne Complex for my MILD Acne?.

I have mild acne (maybe five pimples at a time...none cystic...some red marks) my acne was really persistent and I tried a lot of antibiotics and doctor gave me Murad Acne Complex right away (maybe because I'm 23 and haven't grown out of acne). I am so glad with the decision. My skin is finally clearing up and although the side affects haven't been fun (dry all over, fatigue, joint pain) I feel it's been worth it for the added confidence I feel I'll have once my course is over. I know everyone is different, this is just my own experience. Good luck!..

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I have mild acne and Murad Acne Complex was the best decision of my life..

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How long have you been on Doxy? Personally, I'd give antibiotics and topicals more of a chance before ever considering Murad Acne Complex. It just seems weird that he'd be so eager to give you the drug...

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Yep give doxy another go, it should work. I know it did to me because for a period of time, I was using it to control my acne till it couldn't work anymore. Just know that even if doxy does work, you have to take it constantly because it is an antibiotic, once you stop, you might break out again...

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Aww now there are all these conflicting responses. I don't really want to go back on Doxy, just because of the side effects. I was only on it for six days (not long enough to see results, I know), but the side effects were really bad for me. I was getting insanely tired after I took it and had flu-like symptoms all day. It was bad enough I fell asleep in class twice and would come home from class and just curl up in bed. I'm okay with initial side effects if there's an end...

Lba2008 and wakeboardr, did you have initial breakouts? How bad? I'm 21 and I'd love to see an end to my acne, even if it means 3 or 6 months of side effects. Thanks everyone for your input...

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Hey! My derm is the exact same way, I have persistent mild/moderate acne and have been on minocycline for a few months and duac/finacea combo but those havnt cleared me up so he wants me to start Murad Acne Complex if my acne doesnt clear by the end of the month but the thing I fear most is that bad IB b/c it would be worse then what I usually have! did you ask your derm about what the IB would be like for mild acne?..

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No I haven't asked yet because I was so opposed to going on it at first. It just seems like nothing else has worked. I guess I'll see what he says when I go back...

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Have you tried anything else besides Doxy? Before you go on Murad Acne Complex, I would suggest that you try some other types of treatments. Hmm... maybe you could suggest to your derm that you try a different antibiotic. Or, if you're a girl you could try birth control if you think your acne is hormonal.Since you said your dose of Doxy was really high, can you try and negociate a lower dose to start and then work up to a higher dose? And have you been taking the Doxy continuously - because sometimes after a few weeks the side effects go away. One thing that I am using which has worked wonders (I'm not completely clear, but soooooo much better than when I started) is Benzaclin cream. I use it with Differin which has seemed to help alot.

Sorry this is turning out so long... but last, if you don't feel comfortable taking Murad Acne Complex, DON'T!! If you try everything else and none of it works, you can always take Tane in the future. But if something else will work for you, it's better to try it. It sounds like your derm is pushing you to try things you don't want to... is there any way you can change derms?..

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Well even if you have mild acne, if nothing else work and you've had acne for a long time go for it if you really want too. Mine wasnt terrible but all the creams and pills never worked and my dermatologist never even mentioned Murad Acne Complex. Then I switched derm, first thing prescribed was Murad Acne Complex even with my cholesterol and history of depression in my family. If your worried about the psychological side effects, I say don't take it if you been depressed for other reasons that your pimples. Andas for me, I couldn't feel any better. It's nice when people pay attention to you and not your huge pimples on your nose =D...

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Have you tried the BP Regimen? I'm sure that would be perfect for your mild acne if you stuck at it for a couple of months mate. At least my acne was moderate and persistant, bordering severe at times.If I had taken Murad Acne Complex for a mild case of acne and got hit with the side effects that I have now I think I would of shot myself. The trade off wasn't worth it for moderate, let alone mild acne.Try everything else first please, I'm sure the BP Regimen will keep you clear...

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I was exactly like you. Had pimples a little bit of everywhere, but just tiny ones. Nothing big like cysts. When I heard of Murad Acne Complex from my one friend who used it, I obsessed about being on it 24/7. I mean, to take a pill that would ocmpletely rid of your acne? Give you beautiful skin? I needed it. I switched doctors over the course of two years, looking for one who would possibly help me find something with results.

At that point, my acne was still very mild, yet persistant and nothing had worked. Well summer went by, I still had acne, but by August, IT GOT WORSE. My skin and back looks horrible, my once small acne on my face turned very red and imflamed, and I was so embarressed. I think, if you're really that miserable, you should take Murad Acne Complex. I dont know if you're young or old, but either way, theres a chance it could get worse..

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Although I am aware of Murad Acne Complex working wonders on others I really believe that it's not for mild acne. Murad Acne Complex, I beleive is an awesome drug but should only be used for those with severe acne pr moderate at the least. When I went to my derm she said there was no way she would be putting me on Murad Acne Complex because it is designed for those with severe acne. There have been several people I know with mild acne who got on Murad Acne Complex their skin got better for awhile but as soon as they were done there skin went haywire and it went from mild to clear to severe. Please take this into consideration if you only have mild acne...

Comment #12

My situation sounds like yours i'm on day 10 of Murad Acne Complex so far this has been great not really had IB yet (knock on wood) no really bad side effects at all. but one thing i've noticed is now when I do get a pimple it's almost gone the next day. my derm gave Murad Acne Complex to me for mild acne cause i'm 30 yrs old with scaring acne but it's very very mild. like others I don't think i'm going to grow out of acne. one thing that helped me before was minocycline but as soon I would stop my acne would come back. but if acne is a big emotional problem for you (like me) I would try Murad Acne Complex...

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I've been on isotretinoin since April 2008. I didn't have lots of pimples back thenjust a few big ones from time to time. (which really sucked) Anyway, my doctor advised me to take it so that scarring will be avoided. She only prescribed me 20mg/day. Now I'm down to 10mg/day.My experience with it has been alright. If you don't have lots of pimples maybe your doctor will only put you on a low dose. I think that's okay...

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It dosent't matter if "yours is severe and someone elses' wasn't" There is no boasting in acne treatment. Acne effects your self esteem and quality of life.Afterall thats why we are all on it. Acne is NOT life threating. So if it is severe enough in your own eyes to have an effect on your life then go for it. Mild or not Murad Acne Complex can and should be used for all types...

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Thanks everyone for all your responses. I haven't actually tried Dan's Regimen; I used BP as a spot treatment several times with disastrous results (big, cystic acne where I put it), so I assumed my skin just didn't like BP as a sopt treatment. The cleanser's worked okay though. I think I have less acne, but I'm still breaking out some. And the red spots / scars are really depressing.I'm also on birth control (this is my second month) and tried every over-the-counter medication available. I've even tried salt water, lemon juice, baking soda, and tea tree oil.

I mean, it was by no means perfect, but I was okay being in pictures and didn't worry about lighting, like I do now. I don't have another derm appointment for a month.... I think if he offers a low dose, like 10mg, I might be okay with that. tbh, I can't even think of anything else that might help. Seriously thanks for all your help; I've been really upset recently about my skin and it's nice to hear that others were in the same boat and got clear (or are in the same boat now)...

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Maybe this sounds stupid because I've been at this site for awhile, but I think in the remaining month before my derm appointment, I'm going to go ahead and buy Dan's products, and we'll see if I break out - maybe I was just allergic to something in the Clean and Clear BP? I've heard about "leather skin"... did this happen to you? I've been getting occasional redness / flushing with the BP wash and it's never really bothered me, but I think that "leather skin" might...

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I am 22 years old. I have mild/ moderate acne. And I swear I am your mirror story. I had pimples as a teen but all of a sudden over a 3 month summer study abroad, I came back and I realized how bad my face had gotten when everyone was making comments. I have so much scarring actually now, so even though my acne was 4 -6 pimples max, it's been so consistant through out the years that my face is actually looking a mess now.. and what to speak of my back n chest.

I always give regimens the benifit of the doubt the first 2 months. Here is a list of everything I have tried, and even some I have used for years, but with no avail.. I am at the point where I am scarred and all of a sudden I have acne to a degree I never had to deal with before.1. Benzaclin (the most effective)2. Tazorac (way tooo irritating when I was recomended to combo with benzaclin, otherwise it is better than Benzaclin in the long run because it doesn't redden or leather the face)3.

Glycolic peels (good for quick fix, short lived victory over scars, but useless with active acne)5. Wash with Glycolic Acids (very effective actually, more than Salicylic Acid n BP)6. Every over the counter BP medicine and soap in every brand name (these were the least affective of all, I had the same reaction you did, worse acne and reddening, swelling)7. ACV 50% diluted in water (proved to be an excellent toner that I am going to continue using once I am off the Murad Acne Complex, it kept the Benzaclin from reddening my face but still I had random breakouts which are now out of control)8. And many other toners, lotions, face wipes etc.

(some even perscription)Because I have been with the same dermatologist office since I was 15, they have seen me try everything, and they know how badly my scarring is getting. My derm finally convinced me to try Murad Acne Complex at 40mg a day after telling me the other option was birthcontrol, upgraded antibiotics and/ or back to Tazorac. I am at 2 weeks and completely pimple free on my chest and face, and 90% of my back. I can't remember the last time my face looked like this. The scars are also fading, even though some I will have to deal with afterwards.

I completely agree with the person who said they wish they would have taken Murad Acne Complex when first offered, I would be waaaaay done by now. My sister took it when she was 17 because she had super huge cysts n all for 3 yrs, she did 4 months (she got lazy to finish 6 mo.) 40 mg and 7 years later she has one or two pimples max once a blue moon... but she also has a lot of stress and smokes, parties (drinks), eats fast food a lot... so I think that has a lot to do with it too. But before those habits she had 24/7 365 a year enviously perfect skin.

There are always side effects, and usually people who have a bad experience with Tane are the first ones to respond to post asking "Should I take Murad Acne Complex?"... most people who have sucessfully finished Acutane are not even looking at anymore... so you are not likely to hear much encouragement. Truth is, your derm is the best source for this info. My derm has perscribed Murad Acne Complex to 100's of patients...

And their results have been great. She says she has never had to perscribe double treatments. She was more than confident to give me Murad Acne Complex. On this site you get great advice, but we are all speaking for individual experiences... while derms have been through many many peoples experiences.

So they have tons of first hand experience.Another thing I wanted to mention is about the depression research. Many peopl will say they got depressed because the meds. Truth is most people with the level of acne requiring Murad Acne Complex are already depressed, and most Murad Acne Complex users are teenagers. I am on my last year of BS Psychology undergrad degree. In my adolescence class we learned how 2/3 of U.S.

So it is more significant than we think that all studies posted about Murad Acne Complex and depression never claim to be causal, but merely correlational. But once a shocking study is published... people run with the numbers. And even worse, some people actually feel the depression more because they think are supposed to be experiencing it (placebo effect). At the same time I do not wan to say that it can't happen, but if you r psychologically stable before tane, a sudden change into suicide is extremely unlikely.

If you do your research you will surely find studies that state the opposite, but those get no attention.Anyway, if you do decide to take Murad Acne Complex after trying other regimens. Just be prepared with a good lotion with SPF(Aquaphor, Cetaphil, or Eucerin... all others I tried were wack.. esp. Neutrogena).

Get a good rich body lotion like Curel, and a super mild face wash (Cetaphil has been my best friend since Tane). And drink water, stop vitamin use, and GET CHAPSTICK. I literally apply Carmex 10 times a day. Start using all of these immediately, before symptoms arise.Truth is every skin is different, and every body is diff. You never know until you try the regimens for yourself.

- Based on your previous reaction to BP I would recommend using Neutrogena acne stress control (it has Glycolic Acid very mild and Salicylic Acid) once or twice once you get used to it. Most derms recommend washed with Salicylic Acid. Washes with BP redden the face and definitely give leathery skin. Use ACV toner (even by itslef this helps so much), once it dries, use Benzaclin or Tazorac as spot treatment. In the morning use SPF lotion, Cetaphil is the best.

But again, every skin is different. Ok this is long enough now ....

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Thank you so so much for your response. I don't know what else to say except thanks for your advice and I definitely will buy the Neutrogena stuff until I see my derm in three weeks. After that, I think if he offers Murad Acne Complex, I'm probably going to give it a shot. Thanks for the confidence builder; I was freaked after the bad reaction to Doxy that my body was just really sensitive to medications... but since you said the same thing happened to you on antibiotics, I'm feeling alot better about it. Actually, I got the flu this week, and the decongestants (and the sleep) definitely cleared up my face a little, so I can see how drier skin - which I used to be afraid of - could be beneficial. I'm looking forward to getting started and kicking acne for good......

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It's not about bloody boasting about your acne! Jesus. There is prescribing information on the leaflet for a reason. It should be used as last resort and only for severe scarring cases. ALL other treatments are reliable at clearing and controlling acne in 85% of cases, did you know that?? That means for a mild case it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY you need Murad Acne Complex to get you clear and at what cost if you did take it? Some people just do not adequately weigh up the risk vs benefit...

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