Murad Acne Complex for moderate acne?

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I would like to know your guys' take on whether or not my acne is bad enough to go on a low dose of Murad Acne Complex. Now, I took all these photos with my camera phone So their not gonna be showing all the clogged pores I have on my face, which is probably around 30 or so. I've tried BP, SA, minocycline, doxycycline, TTO, Lavender Oil, AcneFree, Proactiv, Paula's Choice products, etc. I'm thinking Murad Acne Complex would make a whole lot better impact on my acne..


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Your question was: Murad Acne Complex for moderate acne?.

My skin is exactly the same! been on a low dose for 1 month and a half and it really helped me out. I got a really bad breakout when I first began though. So bad I didn't even want to go out anymore. Only lasted a week though..

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Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm just worried that it isn't bad enough for the derm to decide that I do need Murad Acne Complex. But like you said, if I can explain to him that I'm really negatively affected by this, then hopefully I will get a Rx.Wow! So then derms DO prescribe for the moderate acne. Thanks for the info on this! What dosage are you taking?..

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Ya I would say go for it. If you have tried all those other treatments then your derm would most likely prescribe it for you. Just be persistent if you really want it. I have moderate acne also and had tried many treatments too and my derm finally opted to try Murad Acne Complex...

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Thanks for all the support, you guys! Its great to know that other that have the same acne as I do are given `tane..

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Honestly I think the derm would prescribe it. Dermatologists are used to this condition, and they understand that it's as much in the head as anything else. So if you just let them know where you're heads at, and tell them how much it affects you they will def give you the go ahead...

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Yes I think you would be accepted for Murad Acne Complex so long as you meet all the criteria (using birth control, blood tests okay etc). Especially as you have tried oral antibiotics without success. I think that is one of the key things - that you still have acne despite having been on decent length courses of oral antibiotics...

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So I just came back from the dermatologist. He says that I have severe acne. I didn't know it was that bad I asked to be prescribed Murad Acne Complex of 20 mg, because I really don't think my case is severe enough to take anything higher that, but the derm said he wouldn't and couldn't prescibe it to me. It all went like this, I'll break it down: He said, "The government regulates over the Rx, they won't let me prescribe you such a low dosage, because that means you'll have to be on it for a longer period of time, which in turn would possibly cause severe side effects." I told him that I've been researching this topic, and tat low dosages CAN be prescribed for the regular time period of any higher dosage, but he disregarded this statement because, "I'm going to be giving a lecture about this tomorrow in [some state] on how lower dosages just don't work. They only give acne remission in about 30-40% of the patients." I countered this by saying, "Well, I'm willing to pay the money for this even though I don't have insurance." "But, like I said before, the gov't won't let me. What I CAN do is rx you the 60mg of Murad Acne Complex, but that's a lot of money with you not having insurance." Like I said before, I don't think my acne is that bad to take 60 mg, and I've read MANY studies that shows 20 mg does just as well.

Do any of you agree or disagree with my dermatologist? I'd like to know what my fellow acne sufferers' think of this...

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Im 101 lbs and am on 50 mgs a day. My body weight is about 43 kgs so I'm on a high dose for my weight. I feel fine I have been on for 4 months and have one left to go. I had a moderate acne problem for many yrs before going on. You can see my pics in my post under 90 days from day one until last month. N E ways what I'm saying is you may need the full dose to clear you up and keep it that way.

What I do know is I wanted to go on Murad Acne Complex and be done with it once and for all. I want to be on the highest dose I can handle so that I have a better chance of staying clear. My doc said the more you take over the course the better you chances are to stay clear. I wasnt gonna possibly waste time going on a low dose just to go back on later and do a regular course. Everyone is different you never know what will work or wont work just like some people get IBs and some dont.

I would get a second opinion from another derm if I were you. If they say do the full dose then you should give it a shot. Like I said I feel great just mildy chapped lips thats is all...

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Murad Acne Complex is a harsh drug but I agree that you need Murad Acne Complex for your acne. I will suggest you to take 10mg maximum. No more than that...

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I'm on it for mild acne, follow along my log..

Comment #10

Just do what your derm says.Make sure you understand the risks involved though...

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Thanks, Kelli. I see why you took the higher dosage. The sooner acne disappers and stays gone the better, the side effects are just incredibly scary to me. But it's great you only had chapped lips hahaRight, I agree Murad Acne Complex is the best action to take, but my derm said he can't prescribe such a low dose. Wow, you have EXTREMELY mild acne! I can't believe you derm as you on Murad Acne Complex. You're gonna have baby skin after you're done lol. In regards to your Murad Acne Complex regimen, I guess with the severity my acne, 60 mg isn't much.Unfortunately, I do know the risks :\..

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